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The Link Up: 3 Movies Emily’s Whole Family Loved, Jess’ Great Hot Weather Hack, And Awesome $15 Everyday Earrings

Happy Sunday everyone! As a commenter pointed out, after we said half the year was over, it wasn’t actually half done until July. Fair. SO tomorrow it is! We hope that your first half was as good as possible and hopefully, we can hope for better in the second half. It’s hot in LA and it’s warm in Portland so we are definitely grateful that at least it really feels like summer now! Speaking of summer, did you see the river house back patio plan?? Talk about an ideal summer setting. Ok, links?

This week’s house tour is beyond words. It should be illegal for Reath Design to be THIS GOOD. It’s the vintage Tudor jewel box of all of our dreams and you just have to go see it to believe it. But schedule out some time because you will be going over every detail.

From Emily: SUMMER FAMILY MOVIE ALERT: Three solid summer movies you HAVE TO SEE. First off: Fall Guy. Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, adventure romance, thrills, and humor. It’s Romancing the Stone for our generation (but kid-appropriate beyond just some stunt fighting, innuendo, and normal cursing). Y’all it was 2 hours of pure family fun. We LOVED it. Second: Inside Out 2. SO FREAKING GOOD. This one is all about the emotions during puberty – anxiety, envy, ennui… and more about friendship than parental relationships but the way they tell the story of our emotional world is so genius (lots of fun puns like stream of consciousness, brainstorm and my favorite, sarcasm). The next day I had a situational (and exhaustion-induced) anxiety attack and Elliot and I talked through how Anxiety had taken the wheel with control over my brain, how while often his job is to protect (and defend) I was honestly able to right myself faster having just seen that movie (and my 5-mile walk helped, LOL). I know that anxiety isn’t always so easily solved (and it took a good night’s sleep, too) but I don’t know, watching the movie so close to this day I was able to at least intellectualize it better with such a visual metaphor. Third: We recently re-watched Paddington 2 which has an almost viral following for being one of the most entertaining and artful kids’ movies ever made. The thought and care into every single detail in production design is astounding for “just” a kids’ movie (same group of people as the new Wonka which was incredible). If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-watch for all ages if you like beautifully, thoughtfully made films. But before you go: YOU MUST SEE The Hit Man (NETFLIX). Glenn Powell FTW. He’s basically the new Brad Pitt (or George Clooney) and nails multiple performances in one film. I’ve been a massive fan of his since Set It Up (a great rom-com) and he’s a friend of good friends and they have nothing but lovely things to say about him (which shouldn’t matter, but kind of does). But even if he was the worst person ever, that guy can ACT. My brother watched it twice (IN A ROW!! THAT’S NOT NORMAL YOU GUYS) and I would watch it again in a second. It’s by Richard Linklater so in case you think it’s just a big bro blockbuster it’s more thoughtful and artful than that. One of the best enjoyable movies I’ve seen in years.

From Jess: Back in December Arlyn wrote a great post about 7 go-to easy and nutritious meals she likes to make (and I trust her taste as someone who has the privilege of getting fed by her at least once a month:)) Recently I tried the Avocado Mojo Bowl and it was SO good. The Avocado Mojo sauce is so easy to make and why I haven’t thought to season my sweet potato baked fries with taco seasoning I’ll never know! I just cut up some pieces from a roasted chicken I bought and I was all set. So I can attest it IS easy and nutritious and there are a thousand ways to play around with it. Oh, and I did include mayo when I made the saw:)

Also From Jess: A little over a week ago, I decided to embark on a personal challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day for a month straight. Super original, I know. It’s been annoying great aside from having to push my sunglasses back up my nose 100 times during said walk. The sun is hot and my sweaty little face doesn’t stand a chance. BUT stylist, Abby Arad, just posted a video about a product called Nerdwax which is an anti-slip for your glasses. It was also on Shark Tank according to the box:) I hit that add-to-cart button SO FAST. Could this daily annoyance be solved?? Fingers crossed. I’m sorry I don’t have an official review but time is of the essence with this heat, am I right? I also really trust Abby (love her content) and the ratings are pretty compelling too.

From Caitlin: Why did no one tell me how good the $8 tank tops are at Target right now? I’ve long sung the praises of this $6 t-shirt (going on 5 years with no complaints!) but MAN, I LOVE THESE TANKS. I bought the light blue and black/white on a whim before our Mexico trip, but ended up stocking up recently in store – grabbed it in pink, olive, white, another blue, and plain black – because it’s my new go-to silhouette for the rest of the summer. Target tanks last FOREVER – these will be replacing the pieces I purchased in 2015 (!!!) and I just love how they look and feel! The higher neckline makes them feel a little cooler/more special and they’re so easy to pair with a wider pant. 10000 stars!

