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This week in instagrams

This week started with a stupidly expensive juice fast. Hi. I live in LA and these are the kinds of things that we do when things like Alt Summit forces too much booze down our booze holes — we PAY to not eat.  I mean, can we possibly be more gluttonous and culturally disgusting? Probably not, but while I couldn’t wait to chew on something and sat salivating watching Orlando swallow his grilled chicken and crisp lettuce whilst I drank my beet/ginger “lunch, ” I did realize that I started to feel crazy energized. There is something to be said for not digesting for a while. I worked out a ton this week. I went to sleep at 10. I felt good. Not to brag — I hate it when people brag about how healthy they are — but I was just so excited to feel so good. Lesson learned.

Besides the juice cleanse, this is what I did:

Monday, I installed some more pieces in my newest clients house, namely this adorable yellow and white plaid rug:

The side table hasn’t arrived yet, but the rug is Land of Nod and super adorable. I’m from Portland so clearly I love me some plaid.

On Tuesday, I went to a bunch of “brokers opens” with Brian in my neighborhood for “research” and saw some inspiring moments:

That’s my friend, Joy’s  wallpaper that I love. 

This was a very well done gallery wall which made me come back from being over gallery walls.  From now on — only floor to ceiling.

On Wednesday we tackled the storage unit. I have an organizational boner just thinking about it. Stacks and stacks of furniture/art/accessories are now on shelves, categorized by color, and inventoried. It’s VERY exciting INDEED.

I shoot everything for my One Kings Lane sale on February 14th and it goes on sale March 10. There is so much good stuff, if I do say so myself.

For instance, these uglies … which are going to be beautiful in a dark blue velvet. Their scale and fun shape is intensely interesting.

This vintage plycraft is getting a makeover with new fabric and freshly cleaned wood.

This waterfall 80’s desk (check out the lucite handles) is going “Galapagos turquoise” — fresh pretty lacquer, a desk to kill for.

Today we are shooting the last of the houses that we designed last year. Watch for sneak peeks on Instagram (emhenderson) and now Vine — their video app.

And thanks to everyone for voting on nightstands yesterday. I have yet to tally the votes but I’m SHOCKED that #2 is not winning — not because it should, but it was just what I predicted. I’m so happy that people appreciated #1 as much as they did … because that’s what I’m living with right now, although those pink pendants are being sold for One Kings Lane, not sure why. I love them, but clearly have design A.D.D.

Have an excellent weekend, folks. I shall spend it thrifting in my secret thrifting spots and pinning way too much.


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