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The most amazing purchase i've made lately

Calm down, Emily.  Not everyone is going to love this as much as you:

It’s a hanging macrame TABLE.  I’ve never seen one before so when i saw it a month ago i knew that it would eventually be mine. But i didn’t buy it because it was $200 at this random antique store in the valley which i thought was overpriced. But then it kept creeping back into my thoughts, poisoning my mind, teasing my psyche.  So i went back. And it was on sale for $150. Still too much, but these are the things you splurge on: things that you can’t stop thinking about and things that you’ve never seen before.  We are painting the ‘table’ part of it white because i don’t like the finish of the wood and i want to freshen it up a bit.  

I also recently bought this painting for $50, which i love.  She’s all, ‘hey guy, you like-a-my high waisted jeans? Yeah, they are Jordache.’ 

And this new vase came from a thrift store.   The colors are perfect, as you know, and it’s huge so it makes a big impact in the room.  

And finally, this new abstract painting.  The colors are perfect, the price was more than i wanted at $150, but it’s totally worth it because it modernizes my art wall so much.

Must run and spraypaint life-size nutcrackers hot pink.  You know, as you do.