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Thrifting In The Desert


As you might know from Instagram/facebook I dragged my crew to three days of vintage/thrift shopping and relaxing in the desert (Palm Springs). It’s just terrible.

There will be full posts, of course, but I just didn’t pull together todays post because I was too busy sorting through wonderful garbage in search of gems.

So follow along on instagram and SNAPCHAT. That’s right. After a long, humbling, tutorial session by my millennial staff, where I felt like I was 95 years old and playing with a remote control for the first time, I think they’ve successfully taught me how to do ‘The Snapchat’. Apparently its just for ‘fun’ and more behind the scenes – not pretty photos or long labored over captions, so it’s quite the adjustment, but I like the raw/temporary nature of it. So let me snapchat you, or snapchat me. Or do the cool kids just say ‘snap’? I’m old. Meanwhile my username is EmHendersonSnap. Get into it.

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ha! hilarious. looking forward to ‘the snapping’. 🙂


Ha ha! I’m old too. I am 31 and my husband just ordered our first smart phones. That’s right…I’m still using a flip phone. 🙂 But our bill for two lines is only 50 bucks so it has been hard for me to give the go ahead to spending so much more money. But the phones are on their way so I will be snap chatting you…or something. 🙂

Snapchat?!?! I had to read it twice! How fun! Looking forward to some snaps!

Don’t feel bad. I’m a millennial and I have used snapchat before and I couldn’t figure out how to friend you. haha

You are hilarious and I feel ya girl!

Ha! Yes, my younger sister signed me up for snapchat last year and I’ve had no clue. But I’m trying to figure it out for exactly those types of situations – basically everything that isn’t up to par for instagram. 🙂


Hey! Congrats on the #1 on Domino’s best design blogs! I couldn’t agree more! So happy for all of your well- deserved success!


Oh Man! Now I am going to have to learn The Snap.


I don’t even do The Instagram, let alone The Snapchat. There are too many forms of social media today. Grumble. Get off my lawn!

Yeah.. being stuck in the desert thrifting with you for the weekend sounds like pure torture. I’m going to have to go follow along on SnapChat to fully understand how rough it is!

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


YAAAASSSSSSS QUEEN! I’m 33 and LOVE snapchat! It’s a lot more real and less curated apt ham anything else, which is why I love it!


As a mom of a 14 yo, I looked into Snapchat before letting my son use it. Be aware that nothing is temporary. Anyone can take a screenshot and save the photo/message. Remember the internet lives forever, lol!


I am 76, no cell phone but love my IPad. So keep on being available this way for some of us seniors. LOL
Snapchat sounds way too 21st century for me. Smiles

Can’t wait for your update on Palm Springs. I am heading there next month!!


Nope. No snapchatting for me. I don’t even have a smartphone. Will just have to follow along on the computer.

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