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The Link Up: Sara’s Perfect $35 Summer Dress, The Most Useful Thing Jess Owns & The Workout App We Are Still Talking About


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Happy Sunday folks. How is everyone doing? We hope you are hanging in there, staying safe, and finding as much joy as possible right now.

Speaking of finding joy, if you need a pick me up, might we suggest today’s home tour. We have sung Reath Design’s praises before (because they are SO talented) and we are doing it again (please hold while we clear our throats). This living room is somehow modern, sleek, vintage, and eclectic and extremely welcoming. Do yourself a design favor and check out this 1960s mid century modern gem.

From Emily: If there is anything else that needs to convince you of the extreme economic disparity of this country its this graph showing the wealth of Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) and the 400 richest people in the world. Get ready to be a little depressed at the state of things. Keep scrolling. Don’t stop. I’m curious how he feels when he sees this – is he proud or like “geez I should probably pay my employees more, I should probably help the front line workers, maybe I should give my nanny a bonus” (not sure he even has kids if so, man, those kids are in for a weird life…) I’m with a lot of people who have said being a “billionaire” just shouldn’t be a thing. Once you get to a billion dollars, ya gotta share because too many people are living in poverty for one person to have that much wealth – more than he can ever, ever spend. Thanks, Cup of Jo for sharing this.

Also From Emily: It took me a while to embrace the “fire column” or any non-wood fire pit/table/column, really. Once we put gas ones inside I realized that ANY fire is better than no fire and honestly the easier it is the more often we’ll use it. Last summer we put this fire column (with four chairs) on our upper deck and sat up there almost every. single. night. around it with friends (oh, friends, remember those?). Everyone was always so impressed with how easy it was to turn on and off and yes, you just have to replace the propane tank like once a month from the gas station – no fancy natural gas hookups needed. If you have any small outdoor space right now I can highly recommend an affordable, easy to use “fire column” that makes your spring and summer nights a LOT more fun. Tonight we are doing ‘smores and the kids are VERY EXCITED. 

From Sara: Recently I switched to wearing all my flowy summer dresses during the day, instead of a pair of sweats. Something about it just makes me feel a little less “rolled out of bed already sweating” and more “Jane Austen Character On Summer Holiday.” I just got this maxi dress at Target, and I’m in love. At first, when I saw it online I thought the material was going to be really stiff and there was just going to be a lot of it, making it bulky and unflattering. But actually touching it in store while on a pharmacy run, the material is super soft and light, and the fit (for me) is really flattering. It’s kind of the perfect affordable summer dress that also makes me feel chic. It runs a little big, I’m usually a size S/M (29 in jeans), but the XS of this dress fits me fine.

From Julie: These semi-healthy-salty-herb-smashed-potatoes are my new french fry. We have probably made them about 8+ times in the past 60 days and by we I mean my boyfriend since he is literally cooking all the meals. I handle the baking and washing dishes so it’s even I swear.

Jess: These past few weeks have been nothing if not an emotional roller coaster that I am desperately trying to get off of but don’t really know how (I know I am not alone in that). It’s been increasingly hard to find things that bring me true lightness and a sense of joy. BUT man did I find one of the most special people on the internet, Tabitha Brown (via Crystal Anderson) last week. Now she has about 1.4 million followers so I have clearly just been living under a rock. But Tabitha, very accurately dubbed, “World’s Favorite Mom” (but is also an actress and vegan foodie), brightens my day so genuinely every time she pops up on my phone. Do yourself a favor and go follow her IMMEDIATELY if you don’t already. You are in for a serious treat. The world is better with Tabitha (and her family) in it.

Also from Jess: Last week, when I went to pick up dinner from our favorite local restaurant there was an hour wait because it’s that good. Ok, fine! I had the “genius idea” of getting Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo. I know, a rookie move on my part. But regardless, it’s amazing and if are ever in Sonoma in the future go to El Molino Central. Ok back to the story. So knowing that I couldn’t leave my car on while I waited because it would kill my battery, I sat in the heat. FUN FACT: That didn’t matter! It still died despite it being a not very old car (it likely happened from not driving it for 2 weeks). So in a panic, I called my dad to give my car a jump. Fast forward to this Friday when we both realized that he had gifted me this personal portable jump starter. Guys, this thing is amazing and I feel SO DUMB that I forgot I had it. Not only will you never need someone else to help jump your car but it can also charge any device because it has 2 USB ports and comes with all the adapters. It’s not cheap but it’s seriously probably the most useful thing I (now know) that I own.

