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The Link Up: Emily’s Comfy Rug Secret, Eyeshadow Veronica Can’t Get Enough Of & A Compact Printer (That Isn’t An Eye Sore)

image via Dwell | design by Rachel Eccles

Hi friends and welcome back to your weekly peek into what’s in our shopping carts and on our minds. In case you need some filling in, this week we announced some big news (drumroll please..) we are now doing two posts a day Monday-Friday! This has been on our to-do list for quite some time and we are so pumped that the time has finally come to make it happen. So yes, you will be hearing from us more (once in the AM and again for what we are calling your “afternoon snack” at around 11 am PT, 2 pm ET) and we hope that excites you as much as it does us. Now, let’s get to those EHD links:

First things first, today’s home tour (via Dwell) is a minimalist, modern dreamboat with some REALLY fun and cool handmade materials sprinkled all over. It is a real treat.

From Emily: “Anyone who comes over to our house asks me why my rugs are so cushy and comfy (it’s truly remarkable), and it is because of this pad. This is the only one I buy for rooms where a lot of floor lounging and wrestling happens.”

Veronica bought this eyeshadow/eyeliner crayon in brown copper over the weekend and immediately fell in love. It is super easy to use, cheap, and a less than five-minute application. She wants them in every color now!

Caitlin just discovered Farm Rio and is experiencing SEVERE HEART PALPITATIONS!!! This one’s for all the maximalists out there — here’s her favorite cardigan, pair of pants, and winter coat. (From Caitlin: “Can someone please remind me what seasons are like? I just want to wear a jacket!!!! I normally save up my money for furniture purchases, but this has me wanting to start a separate ‘toucan printed outfit’ fund.”)

In a bind, Velinda had to replace her old printer and made a run for something basic and affordable. She chose this one because of its compact size. Now, there’s less of an eye-sore in her small, bedroom office.

From Mallory: “Last week, I talked about wine, and this week I’m talking cheese. I’m really not that boujee, I just feel that this is something everyone should know about. So for my cheese-plate lovers, here’s my all-time FAVORITE Instagram (other than Emily’s of course) called cheese by numbers. This gal literally teaches you how to build the most gorgeous cheese plates step by step, through Instagram carousels. Please enjoy!”

As Jess was casually getting ready this past Friday morning, she threw on Seth Meyer’s new comedy special, Lobby Baby, and she found herself laughing out loud. So if you need a funny, easy pick me up then do yourself a favor and click play.

Sara is back with another delicious recipe that the whole office can vouch for. She recently made these pumpkin muffins and brought them in. Needless to say we couldn’t get enough. They are super easy to make, really soft and moist (though next time she will probably add some chocolate chips for more flavor).

Ryann bought her boyfriend this knife for Christmas four years ago, and it is still his favorite gift she has ever got him, and he talks about how amazing it is all.the.time. From Ryann: “I do not understand what it is with men and their knives, but my boyfriend insists this one is the best, and he says he uses it every day. I must admit that at least once a week, I need to open something on the go or what have you, so his trusty knife comes in handy for me too.”

From Arlyn: “With the recent fires, I’ve pulled out my air purifier (which I SHOULD run year-round) and remembered how great it was so decided to share. It was top-rated from Apartment Therapy so I picked it up because for the price (about $85) it worked and looked great. It’s not too loud and not gross looking. Win win!”

That is all for today. There will be no posts tomorrow in honor of Veteran’s Day, but be sure to come back Tuesday for TWO brand new posts. xx


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37 thoughts on “The Link Up: Emily’s Comfy Rug Secret, Eyeshadow Veronica Can’t Get Enough Of & A Compact Printer (That Isn’t An Eye Sore)

  1. Re yesterday’s post:
    Please please please tell me what bra you sleep in
    Always look g for something comfortable , but with enough support to keep them up so that I’m comfor ….you know what I mean?

  2. Hi guys, here’s a question asked in affection. I’m 63, aka a boomer. I often see what are either typos or spelling and grammar mistakes here. They do not affect my loyalty to the site, but I do note them. Once previously I commented to correct, and I might have been overly sensitive, but I believed signals were sent in reply that a) you guys feel bad if corrected b) it’s kind of not the editorial policy. In other words, adherence to “correct” English may be a generational thing!

