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A Traditional Eclectic Bedroom + Our Tips For Shopping eBay

Shopping online can be quite the euphoric experience (there is a reason it is called retail therapy after all). But, when you can online shop for both new and vintage goods all in one place then that my friends is something we can stand behind and support. We partnered with our friends at eBay to showcase the variety of new home items available through some sponsored content.

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To get you started we decided that it would be fun to create a Traditional and Eclectic Bedroom with product fully sourced from the online marketplace in both a high and low budget room design to highlight their Spring Bedding Event. Here’s what we came up with, and keep scrolling for some of our “eBay shopping secrets and tips”.

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Bed | Nightstands | Sconces | Charcoal Art | Rug | Striped Shams | Brown Kilim Pillow | Cream Knit Pillow | Sheet Set | Grey Bed Coverlet | Cane Stools | Planter | Dresser | Table Lamp | B&W Art | Black Custom FrameBoat Oil Painting | Gold Frame | Vase | Tray | Accent Chair | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Throw Blanket

Let’s start with that canopy bed. It’s modern, it’s simple and it’s begging for many lazy weekends in it. For the bedding we wanted to keep things fairly neutral but still interesting which is why we played with a stripe-on-stripe motif. When layering patterns (which we love to do) you will want to keep the scale different. The euro shams have a very small stripe whereas the accent pillow that is layered on top has a much thicker stripe. Different scales = no visual competition.

On top of the white sheet set we layered this quilted coverlet which again pulls from the neutral color palette we have going on in the room while adding a subtle texture. We found these sconces on their site for $60 each and we are very tempted to buy up the remaining stock of them as that price is too good to miss. Over on the other side of the room, we used the vintage Lane Brutalist Dresser and paired it with a small collection of leaning art on top, a modern gourd style lamp, and a tray for all your everyday necessities. We also included the brass-edged picture frame and a vase which could be styled on top as well. We created a little reading nook in the corner with the Mouiller inspired floor lamp, that black leather Don Schumaker Perno Chair and the brass drum side table. The total room comes in with a price tag of $10,873 which may seem like a lot but with a room filled with some iconic vintage pieces as well as some brand new items that are far below retail price it’s not too bad. But, we wanted to take the look and try and get it as low as we possibly could while still keeping it stylish, so we came up with this version which comes in at less than half the price.

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Bed | Nightstands | Sconces | Charcoal Art | Rug | Striped Shams | Brown Kilim Pillow | Cream Knit Pillow | Sheet Set | Grey Bed Coverlet | Cane Stools | Planter | Dresser | Table Lamp | B&W Art | Black Custom FrameBoat Oil Painting | Gold Frame | Vase | Tray | Accent Chair | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Throw Blanket 

eBay has long been in the “bookmark bar” of many vintage lovers and antique aficionados but the site also offers a huge selection of brand new goods at better than retail prices.  As you know very well (and have let us know here on the blog) many home decor brands have limited run collections and then after the collection sells out you can’t find your favorite products anymore through them. This is where eBay comes in – you can search through some of your favorite brands amongst the thousands of others and find countless new items at a fraction of the cost. So that Target bench that you wanted so badly from last season might just be available from Target’ direct on eBay. When navigating through eBays here are a few of our tips:

1.) Search “Buy It Now”

The majority of items sold on the site are “Buy It Now” which means you don’t have to deal with the auction format (if you aren’t into it) and most items ship for free and have free returns so you can try out it out in your home before fully committing. If you are shopping for vintage, you might want to go through the auction format but for new, choose ‘Buy It Now’.

2.) Set the “Item Location” based on your zip code – if shopping for furniture

Within the left bar search settings, you can set a location radius for it to search within close to your zip code. If you are looking for larger items like furniture, art, or mirrors this can be a huge asset to help you with shipping as well as getting something sooner as you can pick it up directly from the seller.

3.) Search Through Their “Deals”

Much like other online retailers, eBay will highlight and discount certain products on a regular basis so searching through these sections will get you a discount on top of the already low prices they are offering.

4.) Use The Right Keywords.

With one billion live listings on eBay at any one time, you can click on the categories at the top of the homepage to get started but if you are looking for some special and unique pieces here are a few of our favorite keywords to use:

  • Rugs: “oushak rug”, “kilim rug”, “berber rug”, “beni ourani rug”, “moroccan rug”, “anatolian rug”, “persian rug”
  • Furniture: “milo baughman”, “paul mccobb”, “scandinavian”, “danish”, “charles eames”, “arne jacobson”, “saarinen”, “hans wegner”, “arne norell”, “safari chairs”
  • Lighting: “mushroom lamp”, “george nelson”, “stilnovo”, “serge mouille”, “danish lighting”, “scandinavian lighting”
  • Accessories & Art: “figure drawing”, “studio pottery”, “retro accessories”, “vintage brass”, “lucite”, “acrylic”, “mid century accessories”

5.) Shop “New” Items

81% of all merch sold on eBay is brand new and from current or very recent collections. You can search specifically through their new products by navigating through their categories at the top of the page and then selecting “new” on the left side in the “search bar”. That means if you are looking for a product from a favorite retailer that they stopped selling last season you might be able to track it down here.

Let us know if you have any questions on any of our tips above or either of the rooms that we pulled together. You can still shop and sell like you always have, both vintage and now – A LOT OF ‘NEW’. Happy shopping my friends.

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4 years ago

Love eBay! We purchased 3 bathroom faucets and a lot of 12-15 doorknobs from eBay recently! My one and only eBay pet peeve (which is more of a seller issue than an overall eBay issue) is the Or Best Offer feature. I can’t tell you how many times I have offered a lower price, and the seller and I counter-offer the max number of times (3 I think) only to have the purchase price be lowered by $10-$15 on a multi-hundred $$ item that’s listed for retail price. I would rather they just not use the obo feature at all! That’s my only lifelong eBay pet peeve. Otherwise we’ve bought AND sold a lot thru them!

4 years ago

great post!! love your tips for shopping ebay stuff.. very helpful! i was wondering if you’d be able to do a post on some more luxe/glam rooms! I lean towards that style (with some boho??? lol) and would love to see your take on a bedroom! Thanks! 🙂

4 years ago

Love this so much! I had no idea ebay had so many good new items. Love all the product you picked out and the bedrooms.

4 years ago

Bedroom of my dreams

Tiffany H.
4 years ago

Those sconces and chair are too good. Way to go ebay and EHD!

4 years ago

Love this room! Great post! Thanks, Em and crew!

4 years ago

I love these high/low room designs where the product doesn’t feel too budget-y but still is attainable. Please do more, and I agree on the luxe/glam bedroom idea

4 years ago

Really digging this post, would love a series in this mien! The boat oil painting was so pretty that I bought it as soon as I saw your post- very much looking forward to seeing it in real life, the mint and pink are perfect

4 years ago

I’d like to know when buying from eBay how you gauge product quality. In the $10k bedroom grouping, those nightstands are $1800 for the pair, and the seller’s description doesn’t offer an information to support that price tag.

4 years ago

So much good stuff here! Love this roundup and I love seeing how you pulled it together in the two different rooms

4 years ago
Reply to  Beth
4 years ago

I’ve always considered eBay to be an online thrift store of sorts. Sure you can purchase items brand new, but there are so many “like new” gems to be found there. Our Beni Ourain rugs would be lovely in the eclectic designs you’ve shared here.

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