From Mallory: If you saw the workout post, you probably saw that Emily and Sara really only care about one workout app, and one workout app alone. It’s called Aaptiv and I think they’ve now convinced me to try it. I asked Emily basically why I should get it and she told me that it’s really great, 20 minute workouts and that I just need to trust her and try “Two Birds One Stone” with Akeem. She claims it’s the best workout EVER and that she gets sad when she tries anything else. So brb, I’m gonna try it this weekend…

From Caitlin: It finally happened, folks. I bit the bullet last week bought a Masterclass subscription after seeing what must have been my millionth targeted ad. (Why are those trailers so good?!) I’m thrilled to report that it is, in fact, worth the money. I’ve been watching a lesson or two at the end of the day, before bed, or sometimes I just run them in the background while I’m cleaning and it’s a nice alternative to yet another episode of The Office. My favorites so far are from Judy Blume (do I have interest in writing a children’s book? No! Is she super lovely and calming? Absolutely!), Ron Finley (the most personable gardener who I hope will adopt me one day), David Sedaris (my favorite for background listening — a nice NPR alternative), and Chris Voss (a former hostage negotiator). Have you guys taken any Masterclasses? Which one should I watch next?!”

From Ryann: This guy’s impressions have been getting me through a lot lately. They are so spot on and make me so happy and I just want to thank him and all the Instagram accounts that are distracting me from this crisis even if just for a minute. And on that note, please send me hilarious Instagram accounts and memes.

And lastly if you are interested, here are some really great sales happening right now from some of our favorite retailers:

CB2 UP to 30% off outdoor furniture

Crate & Barrel  50% off outdoor best sellers + 40% off outdoor entertaining

Pottery Barn Up to 50% off outdoor event

Wayfair Up to 65% off the big outdoor sale + 70% off bed and bath sale

West Elm Up to 60% off outdoor furniture and decor

That’s all for now, hope we gave you some welcomed distractions and see you tomorrow. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Reath Design

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Great list! I think the link to the maxi dress is missing. 🙂


Ditto, I’d love to see the dress too.


And also the link to the smashed potatoes.

Thank you and the link is in! We’ve had this super fun glitch (read: terrible) that once a post gets published some links disappear. It’s so annoying and we are trying to figure out why!


I picked up this dress a couple weeks ago, too, and agree it’ll be my summer uniform.

Kirsten Pool

Thank you for sharing the link to Reath Design Beachwood home. LOVE IT! I have a mid century home to update and the Beachwood home gives me many ideas.

You are so welcome! I seriously love everything they design<3


If you have the discipline to check in with West Elm regularly, their Daily Special has had some ridiculous price markdowns lately on some decent items. And the current overall sale does have some super markdowns.


First, you got me with that home tour!! I looked at every home on the site immediately!! And then, Emily, I’m floored by the wealth, shown to scale- this should be a must for everyone to see. I hope it takes off. It’s so unbelievable!

Lastly, I haven’t taken a masterclass yet, but want to. For anyone with kids, I highly recommend out school. Online learning classes by amazing teachers. My daughter is taking cactus watercolor painting class and a drawing cats class. There are all kinds of different classes like creative writing, art, math, etc.


So you’re saying that because someone is smart enough to earn a billion dollars they should be forced to give their money away? There’s a word for that. Theft. The reason people earn a billion dollars and therefore employ millions of people is called capitalism. Why would you want to do more and better if it’s only going to be taken away from you? Very slippery slope to start down with so many ramifications on the economy.


For one, our “capitalist” system has largely been thwarted by the 1 percent so that they don’t have to pay the proportional taxes you and I do to enjoy our roads and schools and the infrastructure for the society they vastly benefit from. Secondly, if someone loses motivation because at a billion dollars the following wealth goes to help ensure people are fed, housed and safe then I seriously doubt that individual had the vision, drive and persistence to build something that got to a billion + $1 anyway. It’s a ludicrous argument.


My question is this, do you think money is the only problem amongst our population that is food insecure or homeless? I am not arguing that the rich shouldn’t give generously, but as a social worker I’m here to tell you that money will not solve 90% of these issues. There are bigger problems at play here, lack of education, substance abuse, domestic abuse, language barriers, mental health issues, did I say mental health issues?! Yes, we all need to give, to donate, to lift and to love as much as our circumstances allow but anybody who believes that throwing money at these issues is going to fix them, simply is not educated on the issues. Just some additional food for thought for the argument.


