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Trolling Craigslist … Atlanta

Oh, you know I have a thing for the South. Everybody calls me ‘Miss Emily’ and people know how to party … although I was in Atlanta recently for Americasmart and I did eat way too many of these things called ‘grits’ that I think you might need to be raised on to truly appreciate. Anyway, Atlanta has a very active design scene, which might be why it was kinda difficult to find too much here on the old Craigslist. But of course, we found a few:

Vintage SofasFree Couch! Well the price is right. This thing could be a super light weight piece of garbage OR it could be secretly a great find. I like the proportions of it — it’s modern without being too chunky and lends itself really well to be redone in a crazy fabric. Maybe pipe the edges and get rid of those bolsters. This might even be chunky enough to be converted into a pull out sofa. Either way, it’s a blank canvas that has good lines and she be FREE.

Vintage Loveseat: Oh hey, cutie. You belong at the foot of a full bed or in an entry way, no? I’d strip the wood so it’s more natural and recover it in a pretty Belgium linen. Don’t do the painted white with a graphic pattern thing — it’s old and pretty and wants to be updated, but not disguised.

Vintage Bamboo and Brass Table

Brass and Bamboo Dining Set:  I wish this set was cheaper, I do, because you still have to put in a bit of work. I like unfinished bamboo like that if it’s raw, but this is too shiny so it needs to get painted. Paint that sucker dark, not white, because white will add to the ‘Golden Girls’ vibe of it, which can be awesome but then you really have to embrace that look. If you paint it a charcoal, black, or dark green, it will modernize it a lot.

Green Metal Shelf: So cute in my nursery, styled up with adorable books and unnecessarily beautiful toys that he’ll never play with no matter how much I force him to.

Vintage Office Chair: It’s good. This should be around $200 to reupholster (not including fabric) and while yes, that is then a $300 chair, most great upholstered office chairs are far more. I love the masculine, modern shape very much and how that’s offset with all the tufting detail. I’d blog so hard in this chair.

Vintage Cane Rocking Chair

Blonde Cane Rocking Chair: You know I love anything Bentwood. I have dreams of having this in my nursery but then I KNOW that I’d regret it and that all I really should buy is a super overstuffed glider — which I will. But how pretty would this be in the corner, against some wallpaper with an adorable little pillow on it? So cute. That’s a good price, too, friends.

Vintage Club Chair: I feel like one of these is harder to use than two — these want to be in pairs. But in a corner with a pouf or an ottoman of some sort and you got a really cute little reading corner. I love this fabric, but its too old and dingy so redo that bad boy. Maybe in something similar, though. Don’t go too graphic and bold unless you are putting it in a kids/play area. I think that the ’80s nature of this chair is already silly so I’d keep the fabric in a solid or tonal pattern to elevate it.

Brass and Wood Lamp: This is expensive, I agree. But it’s good and would be like $450 in a store in LA. I’d try to get it for $175 – $200 and then yeah, it can make a room. Make sure the brass isn’t all chipped or aging in a bad way, and make sure that shade isn’t too yellow. That is a lot of ‘make sures, ‘ I know, but these guys can look really old and blah if they are too beat up and dingy. But if it’s in good shape then it can be totally awesome.

Where to next, folks? I think we counted five Atlanta requests so that’s why we chose Atlanta. Keep ’em coming …


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