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Thrift store show and Tell

I should probably wait until i have ‘final final’ pics to show you stuff – you know, pictures that have nice light and are styled and, like the bed is made and there aren’t random peoples clothes lying around, but unfortunately i have the patience of a 2 year old child after having eaten 100 jelly beans.

I want what i want and i want it now, on speed.

So Orlando and i were thrift shopping last week (read his latest post of us shopping for plants in the valley here) and we found some gems for me.  I love me some thrifting. Always have.  Its changed a lot in the major cities, and gems are harder to find, but if you get your hands dirty enough and go far enough into the valley, treasures are a’waiting.

This bad boy was $40 from a huge thrift store near downtown (for you L.A.-ers this is a big one, but man their prices are starting to reach ‘i think i’m a vintage’ store prices.) There were four pretty adorable but DISGUSTING and lousy dining chairs that they were trying to sell for $60 each.  This place is not exactly ‘clean’ or ‘free of germs’ or ‘free of pee odor’ so i take issue with the vintage store prices.  But, some things are still deals. Like this headboard.

I’m going to paint it charcoal, i think.  Why such a masculine color you ask? Well, because it is going to be flanked by these girly girls:

Uh, huh. They are hot pink, velvet and they screamed ‘Emily’.  $200 for the pair from a vintage store in Ventura. Not a steal, but they are in perfect condition and the amount of impact they have is worth every penny. Brian actually really likes them but he wanted me to try to ‘masculinize’ up the bedroom after that.  So i’m getting black leather bedding….with cars silk screened on it….with chicks with big tits inside the cars…..  wearing Slayer t-shirts….

Here’s where we are now in the master boudoir.  I’m shopping for a king mattress – probably going for the Ikea HOLMSTRA.  And this perfect Dwell Bedding is going into the guest bedroom since its a queen size duvet, so then i can grab new bedding….which will be a very fun hunt indeed.  Then obviously i need to hang something above it.  But i think that this headboard in a grey (and then maybe bring out some detail in gold) is going to be the perfect combo of a feminine shape but in a masculine color  = perfect balance.  I may even upholster the two wood rectangles so its softer on my fragile little head.

Not sure i have expouded that wisdom before, but my rule is that if if the shape is super feminine and you are worried about it being too girly (or you live with a man that you would like to keep), then make sure the finish (or fabric) is more masculine.  For me, i could do bright yellow, white, light pink or navy, but i think that the charcoal will calm those crazy hanging girls down a bit.

Oh, hi cute bamboo desk.  This guy came from Goodwill. It’s thomasville, so its all sturdy ‘n stuff.  I love it white, but am debating painting it because it sits near my white lacquer West Elm dining table/desk so it kinda competes.  It’s like they are too similar to be next to each other without looking accidental, but if they were drastically different they would work.

I kinda want it to be dark green, but keep the bamboo part white and add amazing brass hardware.  But, I can’t tell if that would be too ‘designer-y or just totally awesome…..or so busy that it looks crazy.  OR maybe i just paint the whole thing a dark/bright green….thoughts?  Right now this room has that crazy antique blue chinese rug and the walls are a super light blue/grey, and the windows bring in so much green from the trees surrounding it, so i’m thinking that color palette could be simple and calm, but totally saturated and bright.  Blues, greens, whites.  Boom.

So my questions are:  What color should the headboard be painted? do you think upholstering it would be genius or too much? And what color should the desk be?




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