OK Janell but how do we finance the mental health support, language education, etc. I don’t think anyone is saying simply reallocate the money.



Did you even look at the link Emily listed. The difference between a millionaire and billionaire is unreal. No one in the world is smart enough or hardworking enough to “earn” a billion dollars. Billionaires take advantage of laws and loopholes that they oftentimes helped create. Somehow they also fooled the common man to believe it is ok that they hoard this indescribable amount of wealth. It also isn’t ethical or good for the economy for so much of the worlds wealth to be held by so few. Amazon isn’t even a model employer! How about paying a great wage with wonderful benefits? That is how you stimulate the economy, ensure that all who work are paid well and fairly.


It never ceases to amaze me how effective capitalism is at convincing regular people that they have anything in common with the ultrawealthy, to the point that they will defend multibillionaires who have more money than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes at the expense of people who can’t even afford food or shelter. If people became billionaires because they were smart, they would be smart enough to know that there are better uses for their money (which Matt outlines very clearly in his infographic). Jeff Bezos won’t even pay HIS OWN EMPLOYEES a fair wage, much less willingly contribute a meaningful sum of money to the common good. For him, donating millions of dollars is like you or me tossing a dollar at someone on the street. By the way, we are all “forced to give our money away” in the form of taxes, and the ultrawealthy have wielded their power to shape legislation to secure their wealth by avoiding taxation at the same rate as everyone else. Nobody is asking them to become beggars on the street. Please actually scroll through the infographic before you spout off nonsense – if you had, you would understand how truly… Read more »


The point is everyone can donate more. I know what $20 can do for a lot of causes because I had to call people and ask for donations. And honestly, we could all be donating more. If you own a business, you could probably be eating out less (why eat out at all if you want to boil things down to finances) and paying your employees more. You could sell that sailboat or second house and give them a better wage. There’s probably a reason why a lot of staff in this realm are younger and have a high turnover. It’s fine to think we could all be doing better and that if billionaires chose to do so, the impact would be far greater. To not acknowledge this about oneself though is completely hypocritical.


I don’t think I read anywhere that Emily, Katie, Julie or Isabelle suggested that the rest of us who earn less than a billion dollars don’t have a responsibility, to the degree that we are able to, to look out for the less fortunate around us. None of us should just let ourselves off the hook because we think the uber wealthy should do it in our place. It doesn’t amount to just giving from your pocket book either. Many organizations are thankful for your time that you can give as a volunteer. You have labelled these women as hypocritical without even knowing or asking what they might already be doing. Of course we can all give more but to use that as an argument or excuse that the Jeff Bezos’s of the world shouldn’t be doing a hell of a lot more and therefore it is OK for them to continue status quo hoarding their billions and treating their employees like minions, is dismissive and insulting.


I didn’t call any of these women those things. Please don’t put words into my mouth. I simply made the point that we can all do more and to call out one individual for essentially not giving away his fortunes (and doing more to solve the world ills) looks bad. I know Emily does plenty. But you know what? We can all do more and give up stuff, so trying to shame others for essentially what they’ve fairly earned (whether you agree with the amount or nor) and not doing more is not a great look on anyone.

Personally I think what irks me is as the info graphic said, nobody deserves X. You and I don’t get to make that call. I don’t get to tell you that you don’t deserve a second home, that ice cream carton in the middle of the night, or your money that you didn’t steal. To do that is dismissive, insulting, and incredibly disrespectful.


Bezos TOOK AWAY health care from Whole Foods employees after acquiring the company (Costco still pays it, BTW as does Starbucks and both are going gangbusters), is using predictive technology to union bust and thwart employees asking for basic protections and has hired waiting ambulances outside warehouses to treat heat stroke in the summer instead of air conditioning. He also utilizes prison labor for Whole Foods. He can pay a living wage, supply masks and gloves, and support full benefits without ever feeling a thing. Again, Costco does all of these things.

Oh yes, and they get out of paying federal taxes, which your local shops DO NOT and presumably, neither do you.

These are reasons I no longer order from Amazon.

Look at CEO and executive compensation and corporate tax now vs generations past. What’s happening now is obscene.

Oppposing oligarchy is not the same as being anti-capitalism. What is happening now is closer to the robber baron age than anything in most of the 20th century.


Well stated and 100% agreed.


No link for the maxi dress. Can you add it?

