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The Link Up: A Soulful Home Tour Emily Loves, Jess’ Perfect $3 Planner & Caitlin’s New Favorite Grocery Delivery


home of keith mcnally, styled by  | photo by paul raeside | via: architectural digest

Sundays are for sleeping in, time to binge a new show and of course, The Link Up. We hope the universe grants you all those things, and great news! You are a third of the way there. Let’s get to it:

Today’s home tour has Emily’s (and our) hearts pumping and it’s not just because it is dripping with “Eccentric English Grandma” vibes (see that lamp in the corner??). It is also the serene getaway home we all deserve, so if you want to fantasize about living on a farm in the lush English countryside, go check it out.

Recently, Julie had to give up her one cup of coffee for the day so to get her excited about drinking tea only, she has been looking into getting a stovetop kettle. This one from Food52 is not only beautiful and functional but on their site they say, “When your water comes to a boil, its melodic two-tone harmonic whistle is a far cry from the ear-splitting whine of a traditional kettle”. You bet she was sold on a well thought out design.

From Mallory: “I recently read this article and it shook me. Our generation is MUCH more inclusive and men are embracing gender equality a lot more which rocks, but why aren’t we all evenly sharing home tasks? Just some food for thought this Sunday :)”

From Veronica: “I went to a fitness expo over the weekend (I know, super LA), but I found this peanut butter powder that is now my new bff. I use it in my smoothies, or to dip apples in, and I feel healthier because it doesn’t have all the fat and oils that regular peanut butter has, yet it is still made from real peanuts.”

From Ryann: “When it isn’t summer I am in a constant state of wishing it was summer, so I always find myself shopping for clothes that are more appropriate for the warmer months. A few weeks ago I bought these shorts and I am SO happy I did. I never get tired of denim cutoffs (for example, before these I had the same ones for 5 years) so I felt these were a great purchase. They are also on sale (only $40!), made sustainably, and great quality. I cannot recommend them enough.”

From Sara: “I don’t have this, but I WANT THIS. I cook a lot (like almost every day I make dinner), and this thing looks like it could be a one-stop pan shop. It’s next up for fulfillment on my wishlist.”

Anyone else late to the 2020 planner game? Cool, so was Jess. She also finds that she never uses the daily section and just likes the month overview. So this year instead of spending at least $20 on a fancy planner, she went for this simple but cool monthly little fella. Guys, it’s $3!

From Caitlin: “I handle our partnerships here and am totally drinking MY OWN Kool-Aid. I was #EMfluenced (should I make that a thing?) to try out Imperfect Foods after hearing how much Em ACTUALLY liked it and I AM HOOKED. I like getting produce (I got avocados for like, THIRTY-FIVE CENTS EACH, Y’ALL) but I am also newly addicted to their house brand dried pineapple (the pineapples were rejects because they were too dark to sell in stores!) and Love Crunch in Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavor. Plus, you can customize your box to fit your own budget AND you can pick a delivery time that works for you. I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT. #notsponsored”

There you have it, folks. Same place and time tomorrow? Great, we’ll see you then xx

Fin Mark
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Home tour – idk, am I the only one who found the story unsettling – bordering on creepy? Maybe I am too judgy, esp. for a Sunday morning…


you’re not alone!


Agreed! This was a gorgeous home – loved seeing it – but I was not at all surprised by the wife’s choice in the end.

Annie K

It was so unexpected! I think I like it (the writing. I LOVE the house). He reads and writes like the untrustworthy narrator of a novel. Or a character from The Great Gatsby or Confederacy of Dunces. Such disdain for himself and also everything else, which then leads to a quest for perfection. Great life triumphs due to and hampered by great ego. It was refreshing to read something by such an obviously human, problematic figure, vs the whitewashed scripts of other design pages, depicting perfect families and likable characters. Yes, I guess I liked the writing very much. I would probably not like the man, and would have nothing to talk about, due to his lack of interest in “regular” people and my dislike of pompous assholes. It’s a good reminder to me to not throw out all the proverbial babies (overgrown narcissistic child-men with finicky tastes) with the bathwater.

I also appreciate the he called out how expensive it can be to curate to look uncurated. It reminds me of Steven Tyler saying, ” You’d be surprised how expensive it is to look this cheap”


Annie K, I really like your literary analysis of this piece — I read it the same way you did.


Annie K spot on. I loved reading that piece. He made himself a character with the tone. I really liked that


He writes: “I first apply three separate coats (of plaster) and then rub chalk paint and various waxes into the final surface.” Do you think he meant: “I hire people to apply three separate coats of plaster…”


No, you’re spot on. This dude sounds like a pompous douchenozzle.

