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Time to show some love, and get yerself some awesome stuff.

I’ve been shopping like a crazy person online to collect the most amazing gifts for the holiday gift guide (which goes live november 1st, packed full of what you should get for everyone you like or don’t like….like EVERYONE), so i figured why not start with my lovely sponsors on my own site. Thank god they are all awesome so i didn’t have to leave any out.  

From The Pink Pagoda, i do love these crazy saturated prints – for my future little girls room. 

They are all between 20-40 bucks.  Click here to see all of them.  I’m picturing one of them in a huge salon style art wall like these:


Next up:  jewelry from Kris Nations:

I’m not the biggest earring wearer – with big blonde hair and largish bubbies i can go bimbo really fast with big earrings, but i love these deco inspired ones above and would totally wear them.  Check her stuff out here.

The kids stuff from Palomas nest kinda kills me.  The amount of friends that i have right now either having a baby or just had a baby is nutso, so i’m on the lookout for gifts and i can’t just get them any old gift – i’m  a professional shopper, the expectations are high:

AHHHH, i love this table and chair set in the shape of animals so much!!!!  It’s a splurge (furniture starts at $198 per piece and goes up to $598 for a set of table & two chairs) but if you feel like splurging do this.  I would absolutely have this in my kids room.  

With this:

Supes Adorbs. Click here for their site.

And then i’d wear these to my boxing class:

OR this one:

You all know Dressing on the Side, but these two shirts are kinda my faves.  More fun than a plain t-shirt but not trying too hard.  

Next up:  Outer Banks Trading Group

These guys are higher end, but also crazy high quality.  I see ‘gifts for your parents beach house’ in the future.  Also my parents need a beach house if any of you want to hook that up, too.

This piece is $290 but its also 3×5 feet so its huge and can command a whole wall by itself, without a frame. They have a ton of other fish and shells etc, as well. 

And welcome to the perfect modern nautical pillow.  You’ll be the coolest cat in Balboa.

You all know Modcloth, but what i love is that their site changes often and everything is affordable, so you never know what you are gonna get, but you always know you can probably afford it.  Like this lamp:


$59.99 and porcelein.   Must have for kids room, i love love love love love it.  It has this japanese-y quality that i like that makes it a little more sophisticated, while obviously still being playful.  Click here to purchase. 

And this guy:

This is one of those cameras that make you look like you are an artist cause it does all that cool light leaking stuff.  Such a good gift.  Just saying.  Click here to purchase. 

And lets look at some very affordable and adorable pillows from Moxie and Mandie shall we?

Yep.  We all love the chevron, but the pillows are strangely hard to find in stores for cheap. So these guys at $25 a pop are awesome. Click here to purchase. 

And then there is Milk and Honey home, whose blog i’ve read forever.  They are designers that sell awesome stuff at good prices.  Like these:

Woah there blurry picture, sorry.  But they are wood stump lamps, both for $170 with perfect shades.  I actually might buy myself, as soon as i get my clients approval, by the way. So jump on these if you really want them.  

And while this might conflict with my swiss flag, i do love this piller.  Click here for their store.

Last but not least, i love me some etsy, you all know i do.  It makes me feel good to buy from there (and expect A LOT of etsy art/design in the gift guide) because i know that its supporting an artist/designer out there directly.  

Freshline makes these prints and cards that are happy and playful.  

Why buy from Hallmark when you could buy these, seriously:

Or this one:

Wayyyyyyyyy cuter than a boring standard card.  Buy them here.  

So thank you sponsors for being cool enough that i want to blog about you.  We always have room for more (and very competitive pricing) so click on ‘Advertise with us’ above for more info.


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