The link is in! We have this annoying and spontaneous glitch that once a post is published, sometimes things get unlinked…UGH! But the dress should be there now:)

Molly H

Thank you so much for listing Reath Designs again! I had lost this bookmark from the last time you featured them. To be perfectly honest, their funky ’60’s look is a total turnoff for me. This time around, though, I’m ignoring the colors and patterns and focusing on the placement of furniture and decor which is intriguing because it all works so well.

The best part, though, and why in my recent freak out stage now that “now” has good and truly set in, are their project photos that catch you by surprise. When you scroll through their photo lineup, you think you are looking at stills. And you are. Then, on a very few special photos, a breeze comes through a window or door and a plant or curtain moves in the wind. It’s just a straight on, no panning video, but somehow it is simple and magical. It’s like a still photo that that has movement in it. Cannot explain why, but I instantly feel calmer just staring at this happening. Saving this in my “Calming” lineup once again.


House tour, enjoyed it. The wallpaper was a little too agressive for me … but they didn’t design it for me anyway. But did I spy a jackalope near the dining room table?

Rachelle Seguin

@Sara, quick typo spot.. it’s Jane Austen, not Austin 🙂 As a warning, before the Janeites get to you ;). And yes link to the dress please!

whoops all fixed! we have been having links mysteriously disappear which we are trying to figure out:/ But everything is in now!


Would love to see the actual link for the dress! I live in flowy dresses lately:)

The link is in! Technical glitch:(


The Alice Waters MasterClass has been my favorite so far. It makes me want to eat healthy (bonus!) and her mannerisms and voice are soooooo soothing. I ate at Chez Panisse once several years ago and I would have appreciated the simplicity more had I known then what I learned during the classes. I want to go back, especially for the fruit bowl which I never would have ordered before.


Do we know that Jeff doesn’t do those things (bonus for his nanny etc), or how he spends his money? Genuine questions. I don’t know anything about him except he’s the Amazon guy.

I’m not rich, but in general get a bad taste in my mouth when outsiders have an opinion about how one should spend ones money. Let people make what they make and choose how to spend it. Hopefully they are generous (maybe they are and they don’t broadcast it!), but even if they aren’t their giving and spending choices are between them and God. No one else has a right to decide or speak to what someone else “should” do.

We ALL have different things in life (gifts, talents, opportunities, experiences, looks, brains, wealth, childhoods, physical abilities, sense of humor, common sense, etc.) and it’s just not possible (or necessary!) to equalize it all. It’s just the way life is and because of that we all bring different points of view to the life we all live alongside each other.


Thank you for sharing the problem inequality even though I see from the comments it clearly is not going to change anyone’s minds.

I am so tired of people equating that wanting billionaires to pay their fair share means we want take things away or that we don’t want to reward talent or hard work. Working hard are not exclusive to billionaires but having money means you can pay (donate) for policies to make things tilt your way.


It’s baffling to me when people rush to defend an economic system that keeps millions of people in poverty. “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” – Steinbeck.

Rebekah Harper

What a perfect quote. Amazing how so many vote against their own interests.


I think it’s pretty well known that Amazon employees are treated terribly, so it’s fair to guess Bezos doesn’t treat others particularly well either.


This might be one of the most tone deaf things I’ve ever read on the internet, and that is saying something.


I don’t expect agreement from everyone, but you really came out swinging with that remark, Isabelle. I don’t think it was necessary or accurate.

I knew zero details about jeff bezos other than his position, now I know he’s perceived as a jerk, scoundrel and had a negative public perception in society. I’ll research more out of curiosity. My lack of info of him doesn’t make me tone deaf.

My other opinions:

1. People should make what they make and choose how they spend Valid opinion, not tone deaf.

2. People are different with different resources (earned and innate), and those resources (financial and otherwise) can’t be divided equally. Also a valid opinion.



“J” – Finland may be worth looking into as you educate yourself about “Jeff” and how income cannot be more fairly distributed. Yes, he personally can spend his money as he wishes but his business should have to contribute to what it uses to create extreme profitability.

For example, the infrastructure. Roads and airports have been critical to the Amazon business model but they do not pay in any way to support their maintenance. This is not the same as telling him how to bonus his nannies.

“For example, the infrastructure. Roads and airports have been critical to the Amazon business model but they do not pay in any way to support their maintenance.”
Now that is a very important note!

Roberta Davis

Those Reath Design homes are so beautiful and true to their historical style! Very original! Thanks for sharing that- I looked at all of them.


What icky comments, calling out a person by name because they are rich.