As for the rush towards the whole “eccentric English grandma” look, I guess I’d like to vacation at grandma’s, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to live with her full time. Although I do think Emily’s house is perfectly suited to the eccentric English grandma style, I hope this isn’t just a fleeting phase.


You’re definitely not alone. The opening line is especially unnecessary. IDGAF, and neither does anyone else, but some men seem hell bent shoving their sex lives (or lack thereof) in our faces regardless.

Gretchen J



Yeah, I took the piece with a large grain of salt knowing it has a very British sensibility, which I have often found laced with a heavy dose of irony, bordering on (apologetic) cruelty. It can seem harsh to (congenial, perhaps saccharine) American ears like mine.


AGREED, I saw this tour on another site and loved the eye candy but his tone was… less than desirable. I, too, felt an inexplicable “ick” factor after reading.


That kitchen – a dream!!! Not only the English, the French also have made imperfection part of their home design. I absolutely love the idea of having more than one countertop and since one side of my wood counter top is much more used than the other, I might go for another option here. I also will look into “Imperfect foods”. I love fresh produce from the farms around us and used a service that delivered from a local farm that went out of business, unfortunately. Somehow I used to eat a lot of more greenery and fruits when I had it delivered. Thank you all for the great suggestions!!


Please don’t be afraid of eating fat. There is a reason why the “fitness” industry promotes a processed and marketable powder as a “healthy” alternative to a legume that comes straight out of the ground. It is in their financial interest to not only make you feel bad about yourself but also to keep you in a cycle of restriction. There are plenty of simple peanut butters on the market these days (without additives or hydrogenated oils) but you can also grind up your own and make it at home!

Yael @ Nosherium



I mean, everyone should follow the diet they feel is best for them, but real peanut butter is delicious and perfectly healthy.


Pb fit is a great option if you love peanut butter but are trying to maintain a caloric deficit. There isn’t a darn thing healthier about it though.


Has anyone bought one of the $100 Picasso raffle tickets? All proceeds go to charity (African drinking water). The last raffle was won by a 25 year old American in Pennsylvania! I know this sounds “scammy” but it’s 100% legit.

Yael @ Nosherium

Love these link ups so much!

For Emily: If you are looking for more British traditional cozy inspo, I highly recommend looking at the posting on the Landmark Trust – they save old interesting buildings and make them into vacation rentals.

Here is the post about their furnishing process:

Meg Reece

I have that tea kettle! My husband bought it for me for Christmas! It was a complete surprise, and I love it so much!

tom calph

that’s been great to read this kitchen blog. keep writing helping stuff


Jess, I too think fancy planners are the pits. Plus, they don’t work. If you ever need something more in addition to your monthly overview (great find!), you might try The Arena App: Project Planner. It’s free in the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and lets you right-size the items on your to-do list. Big things are BIG and small things are small. The visual cues make all the difference. Plus, there’s other smart stuff built-in like multiple views, timers inside the tasks (no switching apps!) and you can save checklists. I made it for me and thought other people might like it, too, so it’s available for free.


Mmmm – that kitchen in the home tour is absolutely nothing like most “traditional” English kitchens and looks far more French with the terracotta floor tiles and delft tiles behind the hob. Having read the pompous article accompanying the photos (just look at how many times he uses “I”!) and God forbid someone “middle class” lives in the Costwolds (the home of middle England) I’ve gone completely off this place. What an ass. No wonder his wife divorced him.

By the way – as a Brit – this house’s interiors look far more American to my eye than English Cotswold (e.g. we don’t have large bunk rooms – although this one is lovely).

If you want to see real British homes (that aren’t celebrity bling) and still eccentric – check out “Homes & Antiques” or “Homes & Gardens” or “Country Living”.


Mmmm – that kitchen is not at all like most “traditional” English kitchens and looks far more French with its large size, heavy beams, terracotta floor and delft-style tiles behind the hob.

Having read the irritating article accompanying the photos (just look at how many times he uses “I”!) and how dreadful, darling, that someone “middle class” lived in the Costwolds (the home of middle England), I’ve gone completely off enjoying the photos. What an ass. No wonder his wife divorced him.

By the way – as a Brit – this house’s (I won’t call it a home) interiors look far more American to my eye than English (e.g. we don’t have large bunk rooms or lots of yellow pine).

If you want to see real British homes (that aren’t celebrity bling) and still eccentric – check out “Homes & Antiques” or “Homes & Gardens” or “Country Living”.

Mia Tenille

I just want to see more photos of this kitchen space? It’s so bohemian, warm, classic, like … everything in one! I love the detail and woodwork of it. I wonder what this kind of space would cost?! Altogether, I’m a major fan. Oh, and don’t get me started on that tile work! I love it, kinda has a European feel to it (which I love). And I love how low-maintenance tile can be. All you need is one professional cleaning a year and you’re good to go!

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