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The Link Up: A Polaroid Printer Emily Swears By, Caitlin’s Investing Secret & A Zero Waste IG To Follow

photo by yoshihiro makinodesign by studio shamshiri | via remodelista

If there is one thing we love more than Sunday brunch it’s the Sunday Link Up, and who says we can’t have both? Let’s get to it (mimosa in hand preferred):

Ever feel the need for a hug but like a modern, cool hug?? Well, that is the exact feeling you get when you step inside this home tour by one of our favorite design firms, Studio Shamshiri. Please enjoy and feel the embrace:)

From Emily: “I talked about this in Instagram stories but I am mentioning again in case you missed it. In the past I’ve tried to take good photos with a polaroid but for whatever reason they never turned out as good as they should. Enter this polaroid printer that takes digital photos from your phone and literally takes a photo of the screen (through an app) then prints it out. It’s not always perfect but it’s so fun and gets way closer to a good photo than taking it yourself with a camera. It’s an investment but we are going to keep it up at the mountain house and have a huge bulletin board somewhere that we can add to all year – yes I’m memory hoarding, per usual.”

Caitlin has an investing secret and it’s using Robinhood to buy and sell stocks for over 5 years. Guys, she LOVES it. Her investment strategy is basically just to buy stuff that she likes: Taco Bell, Nike, Tesla, Square, Beyond Meat…and it seems to be working, cause she’s up 130% overall. This link will get you a free stock if you want to try it out!

From Sara: “Recently I found Bloomist (a sustainable homegoods shop), and it feels like I’ve found a secret treasure trove of super high-end styling accessories, with the plot twist being I can actually afford them. This wood chain is KILLER, and these little stone vases are the organic shelf styling accessories of my dreams. They’ve also got an awesome selection of faux and real dried botanics, all produced with sustainability in mind. I literally won’t shut-up about them in the office, so I’m excited to share a coupon code they created just for us. Use code EM15 for 15% off your order, or code EM25 to get $25 off your order of $100 or more. I, personally, will be using these discounts to order this match striker and candle.”

From Veronica: “Everyone in the office knows I love a good colored cat-eyeliner and these are the perfect ones!! I own six different colors and have so much fun matching them to what I’m wearing that day.”

From Ryann: “I love rewatching movies possibly even more than I love watching new movies. There is something so comforting about it and luckily there is a podcast out there that celebrates just that. It is called The Rewatchables and the host Bill Simmons and other guests discuss all the greatest movies that are extremely ‘rewatchable’. It is SO entertaining and will make you want to watch your fav movie 1000 times.”

In need of a great sofa but in greater need of an awesome sale?? Well, Apt2B is having a crazy warehouse sale that ends TOMORROW. Basically, everything in the outlet will be up to 65% off + you get free delivery. We told you it was crazy, but the really good kind:)

From Mallory: “I use this bluetooth speaker in my apartment but I also keep it in my purse because you never know when you’ll need to provide music for life’s awkward moments. It’s TINY, lasts for HOURS, is SO LOUD, and is ADORABLE AND RETRO. Hopefully, you can understand how good it is by the all-caps.”

From Jess: “Buying gifts for men (especially when it comes to dads…or at least my dad) is nearly impossible. BUT the other week was my dad’s birthday and I bought him this blue dress shirt (paired with a fancy event to attend at a later date). And ya’ll, he LOVED it. It’s pricey but great quality with a cool pattern inside the cuff and collar. Also, he’s a standard XL which is a size 6 and fits him perfectly.”

From Julie: “In an effort to reduce my plastic waste I began following the Instagram @bottegazerowaste. Marta Tarallo has a YouTube channel where she teaches things like how to make your own natural soap and she makes it all look so easy!”

Alright, that’s a wrap for today. Now we hope you have a lovely Sunday, and be sure to check back here tomorrow. See you then. xx

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Cris S.
2 years ago

Rewatching = less stress + more fun. That’s why Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies of all time. Within the movie itself you are watching the same scenes over and over again. Perfection!

