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Traveling with kids


Parenting breeds vulnerability. The more you love, the more you have to lose. So, as a parent of two small amazing children, trust me when I say that I feel vulnerable. Traveling as a family for a month means that you are without a few things: 1.) Your bed (or crib), 2.) Your daily routine, and 3.) Your “people, ” meaning your doctors, babysitters, friends – your support group. You may also be without your sanity or sleep, OBVIOUSLY. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t travel, it keeps us young, interesting, cultured and most importantly socially and emotionally flexible. It’s important to shake up your element, but being out of it is also daunting and harrowing on those sleepless nights. So anything that makes traveling with kids feel more secure, and less vulnerable, is a very good thing indeed.

Which brings me to the reason for this post during this traveling season – to you remind you about the ease and usefulness of the Doctor On Demand app, so you have one less thing to worry about while traveling. Yes, they are sponsoring this post, but I’m so happy to say that it is an app that we have come to rely on consistently for our family (and no, I don’t get the service for free).


Back to the setup. We were in New York for work these last couple of weeks (it’s been insane work-wise – I’ll fill you in on that later). The whole family came, including Sylvia (our nanny) so that Brian and I could work during the day, and the kids would have someone familiar to be with. AND, so that we could go out to dinner, and even see the musical Hamilton . . . WHICH IS THE BEST LIVE THING YOU’LL EVER WITNESS, AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

charlie_brooklyn bridge

During the two weeks there we did have an unfortunate incident that had to do with a chin on a marble floor. And no, I didn’t manufacture such an incident because we were doing this post, but yes I was extremely happy to be able to use the service once again.

charlie_bandaid 1

We were eating dinner, I was grabbing Charlie more milk (whilst probably trying to convince him that dinner is just a really big snack – that kid is obsessed with SNACKS), when he stood up on the dining chair in our rental apartment and flipped over the back of it, landing on the marble floor. It was a hard hit, and probably the first fall that made me actually worried that we would need to go to the emergency room. It split his chin open and was bleeding pretty badly, and he was freaking out pretty hard. Brian wasn’t there which SUCKED. Long story short the gash was big enough that I knew stitches were in the realm of possibility. But going to the emergency room to get stitches on a wiggly 2 year old isn’t exactly a walk in Central Park, especially when its 8pm and you have a baby there as well. So we did what we have done now 5 times – used the Doctor On Demand service.

charlie_bandaid 2

Brian came home and neither of us wanted to take our kids to the emergency room. We knew that Charlie was fine because he started eating and begging to watch Bubble Guppies which we happily allowed. But we wanted someone to calm us down, to tell us that we weren’t irresponsible parents if we didn’t take our child to the ER and put our family through however-many-hours of terribleness.

We jumped online and this time we chose the

“right now” option instead of scheduling an appointment for a few hours ahead. Our doctor popped up in the app, asked us all the same questions an in-room physician would – how did it happen, what were the circumstances, how long ago, how badly did it bleed, etc. Then was the tricky part – getting Charlie to sit still long enough to let us look under his chin – as it wasn’t on the front of his face. The doctor said what I was hoping he’d say – that if it were his kid he wouldn’t take them in. That he might have a scar but that a 2 year old won’t sit still long enough to get really good clean stitches so it could scar anyway, and that the emergency room and stitches process is scarring in itself. He made sure that Charlie could move his jaw, etc (as that was what I was most worried about when I heard him fall), but since he had been eating and showed no signs of pain, he was diagnosed as having a bump and a cut, but nothing serious. Thank goodness.


If we hadn’t had that service as an option we would have gone to the emergency room out of paranoia and protectiveness. Brian wanted to, I didn’t, but of course I felt like a TERRIBLE parent for even suggesting that we not take him in. We were both so relieved to get the advice that we didn’t need to do it, but could if we were that worried about a scar (and we aren’t, since it’s not on the front of his face, although even if it were we all have scars, so what?).

I seriously can’t recommend the service enough, and yes they are paying for post but they certainly aren’t paying for every time that we’ve used it, or my gushing about it. I just love having it as professional resource.

Brian_Charlie_Emily_Brooklyn Bridge 1

Charlie has been rocking the bandaid around town. It’s healing just fine and I’m extremely glad that we didn’t put our family through the torture of a middle-of-the-night emergency room session. As a busy mom you want to make sure that you are properly caring for your kids, especially when they take a little tumble and you think a trip to the emergency room is in order. Luckily, Doctor On Demand physicians can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications if needed for 17 of the top 20 conditions that are treated in urgent care or the ER. Both Brian and I get peace of mind and without a discussion where I feel like I’m being neglectful, and he feels like he’s overbearing.