I grew up poor, raised my kids poor, and only now in my early 40s do I have any disposable income but I am by no means even slightly wealthy. I work hard, pay my bills on time, put a little away each paycheck (but just a little!) and my big splurge is that I buy prestige hair products. I’m in no way living it up and throwing cash around. I give monthly, but no one IRL knows how much and I prefer it that way.

I have more than some but waaayyy less than others and yet I would never presume to call someone out for having more than me. Being a billionaire is not immoral. Everyone has the right to have as much money as they have earned or inherited. How is that anyone else’s business?

Yes, I think a billionaire should donate money to charity. But I think giving should be done in secret so how can you simply name drop a rich person and presume to judge them for being rich? What a gross thing to blog about.


It sounds like you haven’t actually looked at the link and scrolled through all the information.


The link simply tries to visually make the point that the wealth disparity is so large Bezos and us or even Bezos and the super rich. It’s factually correct in all the things that could be done with that kind of wealth instead. How one chooses to interpret that may differ and you should respect that.


It is common knowledge that Bezos is the richest man in America. They were only comparing him on the graph to what the top 400 have together and could do together for this world. They were not saying what he personally does or does not do for charity. No one was disparaging him for owning and creating Amazon. It was facts about what some of that money could do. To make people pause and try to think about how much trillions of dollars really could be worth.


The info graphic specifically says no one “deserves” that kind of wealth. That’s a straight shaming/judging accusation at Bezos. I’m not saying I like the guy, but saying anyone doesn’t deserve anything that they’ve fairly earned whether or not you agree with it, seems tone deaf.


That’s it. I don’t think he has fairly earned it. He has profiteered by exploiting others. We all live in a community. I don’t think it is unfair to ask people who have earnt more from community to contribute back more.


And should we have to ask? Shouldn’t the billionaires want too………..


Whole Foods Market pays nearly 100% of premiums for all full-time Team Members with at least 800 service hours. After 60 days of service, our Team Members who work 20 or more hours per week are offered a PPO health plan, including prescription coverage.


Being a billionaire immoral, that’s the point.

Amy Jones

Is the workout app Aaptiv? That’s what came up when I typed in ‘Aptiv ’



Thank you for posting Matt Korostoff’s infographic. It’s appalling to me that people are actually willing to defend Jeff Bezos, but here you have multiple people in this comment section doing exactly that. I hope they actually looked at the link before they commented.


Jess! Thanks so much for sharing the portable jump starter! I have to get one. My dad got me a portable tire inflater and I have used it so many times! I always tell him it’s the most useful thing he’s ever gotten me. It’s only $35 and i think everyone should have one in their car. I’d like to get that jump starter because the peace of mind that comes with being able to do this stuff yourself right away and at any time and place is priceless 🙂

Heather Amsden

Exactly Kaylee! Such a good buy especially for teen drivers with older cars.

Heather Amsden

Three things:
1. Emily, I know you get a lot of flack on line when you post something political but I am here to tell you that you are brave, righteous, and a good human. That graph was BONKERS! Thank you for posting.
2. I never even heard of a fire column…I’m buying one today.
3. Sara, I am doing the exact same thing. Time to put away the flannel pj pants up here in New England and start swanning about in my summertime dresses. Makes me feel better too. 😉


I don’t like the idea of billionaires and yes, I went through the info graphic and the link. There is a huge difference between saying that someone doesn’t need (because it’s basically impossible to spend billions down) to someone doesn’t deserve billions. We shouldn’t be making judgements on things like this. Nobody needs or deserves a second home especially given the huge homeless problem in the states and especially in LA, but we don’t all jump on the bloggers and their mountain homes. The truth is everyone can do with a lot less. We could all be donating a lot more and not be buying yet another vase or chair. That’s just reality. Billionaires can do with way WAY less, but deciding that you have the ability to arbitrarily draw a line somewhere seems wrong. I have no problems with heavier taxation on the wealthy and the Uber wealthy. But don’t begrudge people for their wealth.

Tina Schrader

I just love that you have the courage to include tough and potentially unpopular opinions in your poats. I agree woth you on Bezos and billionaires. Keep it up! And stay safe. 🙂

Tina Schrader

Whoops! *posts

Joey Adams

Capitalism isn’t perfect because people are flawed but it does provide a vehicle to lift more people out of poverty than any other that I know of. I have a real problem with government telling us which businesses get to thrive and how much we get to have before we are taxed to oblivion. Interesting times and I truly pray our government can back away from all their recent power. Support small business whenever you can! I’m afraid we won’t get the chance to for much longer. BTW, Bernie isn’t a billionaire but he IS a multi-millionaire and gives exactly ZERO to charity.


