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The New Chairish App … also I'm selling some awesome chairs

Sometimes it seems as if I think that we live in some post-apocalyptic world where people only subsist on well-designed pieces of furniture and they are all rapidly being consumed so we have to fight each other for each Bertoia chair in order to stay alive. Well, its time to comes to terms, Emily, with the fact that we don’t live in said world, so one does NOT need to hoard such pieces in one’s house.  It’s a hard truth to learn, but its going to feel good to get rid of some more stuff. (You might remember my moving sale recently).

I bought 12 of these AWESOME Charlotte Perriand INSPIRED dining chairs (not originals nor are they vintage – they are brand new knock-offs basically) for a client but when we got them into the space they were too dark and masculine. I can return them, but I bought them wholesale so I would have to put them on a pallet, wrap them and organize shipping, etc … which all sounds terribly boring. So I kept  hoarding them, thinking that they would work somewhere. But I just don’t think they will. It’s a sad day over here but its a happy day for one or two of you (I’m selling them as 2 sets of six). Click here to purchase. (Update: the first set has already sold but there is one for set of six available … but hurry, folks!)

To sell them I decided to use the new Chairish App that just came out since I have sold many a vintage item with them before. You can basically do it all with your phone. Just take photos, upload them with the app and boom you are done. I found it VERY easy. They photoshop the first photo to be on white, but it obviously helps if the rest of your photos are on a simple background, too. The idea is that everyone can sell their vintage or used (but not destroyed) goods in this big marketplace in a really easy way. Its national, its curated (no 4-year-old Ikea Lack tables here) and you can do it instantly and get checks in the mail. So far I’ve sold 18 items this way and its been totally seamless.

Here’s how you do it:

Chairish App2

But, back to my chairs … I’ve loved these chairs for a long time; they are just 100% my style. Unfortunately we want upholstered dining chairs for our dining room (Brian is being a stickler on comfort which I can’t really argue with) so we aren’t keeping them for us, but like a kitten who I’ve grown kind of attached to, I really want them to go to a good home. Try to find dining chairs at a new store for less than $150 each (besides Ikea). I dare you.


Their potential is beyond, like Beyonce. They are SMART, plus they stack, like so.


Meanwhile Chairish is giving away a designer room full of awesome furniture, and anyone that downloads the app is automatically entered. They put all the elements of the room together here and it has some pretty beautiful pieces. I would like to win this living room.


  • To enter download the app and create an account.
  • You are then automatically entered
  • Sweeps ends on 2/28 – you have one month, folks

That coffee table is mine, by the way, y’all should buy that sucker (or win it).

Email me through the blog if you have any questions about the chairs – I’m happy to help them go to a good home.

To download the Chairish app click HERE (If you are reading from your iphone click HERE to download) and remember you are automatically entered to win that living room. Once you download the chairish app I encourage you to try it out – upload something to sell (think vintage or something used but higher quality) and see if the process works for you.

Happy shopping, folks. Again, to buy the second set of chairs (first set of six already sold) click HERE.

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