    So, if that’s true, I will absolutely keep my remarks to myself and enjoy your work. But if it would feel more like crowd-sourcing expertise than random Internet scolding, I will pipe up. What do you think?

    1. I’ve actually contemplated on numerous occasions reaching out to ask if they’d like to hire me as a copy editor! Love from a late gen-Xer who notices these things, too.

    2. Boomer-Copy-Editor-Wisher, here…
      Love the site and the link-up too!! I have used the tips and ideas here many times.
      The grammar/typo issues have improved a lot but to those eagle-eyed copy readers…I’m with you 100% 🙂

    3. Absolutely agree. When I’ve mentioned typos and/or grammatical errors in the past, I was roundly and soundly chastised by the Emily defenders as being mean to Emily. Since that time, my comments have never been posted. I have commented many times on things I like and have asked relevant questions about topic of the day and have apparently, since pointing out errors, been tagged a “hater”. I’m not a hater, but as a former graphic designer and publishing editor, typos and glaring grammatical errors are things that are nearly impossible for me to disregard. I expect that this comment, as with others I have submitted, will not be posted. However, I am comforted to know that these things bother many other blog readers as well.

      1. Another former publishing editor/graphic designer here: Loyal EHD commenters who take offense about copy editing is silly. We all come from here for interior design ideas and insights and none of the copy editing commentary is about that. It’s simply that we want this site to be the best and if there is a spelling error or some funky grammatical error, we offer the fix with professional and friendly intentions only. If you dislike what you may think are petty comments, stop reading and move along. Even the best writers use copy editors so there is no shame in enlisting the help of another set of eyes before hitting the publish button.

    4. Another supporter of correcting grammar and spelling. Comments should only be viewed as crowdsourcing to make the site even better than it already is.

    5. If a picture had a thumb in the middle of it, everyone would comment about that. Why is the copy any less important? Typos mar the copy, but they are easy to fix!

      That said, I have noticed a marked improvement in the quality of the editing recently. Thank you and keep it up!

  3. I love love love the weekly Link Up and genuinely look forward to it each Sunday! But can you sweet folks please format the links so that either all of them open in a new tab (my personal preference—which I think is better for EHD website traffic, keeping people on the page longer—but I’m not sure what the consensus is here) OR in the same window? It seems each week they’re a smattering of each and it drives me bonkers. Because the EHD site does tend to take a while to load with all the ads and visual media, I find it bothersome to have to go back to the page again if a link-click takes me away.

    Sending warm wishes from chilly Ontario!

    1. I never have an issue with links opening in the same window. I even went through all of these to see if I was nuts, and literally every link opens in a new tab? Sometimes the comments I see here make me wonder if I’m on a totally different site than everyone else.

      1. Totally! It’s an easy workaround that I like using to line ’em up as I read, but the inconsistency has duped me in the past (noticing that one link opens a new tab while others in that same post redirect). Keeps us on our toes, I guess! 😉

    2. Hmmm I’m wondering if maybe something isn’t translating. Our “best practices” for links are to always open in a new tab (just went back through this post to check to see they were all “open in new tab” and they were). I’d love to hear which links, in particular, aren’t consistent for you (or any reader). In case there’s a glitch!

      1. Hi Arlyn! Thank you so much for replying. It’s strange: I just clicked through all of the links on this post and they seem to open a new tab, but I’m positive when I commented on Sunday that not all of them had—I specifically remember Veronica’s eyeliner/eyeshadow recommendation, the Farm Rio link, and Sara’s pumpkin muffin recipes redirecting directly from the current page. Is it possible they’ve been updated?

        Anyway, I did take a quick peek back at some recent posts to pull examples. In the Oct. 20th post,, the links to Veronica’s white pants recommendation, your post on kitchen utensils, and the cobra all open in the same window instead of a new tab. I just clicked on a handful to give examples, so it’s possible there are others! I have to admit I feel like a bit of a loony going through to find these, haha—but since you asked, I hope they help! The intent really is good here. I love the weekly link roundups and look forward to more, tabbed or otherwise. Thanks again!