Anyway, no matter what you pack in your 9 bags when traveling with kids, you can’t pack the confidence that nothing will happen to your kids while you are away from home. So, knowing that there is this resource isn’t something I constantly think about, but when we need them it’s just wonderful that they are there.

Happy Traveling this holiday season, folks. Hopefully you don’t get stuck at the airport at 12am (3am our time) with your two kids and frozen credit cards 🙂 But, if in fact you are, our friends over at Doctor On Demand have passed along the code: EMILYHENDERSON to ease the pain (no pun intended) so that you can schedule your first video visit for free and give it a try.


***This post in partnership with Doctor On Demand, although all words, ideas and opinions are mine.

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My 4 kids are older now-but seeing you with all the gear and baby/toddler gives me a brief episode of PTSD remembering many airports following running toddlers trying to wear them out before boarding/flying with screaming babies/exploding sippy cups/exploding diapers/struggling to get carseats into rental cars/taxis. Glad we did it (who wants to stay home all the time?) but so glad it’s over. Happy holidays! (And great app-you hold your head high while you promote it, Emily!)

Happy holiday!


This is interesting–our insurance provides a nearly identical service that we attempted to use a couple of times when it first became an option. It didn’t end up being helpful at all though, because the doctors were completely reluctant to give any advice at all over the phone. We never use it now because it was never helpful.


(It sounds like your docs are muuuuuch more helpful!)


Wish we’d had this service back in the dark ages when we had babies. Sitting in an ER with a crying baby for hours while surrounded by really sick people was a nightmare.


sorry, this will be the last post i read. too many sponsored posts, too little emily.


They just had a baby, they are travelling and it’s nearly Christmas.


I get it, Amy, I tell myself to hang around into February, because, as Tara says, there was just a (second) baby; along with a book launch and Emily’s clearly grown other sides of her business this year. It all takes adjusting.
I get where you’re coming from though.

When I *really* miss “the old blog” I catch up on Emily’s instagram account. Ahhh …


Me too. But it seems that lately even her IG account rarely even has a photo taken by her. Photo cred is given to someone else almost constantly. I miss the old Emily. Oh well. She’s got to make a living!


I agree.

Another Emily

Personally I have a lot of respect for how she handles the complicated task of writing sponsored posts. She’s waaaay more upfront about it than many other bloggers, she maintains her distinctive voice, conveys actual information and tells real stories that relate to the product, and peppers the posts with great photos.

Her blog in general has been focusing more on parenthood–a trend that I (a childless twenty-something who loves great writing, beautiful design and adorable children) am all in favor of, personally–and I think that this post and others like it are on-brand and thoughtfully executed.

Maybe this won’t do anything to sway you to stay as a reader, but I hope at the very least it’ll balance out your negativity when Emily takes a break from her busy holiday schedule to read through the comments.

(Also, if you aren’t interested in this type of post, just don’t read them. There’s still tons of amazing design-centric un-sponsored FREE TO READ posts published to the blog all the damn time.)


Completely agre. I was laughing at myself for reading the whole post through even though it was obvious upfront that Charlie was okay and all was well. I’m hooked on Emily’s writing. Her stories and children are delightful. I will read a post that has no relevance to me (childless) and still enjoy it.

I understand withdrawal pains, but when Emily posts, I get something out of it, whether it’s entertainment or inspiration or tips (usually at least two at least). I appreciate that she’s growing the business…she’s teaching us how to do that too. And she’s making her expertise more available through her assistants and the edecor.

I’ve dropped all but 2 blogs in my list to read. Until Emily has her own magazine and is President and quits posting I will read. The return on investment is great.


To clarify, I was agreeing with the poster Another Emily. Not the poster who is jumping ship.

Can’t fathom knowing there are excellent design posts here and purposely ignoring them.

Enjoy your very well deserved vacation, holidays, precious family! I’m grateful for quality content and resources and knowledge you provide to the masses, for free!


100% Agree with “Another Emily”


When I read these comments about ppl not wanting the sponsored posts, I imagine someone throwing a magazine across the room because there were too many ads before they got to the awesome articles. I personally don’t mind a few sponsered posts BC the content is RICH!!!! Keep on EHD!

brilliant point.

