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I love gold. I love sequin. I love totes. So when my friends at RUE called me and asked if I would model this GAP tote bag I replied … “totes.”

As if you didn’t see that coming.

As a designer and obsessive shopper, I need good totes and I have A LOT of them. Most of mine are more utilitarian, which I love because I don’t have to worry about them. But, now and again it is more fun to look like a fanciful girl. A girl about town. A girl that kinda looks like an ’80s doll.

So Jen picked out my clothes, Team Hair and Makeup did my — you guesed it, hair and makeup, and then the very lovely and easy to work with Angela and Ithyle team took my pictures. I told them I wanted to look like a doll — big curly hair, long eyelashes, bright pink lipstick, floral collar shirt. It’s definitely one of those looks that girls like, but wasn’t necessarily going to get me laid. Men aren’t exactly turned on by the combination of florals and polka dots. 

To grab this sequin tote bag, click HERE.

To check out all my friends who have done the campaign click HERE.

And kudo’s to The Gap for being smart and innovative enough to get a bunch of bloggers involved and giving them the freedom to do their own thing. It made it super fun, and way more succesful in my book.



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