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The Link Up: All The Things That Made Us Smile This Week


design by reath interior design | photo by laure joliet photography

Every week we look forward to the link up because it gives us a chance to honestly recommend what we are loving right now. We love knowing what other people are reading, listening to, wearing, and consuming. So it is fun to create that space here for the people who also enjoy good, honest reviews. This week, in light of what is happening all over the world, we wanted to share what has made us smile this past week in hopes that it will bring joy and a little bit of comfort during this anxious time.

But before we get into all the wonderful videos, we wanted to let you know that our Brighten Up Any Room Design Giveaway deadline has been extended to this Wednesday 3/18. Once we hopefully (and swiftly) see an end to this incredibly hard time, we will be nothing but excited to give someone a fresh start with a beautiful room makeover (with some stunning Velux Skylights). Click the link to enter:)

From Emily: I’ve been watching this video since 2012 whenever I feel sad. It’s the music, the realness, the people who care, the amount of effort, the happiness – it gives me HOPE and makes my heart feel full of warm water every time. 

From Jess: Just as I was looking for a happy video or link to put in this week, this one popped up and I almost immediately started welling up. It shows how important and powerful community is. I even saw it in the grocery store the other day. People were just extra kind and soft as to relieve the familiar look of not knowing what the coming weeks were going to look like. It just goes to show that we can take care of each other even if it’s at a distance.

Also From Jess: This is the link to that beautiful home in the opening photo. No surprise it’s from our new favorite design firm, Reath Design.

From Caitlin: This weekend, I finally have an open schedule that I’ll be using to clean with the ferocity of Gayle in one of my all-time favorite videos. (PS. Does this remind you of your mom, or have YOU become this person?)

From Emily: Some people watch cat videos, I guess I watch real people singing songs I love. This video is on repeat (probably once a month) and I suppose to relate to it, but also admire the talent. 

From Mallory: This and this are my two favorite SNL skits. Ever. You’ll enjoy this one if you’ve been to New York for more than 3 days or this one if you’ve participated in at least 1 musical production in your lifetime. Enjoy!

From Ryann: Watching stand up comedy is probably my favorite form of escapism, and recently watched Nate Bergatze’s special and I was in tears laughing. Here’s a snippet to give you a taste of his insanely dry and hysterical humor.

From Sara: I can spend hours on the Instagram account @thedodo. It’s just full of sweet animal stories of rescues and rehabilitations and it makes my heart happy.

From Julie: This isn’t a funny video, but it is hands down the best Pad Thai I’ve ever put into my belly. The best part is you can throw in all those random veggies from your fridge so it’s different every time you make it.

Also, I know this seems narcissistic to recommend my own video, but I watch this when I need to be reminded that I’m not just here for pillow fluffing and begging for a swipe up. I’m sure it affects me more because I love Sylvia and she is part of my family, someone whose life was changed, but I cry every single time I watch it and feel more inspired to be the person that made her happy that day. Here is the video for your easy viewing pleasure…

Now we’d love to hear from you. What have you been doing to stay positive? And what type of content would you like to see from us going forward? Let us know in the comments and stay safe. xx

Fin Mark
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Lily Rose

The game Dixit has been making me happy since were staying inside a lot these days. More ideas of games/shows/activities to do inside would be great.

Or, more lists of recommendations from Emily & co. about their favorites items. Like you did for linens! 🙂


Love dixit!

For other games, check out:
Legacy of dragonholt
Near and far

Both are story driven that are fun for two or more players

Chefs table on Netflix is stunningly shot and about the creative process as much as the food


Also, these puzzles are wonderful


Omg, after you watch Chef’s Table, watch Documentary Now! on Netflix. The Chicken and Rice episode especially (Ssn 2 Ep 2). Followed directly with the Dronez episode (Ssn 1). Both are hilarious and really well done.


I know what I’ll be watching tonight, thanks for the recommendation!


Love the Chicken and Rice episode!!

Lily Rose

Thank you for the suggestions! X


You have seen this video making the rounds on instagram, but I find myself re-watching it lately.
Can’t wait to hang out in a public space with a crowd of people on a beautiful day.


I have been binge-watching The Boise Boys on demand. HGTV should give these guys more airtime!

Ooo I’ll try to find it online! Thanks for the rec<3


That was fun! Thanks for all those videos. I had forgotten how delightful the Sylvia video was ❤️

I also cry everytime I watch it:)


Also… can you provide the link to the kids’ room above? Love the styling!

Sorry yes! We are having issues with our intro photo showing the credits. UGH! I will put it in the body of the post. But here is the link:

Mary Beth

There is no Frigate like a Book
By Emily Dickinson

There is no Frigate like a Book
To take us Lands away
Nor any Coursers like a Page Of prancing Poetry –
This Traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of Toll –
How frugal is the Chariot
That bears the Human Soul –

Roberta Davis

The Sylvia makeover video brought tears to my eyes! Wow, this is the power of design.



That bathroom SNL skit is the best. It’s like they asked, “How can we feature all our favorite musical theater in one skit and still be funny?”

I loved the proposal and the reveal of the home makeover for Sylvia. And that family singing together is amazing. Now that I’ve spent all morning watching videos, I need to get on with my day. Thank you!


“…what type of content would you like to see from us going forward?
Just the best design posts you can put together for us. As someone who has never had the budget to pull together an entire room in one go, most of the decor and all of the fashion is entirely fantasy for me and that’s just what I need right now. Please keep this a virus-free zone as long as possible!

We will absolutely be bringing back our normal design and lifestyle content! And we will definitely look into some super budget options, too. We just wanted didn’t want to be tone-deaf to the obvious panic that our world is going through. Thank you so much for your feedback!


Loved this post so much & shared many of the links. The video of Sylvia’s house makeover made me cry. Love her so much.

Nate Bergatze ALLLL THEEEE WAYYYYY!!! The first time my husband and I watched it, we laughed so hard that he literally spewed water not once, but SIX times, and I had to use my rescue inhaler for exercise-induced asthma. “Iced Coffee Whip Cream.” Bahahahhahahaa


I LOVE Nate, too. You’ve got to see him live (when all of that is happening again). SO FUN!

Omg i HAVE to watch!


Thank you! What a great idea. I watched the first one and loved it!! I look forward to checking out the rest. Watch Gary Janetti and Brad Goreski from 8 years ago. It’s so fun and heart warming. On youtube, search- brad brad world les mis or use this link. Enjoy!

Kristen that just made my whole day!


What is this header photo? I want to see the tour!

Hi Penny, we are having issues with our intro photo showing the credits. UGH! I will put it in the body of the post. But here is the link:


OMG, that bodega sketch. That is now my all time favorite sketch right after the first alien abduction one with Kate McKinnon.


I can also watch the Sylvia reveal over and over!! So sweet and inspiring!

thanks for the SNL laughs, been watching since the 80’s so most of my favorites are now “vintage” ha ha!

Chef’s table really is awesome!! And we’ve been loving the documentary Night on Earth on Netflix, great for kids but we’ve been loving it also, some animals we haven’t seen before.

Cici Haus

My bestie and her husband live in Madrid, Spain so they’ve been on mandatory quarantine for almost a week. At 8pm every night everyone yells/cheers/claps/play instruments/make noise to recognize the healthcare and other integral workers supporting the country. It’s heartwarming.


ways to appreciate your house and surroundings during this time!


Love the Reath Design House. Just my style but I have a generous sprinkle of Chinoiserie going on too. 😍

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