I have been to the ER with my newborn in tow and it is honestly just horrible. So glad Charlie didn’t need to make a trip and that he’s healing well! 🙂

I don’t mind sponsored posts, I totally get the necessity, but I was hoping for some actual tips for traveling with kids (usually your sponsored posts are half sponsor and half a beautiful makeover or something in it for the reader). I’m taking my baby to Mexico in the new year and I am terrified for the plane ride. I was just hoping for some helpful information. I am SO sorry Charlie got hurt! I can’t imagine how scary that was. I’m glad he is ok and you have such a great resource.


Check out the comments from when Emily was traveling to Spain and needed tips – those comments were GOLD. I’ve bookmarked it, and I don’t even have kids yet!


I don’t mind the sponsored posts…its always helpful to know of new services out there, and its not like you’re being deceitful (you make it very clear the post is sponsored). Regarding this service, I guess my concern is that I would pay the 40 bucks and the doctor would tell me to see MY doctor in person for blood work, a referral, etc. It seems like the service is only beneficial to be told you’re OK and don’t need to see a doctor, or to be told to take a OTC medication.


I’m sure you are right in some cases ( ear infections where they need to look in the ear, etc) however she did say they can prescribe medications. So maybe something like pink eye could be diagnosed this way and prevent me from dragging all my young children to the doctor’s office. Also I think it might be helpful when you think that they are most likely ok, but you are still stressed that you might be wrong. 🙂

Traveling with kids is so hard, but so worth it! You’re totally rocking it!



I totally don’t mind the sponsored post. I like hearing of new products/services from bloggers like Emily. In fact, that’s the main reason I follow. Cherry on top that I also happen to have a 3-month old and a toddler such that i can empathize/appreciate posts like these. Keep them coming and I just downloaded the app. I will check with my insurance if this is covered. Happy holidays!


Your a brave lady! I have 3 but they each have autism, so traveling is oh so rare!

Traveling with two little children like yours Emily must be quite a challenge. I appreciate your insights and advice, they are extremely helpful especially for everyone who has kids.


Glad Charlie’s accident didn’t require a trip to the ER and that you had an option you and Brian felt comfortable with to consult.
I’ve been a fan of your blog since I first starting following back shortly before Charlie was born. Do I enjoy every blog the same? Of course not, but I can skim those days or not read that post. I appreciate the fact that you and the other voices that have recently been featured state a sponsored post early and usually often. I see your blog as part of your brand and your business which all involves such things as salaries and expenses.
Your little ones seem to have handled the airport issues like seasoned travelers.
Enjoy your Christmas Emily with Brian, Charlie, Ellie and your extended families. May 2016 continue to bring you success with your family, business and life.
I look forward to another year of blog reading.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Victoria

That last picture is too precious! I really envy your stamina and patience for flying/traveling with such young kids. I can’t imagine going anywhere not in driving distance those first few years. Glad your trip was a success and that Charlie didn’t need any stitches!


Having a nanny helps! 🙂


I’m going to keep this service in mind. I think there are so many unnecessary trips to the ER…for adults and kids, so this service is a welcome advance in medical care. It’s nice to hear about your experience using it. Happy Christmas!

Lovely post! The photos are amazing!


While I’m glad that nothing really bad happend to Charlie, for me there are too many sponsored or not decor/architecture related posts lately.
Yes, I know I could leave the blog BUT I don’t want to! I love your older posts and I want that Emily back.
Sure your life changed and you enjoy your children. And that is totally okay. I just feel that you are trapped in that hamster wheel of creating new blogposts because you fear to loose your followers if you do not blog regularly.
I, speaking for myself, would prefer less posts but these on topics that are really about what made me follow this blog: interior, decoration and stuff like that.

I really wish you and your family a happy christmas!


I totally second this. I used to really enjoy her blogs but now it’s one ad after another. She just simply doesn’t stand out anymore.

There are those of us who actually like her posts about parenting (and I believe she has said before that it has brought many NEW readers to her blog), so rather than posting less often and only posting design content, it would make far more sense for you to just not read the posts that don’t interest you.

Also, as far as sponsored posts go, blogging is very time intensive and getting paid for your time is important. Emily has employees to pay and a family to support. Although I personally would rather she didn’t do the same non-design related sponsor more than once (yes Emily, we already heard from you about Doctor on Demand, and you also did Blue Apron and maybe that snack company more than once), who am I to tell her to turn down paid work?


You just did.


Another post selling something. I feel deceived when a post starts about traveling with family and turns into an ad. I won’t be reading your blog anymore.