From Gretchen: I popped into Target for a few essentials and somehow left with a great new summer bag! Doesn’t that always seem to be the case in there? I was initially drawn to the shape of it, then I almost had to buy it in every color because they were all so cute and I couldn’t decide on my fav! I made the safe bet and went for the solid, light straw bag, but my brain was really making a case for the solid black and I may have to head back for that one. If you like a pop of color, the natural with blue stripes was also a major winner. I love that it’s a small bag with a unique shape, but still holds a LOT, and looks just as cute worn with the crossbody strap as it does without. And only $20!

From Mallory: I’m the kind of person who puts earrings in, never takes them off, and then forgets about them for months at a time so I like to grab some basic easy to wear gold hoops/studs that aren’t too precious (because when you wear earrings 24/7 things can happen to them). I ended up snagging this pack from Nordstrom for only $15 because you get LOTS of good options to choose from. Currently, I’m wearing the small ropey hoops paired with the gold shell studs (I have a double piercing) They’re so lightweight and they go with everything!!

From Arlyn: If you love supporting small businesses, are a die-hard Swiftie, and are on the hunt for non-toxic luxury candles, boy do I have the brand for you! Aembr is fairly new on the scene and the founder really cares about creating a quality product at a reasonable price, you know…for bougie candles. (I’ve actually followed her for well over a decade when we both used to be bloggers and she was one of my first interviews!) She’s big on seasonal releases and special lineups (like her Taylor Swift-inspired collection), but if you have to start someone, may I suggest Bibliotek?

As always thanks for stopping by and see y’all tomorrow!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kailtin Green | From: River House Patio Design Plan – First Summer Enjoyment ASAP!

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Donna J
23 days ago

Can one wear a bra with that tank? Or does one not? Or does one choose a cute contrast color and show the straps? Id love to know thanks

23 days ago
Reply to  Donna J

I wear a bra with my Target tank tops and the straps do show a bit but being in my 60s I no longer care what people think 😂. I wear a black pull over the head type bra so the straps are a bit wide and aren’t adjustable so there is no metal on my bra straps.

23 days ago
Reply to  Donna J

i usually wear a sports bra underneath! comfy, no wires, great for heat, and most of the ones i have are narrow enough to not show underneath. but otherwise hell yeah to a regular bra 🙂

19 days ago
Reply to  Donna J

I wear a bra and use a doohickey designed to pull the straps into a racerback shape, works like a charm!

23 days ago

Jess- I have the same problem with hikes. A friend who is a runner recommended Goodr sunglasses because they never slip and I LOVE THEM. They truly never slip down your nose, have polarized lenses, tons of cool colors and are $20.

23 days ago
Reply to  Heidi

Ditto! Love my Goodrs. REI has lots of options.

19 days ago
Reply to  Heidi

Third Goodrs. I was just coming here to suggest them and glad others did too.

23 days ago

Months ago there was a recommendation on the weekly post for some dry shampoo (I think from Jess but could be wrong). It’s been languishing on an open tab on my phone’s browser since then and I finally bought it about 10 days ago and it has changed my life! So belated, but thanks for the rec!!!

23 days ago
Reply to  Aubree

the bondi beach??? it’s SO GOOD!!!!

23 days ago

If anyone is looking for an affordable brand of non-slip sunglasses, check out Goodr! They’re designed for running (so they really stay in place) but are available in a wide range of colors and designs!

Sarah F
23 days ago

Thanks for the great recommendations! I love all of those movies, too.
The link for the earrings isn’t working for me- it’s also trying to take me straight it the Nordstom
app, which I don’t have.

19 days ago
Reply to  Sarah F

Search Nordstrom, BP, Set of 6 Earrings

23 days ago

Glen Powell is meh but the mojo bowls? Have been making that recipe for a year and everyone I share it with loves it too. We double the sauce recipe and then will have on tacos or in wraps later in the week. Have made sweet potato and black bean tacos w the mojo for a no meat night! My one kid has the soap cilantro taste so we use parsley.

Susan Marie
22 days ago

I love Paddington 2 so very much. Hugh Grant is the most diabolical and hilarious villain. The color palette and overall set design is beautiful. So many great characters. I love it so so so much.

22 days ago

Emily, I think we are movie soulmates. I loved Fall Guy. Whenever I tell the kids I want to do a family movie night they’re like “… you’re going to make us watch Paddington 2 again, aren’t you?” And I loved Set It Up! Rewatched multiple times. I’ve been pestering my husband to watch Hit Man with me (I think he’s been avoiding it because he knows I have a crush on Glen Powell haha).

17 days ago

Hit man was great. Thanks for the recommendation!!! It was a fun way to end my 4th of July.