2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

Yes! Groundhog Day and What About Bob? are at the top of my list.

2 years ago

Really enjoyed today’s blog. Lots of super fun and interesting links!

Mariya Zafirova
2 years ago

I love that Bluetooth speaker!

Mariya |

2 years ago

Zerowastechef is my favorite on instagram on feeling capable of reducing my food packaging waste.

2 years ago
Reply to  DT

Thanks DT, I will check it out!

2 years ago

Jesus, please do not recommend buying individual stocks as a good investment strategy. If you have extra money you don’t care about losing and you think the “game” is fun, go for it. But if it’s your first foray into investing, please read Bogle’s Common Sense Guide to Investing before you start. There’s a reason it’s the investment bible. Index investing is a time-tested strategy for getting the best out of your money over the long term.

2 years ago
Reply to  isabelle

I agree! I don’t think stocks should be your ONLY strategy, but Robinhood is the app that opened my eyes to the world of investing in general. Things like index funds can be intimidating (and honestly, I’m not sure if I would have started investing if I had to read a book first, because analysis paralysis), but being able to buy one-off stocks for 12 bucks and getting my feet wet really got me excited about managing my own finances. Hopefully it does the same thing for other readers 🙂

2 years ago

All the anxiety here about this recommendation too…especially right now when the market is so high. Part of the reason that Caitlin’s strategy is working is that she’s investing in consumer brands in a strong consumer economy. In a financial crisis or recession, those are the exact stocks that are going to dry up fast. Just please please please if you are going to invest without a balanced approach do it ONLY with your excess cash – don’t treat this as your emergency fund or your retirement savings! Platforms that gamify investing smack awfully hard of legal gambling to me.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jessie

Couldn’t agree more with Jessie and Isabelle. The investment recommendation above makes me cringe. This is not a good investment strategy. Buying what you know is not good advice. People “knew” Blockbuster back in the day and it folded. There are very few free lunches in investing and one of them is diversification, which you can easily get through a broad index fund like VTI so you aren’t all stacked in consumer brands in a strong consumer economy as Jessie points out. There are other companies like Betterment and Wealthfront that can help you invest broadly at various risk levels with very few steps and low fees. That would be a MUCH better option than just picking random stocks. Warren Buffet agrees:

Anne Davis
2 years ago

How funny that we used to wish we could just have our photos digitized instead of having boxes of them in a closet. Now we’re spending $$ to go back to physical photos. What goes around comes around.

2 years ago

Please make it stop. EVERYTIME I look at your posts this blocks content:

We have updated our policy regarding how we treat and protect data that is collected and used from our sites. Our sites use cookies to improve your experience and enable certain functionality. Etc

This does not occur on other bloggers sites every time.

2 years ago

Did you mean Caitlin’s balance is up to 130% of what she started with? Being up 130% would mean she’s more than doubled her money. And should probably quit her day job. 🙂

2 years ago

HAHA — I’m up 179% all time today! But I just had good timing — got in on Tesla at $179 (up 316% today!) and Square at 12.89 (up 507%!). I’ll keep my day job here for now 🙂

[…] post The Link Up: A Polaroid Printer Emily Swears By, Caitlin’s Investing Secret & A Zero Waste IG… appeared first on Emily […]

[…] post The Link Up: A Polaroid Printer Emily Swears By, Caitlin’s Investing Secret & A Zero Wast… appeared first on Emily […]

2 years ago

Sara I also ordered the match striker and it’s the perfect addition to my side tablescape. Thaks for sharing Bloomist and this item specifically. Wish I could send a pic once it arrives! (?)

2 years ago

Anybody know where that beautiful reddish geometric rug in the leading photo is from?

2 years ago

Oh my goodness I’ve had that small wood chain in charcoal from Bloomist bookmarked for MONTHS. This code is just the push I need to finally snag it 🙂

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