Also, having a random doctor evaluate your ill or hurt child over the phone sounds like poor advice. Your child’s pediatrician should always take your calls (or return your call shortly after) and from there he could recommend if further medical treatment is needed.


To be fair, as a pediatrician who is fairly skeptical of this service, if a family called in with a gash on the kid’s chin I would tell them to go to the ER if it is large and bleeding and they’re worried about it. The ability to see the incision would be really helpful, and no peds office that I know of has the capability to video chat.


I now have a pediatrician like you note above, but this is a great service for those with Kaiser.


Sounds like a very helpful service. I am past that point with parenting but appreciate the peace of mind value. One question is why he didn’t suggest “glueing” the cut? Doctors in my area (major medical mecca) would never do stitches on a smaller cut, but use a bonding product to close it that fades away. My forehead met a car door and I got an unfortunate cut and that was how it was handled. I got educated in the ER on this new –to me–way of handling small cuts. Anyway, he looks great and it makes a good story for when he is grown up. Remember the time when….happy holidays.


I was reading intently until you started in with the dr. on demand part. I’m *just so tired of sponsored posts* everywhere I turn. Sorry. Had to vent. Carry on.


I get that some people are upset but I am a Canadian and when we have babies we get A YEAR OFF. This American idea that you should have a baby and be back at it a few weeks or months later like nothing happened is CRAZY IMHO. Kudos to you Emily for all you’re doing to keep things going, I know as a mother of 3 how I loved and needed that time off.


I second to have a year of, but not create content for content’s sake.

Poor Charlie but he still looks cool with the band-aid.


I’m surprised they didn’t make you go in. Our daughter had a similar incident hitting the seam between two rows of hardwood and we needed glue. All the nurses said the rule of thumb is 1/4 inch or more on the face and 1/2 inch or more on body for getting glue/stitches.

welcome to out town. hope you enjoyed it!


The timing of this post was perfect! I read it in the morning, and come 6:30 pm I had my own family crisis that made me question whether a doctor’s visit was necessary. Thought I would try Doctor on Demand, and by 8 PM I was back home after getting the needed Rx from the pharmacy. Thank you. As another working mom, I ENJOY the variety in your posts, and hearing your internal dialogue about how you’re able to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Happy Holidays!


Agree with all who have commented about too many sponsored posts. This blog is becoming nothing more than a big commercial. Unfortunately, this is what happens when blogs gain too many readers….they are sought out by advertisers and I guess they like the money….thus the organic, home-grown feeling of the blog is lost. Anytime, there is a decorating post, it always seem to relate to Target! I like Target too, but gosh, are we really to believe that that’s the only place Emily shops! Anyone remember when she used to love West Elm???? I guess they don’t pay her anymore… no mention!! But, really, it’s hard to know what she truly likes and doesn’t like. Guess it depends on who’s paying her….Sad, but true.


I love this post. I have children but don’t need this kind of service (amazing pediatrician!), but I could read Emily’s writing on cleaning kitty litter. It’s so well done and insightful. In this case I love the thoughts on travel for self growth. I used to love and travel a lot. Now, I find it financially challenging and a pain in the butt with kids….this reminded me how important it is. I’m going to make some changes in my life on account of this post.
Thank you.

They just had a baby

Traveling with kids is so hard, but so worth it! You’re totally rocking it!

Sponsored content done SO SO well. Bravo.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling us about Doctor on Demand! I’m on a family ski trip in Sun Valley and one of my kids woke up with a fever and white spots on her throat. I knew it was strep but needed to get her penicillin. Because of you I knew about Doctor on Demand and used your coupon which made it totally free! No finding a clinic, waiting, or anything! I went to the pharmacy and her prescription was waiting for us. And I was on the mountain by noon (after heating up some chicken noodle soup for my sick daughter, of course). She’s 18 years old, so she was happy to stay home warm & cozy to watch movies all day 🙂
Thank you, Emily, for not only showing me how to style my home, but how to take care of my sick kids when we are on vacation!!

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***We were eating dinner, I was grabbing Charlie more milk (whilst probably trying to convince him that dinner is just a really big snack…***

“Whilst”??? The second I read that, I realized that the post wasn’t written by Emily, unless she suddenly became British. And that the whole article wasn’t written in her distinctive ‘voice’. However, I should have realized it by the first sentence, or even the second or third. It just doesn’t sound like her.

Just say it’s a sponsored post written by somebody else. Why pretend?

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