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The Readers have spoken! Off to San Francisco

I love how Brian became an icon for neglected blogger/designer husbands throughout the world yesterday. He’s getting a bit cocky about it, actually.  He keeps reading the comments and reminding me of how ‘he won’.  And then i remind him that he wasn’t actually competing against the blog, but yes, of course ‘he won’.

Thank you so much for all the comments and support, seriously.

So here’s what i’ve come up with:  i’ll scale back, but do more (and better) original style posts and Mr. Orlando is going to jump in and help me once a week and blog about what we are working on.  If you guys aren’t reading his blog, you should be.  He’s like a way more down to earth version of Brad from Rachel Zoe, meets Martha Stewart, meets Freddy Mercury.  But funnier. And handsomer.

Meanwhile Bri and I are off in a couple days San Francisco to stay The Clift, go to art museums, make up some reason to wear a really revealing (however NOT slutty, please i am a lady) red dress, get cultured, bike and hold hands – not at the same time, you crazy.  We are’t relaxers, we just aren’t.  So we figured if we can’t leave the country, we may as well go to a big city that we haven’t really spent time in with lots of stuff to do and be total tourists.

So bring on the San Francisco suggestions:

1. Best restaurant – you know the restaurants that give you like 5 waiters per table and you can wear a tux? Any that are really really old and classic? We want to splurge on a 4 hour dinner and feel like rich people for one night.

2. Easy day trips:  Alcatraz? Where else should we go?  Which museums, galleries, etc can’t we miss.

3. Which neighborhoods do we have to explore?

4. Really old bars? I love the one with the pirates boat in it up on the hill, but any others would be good to grab a drink at.

5. Plays, operas, events happening that we can’t miss?



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