  4. The link for the knife was expired/not working. Do you guys test your links out before you post them? I see this isn’t the only link that isn’t working.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Yes we do test our links. The link for the knife is working on my end (as was the other link that was mentioned not to be working). Tested it on two devices so I’m a little stumped. Please let me know if this also doesn’t work for you:

      1. Re: the links not working
        I think this might be an issue not with *your* link but with the link(?programm? widget??) a few months-ish back they added a feature (at least this is when I noticed it not just on yours but on other peoples blogs as well) that means that for every thing you link via, that is available on amazon, that link will automatically converted to my country’s amazon – at least this is what happens for me. So for example the link for the knife leads me to that very same knife but on the German amazon page, as that is where I currently am. If it works this is obviously awesome because now I can see the price in euros and – if it’s an amazon product – potentially not even need to have it being send all the way from the USA.
        Howeveeer if the exact same product isn’t available on the German amazon all I get is a sad search bar containing the exact product name of the the thing you guys linked from the US-american amazon and potentially some confusing suggestions (for example a link to a pink tree skirt on another site led me a confused search bar and pink earrings(???)).
        So yeah – that might be it? Not sure if this anything you can control from your end or if the issue lies with or amazon but maybe its helpful to know?
        I do find it slightly annoying but then again – if I had to have it shipped from the US I wouldn’t have bough it anyway and if I reaaaaally want to know what it was I can snatch the term out of the search bar and re-search it on… All the best!

  5. Hi there! Emily, do you get the half inch thick rug pad? And are there any problems either the edges laying flat? TIA!

  6. Thank you, Jess, for the Seth Myers rec. I watched it last night and it was the laugh-filled hour I needed!!

  7. Would you mind providing an explanation of your postings (or rather the lack of them)? Since announcing you will go to two posts a day, there have been several mornings with no posting and, I believe, an afternoon without one. It’s frustrating and feels a bit like bait and switch. Your postings were consistently up when I started my day and now are sporadic. I was excited to click back for the afternoon posting but now I feel annoyed and a little betrayed. Would love to know that the site can be counted on to post as scheduled. Please note that I only feel this way because I love your site, content and team and want to be able to look forward to postings with the confidence that they will be there.

    1. I am confused, too. Was there a post today and I just could not see it somehow? I had the same problem as Kimberly last week, too.

      1. I agree and am also confused. I was thinking maybe they aren’t posting today because it is Veteran’s Day? But it is strange that they had posted yesterday about 2 posts Monday through Friday. I plan my breaks at work strategically so that I can read the morning post (and now the afternoon one!!!) so I was bummed they aren’t as reliable time wise. [Which I know is a first world problem, but that’s how much I love this site.]

      2. It’s Veterans Day! A lot of bloggers observe holidays. They state this at the end of the post: That is all for today. There will be no posts tomorrow in honor of Veteran’s Day, but be sure to come back Tuesday for TWO brand new posts. xx

        1. I don’t know when they changed that last line of the post cause I checked back about 5 times Monday morning after they originally said “come back tomorrow for 2 new posts”.

  8. i’ve made that pumpkin recipe and we love it! FYI – last time i made it, i browned the butter, but forgot to add it bc my 3 yo wanted to ‘help’ and somehow managed to distract me! however, the muffins were still really moist and tasty! perhaps they wouldn’t have stayed that way for as long as they would have with butter, but we eat them pretty fast!

  9. when ordering that rug pad what dimensions do you go with? an inch off each side? i.e. if i have an 8×10 rug should i order 7×9 pad?

    1. Yes, an inch is typically recommended, if you want an inch off each side it should be 7’10” x 9’10” — I usually take one extra inch off in case my rug isn’t exactly 8×10. so I would get 7’9″ x 9’9″ — but you can always cut off an extra inch if you need to as well.

  10. I didn’t read it in time to comment, but I LOVED the meet the team post from last month! So excited to hear more from these fabulous ladies! <3

  11. Rug Pad USA is the ONLY place to get a rug pad — I’m glad you gave them a shout out! I bought a few cheap rug pads once that nearly ruined my wood floors.

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