Sanders’ net worth is 2 million, which is an extremely long way off from 1 billion. In 2018, he gave 3.4 % of his annual income to charity; this is public record via his released tax returns.


That infographic was mind-blowing. Thanks for sharing it.


I am certainly not going to jump into the fray regarding a billionaire’s right to keep the money s/he earned. But for the record, Jeff Bezos has put millions into fighting homelessness and plans to do the same for making universal quality preschool available for all.


This is a clear and succinct article that pretty much sums up Jeff Bezos’ Day 1 Fund. If these large companies that benefit from tax breaks were paying fair taxes, there would be no need to rely on donors to support these causes. I don’t care if Jeff Bezos donates to charity or not (though I do think he should, and more than what he does now), but I do care that he does not pay his fair share of taxes on his income or the profits from Amazon. Amazon paid a tax rate of 1.2% last year, or 132 million. 914 million was deferred to future years. The corporate tax rate is 21%.

Molly H

Politics/Bezo’s billions:
Oy. Enough already.
I come here to relax.
Speaking of billions, there are a billion other forums for everyone to get all snarky with each other and debate income equality.


You could still relax and skip the comments.
Isn’t it wonderful that we all can choose what to read or not?


What’s the fee for Aaptiv?


Very much appreciate seeing where you land when it comes to Jeff Bezos. I hope this carries over in the future and we stop seeing Amazon linked in future link-ups. We should all be shopping small!

Molly H

But, still…I just have to respond to this after dissing the whole topic! Not everyone thinks Amazon is all bad and Bezos the devil incarnate. Due to my husband’s severe allergies to smog, etc., we have moved to a very, and I mean, very rural area. Which is populated by lovely local, long-time residents, lovely people who work from home on a regular basis, and lovely people who commute an hour each way to a large city. Eventually they end up retiring here because the air is clean, and it’s stunningly beautiful up here in the verdant, green mountains. My point is, Amazon is our savior in getting good products, specialized products (gluten free breads, pasta, etc.) and quality dry food, over the counter medical supplies, etc. We’re too far away from civilization for the fresh item delivery, but in the new covid world I see that coming eventually. Do I see that Amazon should be and most likely will be forced to treat employees, better? Yes. If you are sitting in a city with stores and markets around you, well I’m truly happy for you as you have a wealth of disinfecting products close by. We don’t. Here, without… Read more »


I have been LIVING in easy dresses this entire quarantine. In the beginning when there was still a chill where I live: sweater dresses. Now I’ve moved on to summer dresses. Every time I get on a work zoom someone will comment that I’m so dressed up and my response is, “Look, most people went from zero give waistbands to stretchy waistbands. And I simply went straight from jean waistband to NO WAISTBAND!! All mumu, everyday!” Highly recommended – hah

Thank you for the Jeff Bezos Link. Soooo interesting.


The comment by Emily regarding the children of Jeff Bezos was astonishingly unfair. A simple Google check and you would have learned that he has 4 children, one of which is adopted from China. I think a simple check is fair considering how often we are asked to read your suggested material. And the prediction that they are in for a “weird life” is equally astonishing considering they seem to have caring parents. How unkind to condemn them to this “weird” life. The fact that you are successful does not make you a bad parent. Sad commentary and so flippant about his children. Are we also to assume the children of the Gates, Buffets and others are also to be weird? Why don’t we leave children out of this?
Mr. Bezos and his wife are very successful. This fact alone does not make them bad parents.

Not even a real Judy Blume fan but want to heart Caitlin’s entry: “. . . do I have interest in writing a children’s book? No! Is she super lovely and calming? Absolutely!” I love this line




There are some lovely ideas on this list – thank you.

I’m confused though that you have included a product that heats up the outside especially considering I am sure I have seen you mention your concerns about the environment – or maybe I have that wrong. It seems very unfair to me when many people are giving up their SUVs and flights abroad (or is that just people I know) use heaters that ‘kick out the equivalent emissions of a speeding truck [and] unlike with vehicles, there is nothing filtering or reducing their polluting gases.’ Can’t you wear a jumper and light a couple of candles? I hope this doesn’t seem snipey; I really just want to cry when I see these things.

See article:


I’d love to see a picture of that fire column in action. Target only has a stock image on the website.

Searched for Two Birds, One Stone workout on Aaptiv, and it doesn’t exist, but Two Moves, One Rep with Akeem was quite good.

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