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the 'It' colors of the year … maybe.

I have my go-to color palette — it’s no surprise. It’s navy/hot pink/white and gold or it’s peacock blue/coral and gold or it’s navy/grey/ivory and wood … for the dudes. But we all do. It’s like what we wear or what we order for lunch. I’m, for instance, a lunch “Cobb salad eater” — hold the bacon and blue-cheese, please, I live in LA — and I would never ever consider ordering a reuben, Brian’s “dude sandwich” of choice (he’s a “reubenator”). But I liked to be pushed (figuratively) and to push, so these colors I’m trying to incorporate more into my life:

Dear green, I don’t use you enough. Por qua? No se. Extra surprising since I’m from Oregon, but from now on green is in da Emily club.  

Like my cobb, Green, you are moody and yet exciting. I should never be a food critic, metaphors like that are career killers. 

Tangerine. I know, it’s the “Color of the Year, ” although I do not remember voting for it. I like how it just gets announced and we all are like, “yeah, of course, tangerine. I’ve been loving tangerine for like five months now.” Well, I’m on the tangerine boat … with a life-jacket securely on and my finger on the coast guard speed dial. I’ll go along, but I’m hesitant because a little goes a LONG way. That could be because I look like I’m dead when I wear any tone of orange, and being an apparent narcissist, it’s therefore a color that I’m not drawn to in general.   

I like it when it goes more red/pink and less yellow. Perhaps that’s because I look better in red and pink and not so good (read TERRIBLE) in yellow, which is funny because my hair is kinda yellow. Again, with the vanity. 

But then you put it with a deep teal (above) and i’m totally in.  

In these photos, I wish there was one less orange thing. I love the lacquered nightstand, but take away that tangerine pillow and the Chinese dudes. It’s too matchy. The picture on the right, however, is hitting a good spot with me because everything else is unpredictable, but I could never live in that room. When you go all matchy-matchy with this color, it goes crazy lady so fast, and I like a crazy lady (hell, I am a crazy lady), but I mean like a really, really CRAZY LADY, like this chick:

This is why i love the internet; I can google “craziest lady ever, ” and immediately this clearly quite crazy lady pops up. I do apologize if this is you or a family member of yours, although I think you should concern yourself less with my apologies and my blog and perhaps see an eye doctor. Or an earring doctor. Or a hair doctor.  

Gotta run to the New York International Furniture and Gift Show. I’m in New York and already simply having a ball.

 How are you feeling about tangerine? And am I the only one who loves the colors that love me back? 


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