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The Curbly House Makeover

Happy cyber monday, friends. I can’t wait ’til i’m 90 years old and every day is a different holiday – it will happen … just watch … blogger appreciation day? Teen vampire celebration day? Hug your cable man day?

We had a wonderful thanksgiving – our last as non-parents, and then spent the rest of the weekend finishing the big move into our new house. In case you are considering moving as a hobby i’ll tell you this: moving out SUCKS, and yet moving in is so terribly satisfying and fun.

In case you missed the whole makeover check out the living room, dining room, master bedroom and sunroom when you have a second.  The whole project was incredibly fun and kinda a dream. Thank you so much, Sherwin-Williams  for partnering with them for their makeover and these posts – this content doesn’t just create itself so help from lovely partners is always very appreciated.

Now the real question: who are you wearing for Cyber Monday? I’m wearing a hopefully-labor-inducing-straight-jacket-inspired-tube-dress by the new hot New York label ‘I’m 38 weeks pregnant and NOTHING fits’. Their fall runway collection is particularly embarrassing and unflattering. xx

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