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Things you might think are ugly but are going to be rad

This chick? Oh yeah, she’s italian. She’s beautiful. She’s one of a kind. Her name is Petunia and she is going into a clients home of mine.  (oh, that’s right folks, i forgot to tell you all, homes are getting redone in LA and New York, all Emily Henderson style… on Design Services to hire me and my crew).  

OH, you are judging her and me right now. But i’m telling you in the perfect space with the perfect modern shade she is going to throw everything off in a good way.  She makes me smile. 

And these chairs?

The one on the left is a Milo Baughman ($1300 down to $1000 for me)  and yes its 100% dope, and in new black fabric. It was a splurge purchase though, so i needed to make up for it by buying a cheaper partner chair for it.  At the same store  was this $75 (down from $95) chair on the right that right now is HIDEOUS, but she’s the perfect scale next to Milo, and the perfect contrasting shape.  We are dressing her up in nice new grey linen, with some dark grey box welting all over that mother.  We are boxing out every curve she has so its going to be super tailored and sophisticated and masculine.  I love that there are no legs and they are upholstered to the ground.  It has an 80’s thing happening, but we all know that that decade is rushing back fast.  I can’t wait to show you the after.

And that side table was $75 (down from $100) and is going on the opposite side of the room, next to the sofa.  It’s shape is adorable. 

And these two came from the Flea Market, both for $150 but they were rejected by the original homeowners they were intended for, which is fine because i’m going to redo them anyway and keep them or sell them:

The shape is really beautiful, feminine and regency, and i can’t wait to get my hands on the welting.  

Obviously they are being reupholstered, and there will be contrasting welting/piping and i ‘m even debating doing them two toned, where the bottom is a darker tone and the top/seat/back is a lighter tone or even mixing a pattern with a solid.  OR doing that top area in a different fabric, like a curvy stripe.  The seats are going to be boxed and piped, they are really  mushy and shapeless right now.  I’m going to make them my dream chairs so even if i can’t sell them then they will live in my mansion of an apartment.

So what do you think?  All wise decisions? Can these strangely ugly and inexpensive pieces turn out to be show stoppers?  

Me’thinks, yes.

Which one do you like the best?



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