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The Art of the Bar Cart

If you want to be fancy and posh, whilst filling your home with friends, merriment, and breathtaking vignettes, you should probably invest in a bar cart.  Bar carts have been back for a while — and come in at a close second to weddings and puppies on the pinteresting popularity scale.  Form and functional combine in these pretty little things and with all the vintage glassware floating around the flea markets, the styling opportunities are endless. While ogling some favorite images, I tried to decide how many bar carts one can reasonably own and realized that as long as they are all styled differently, no one would care.  


The necessary ingredients for a successful bar cart usually include: colorful glassware, decanters, ice buckets, pretty booze, a tray to corral odds and ends, cocktail shaker/tools, and coasters.  I also like adding at least one unique and unexpected item as a conversation piece, and to stay ahead of the Jones’ and their mult-bar-cart-situation.  Some of the best sources are sites like etsy, ebay, and craigslist, the amount of vintage barware out there is endless, so might as well pick up something that will make a statement. Here are a couple of products I would use for my Golden Regency Bar Cart, which might be parked in my powder room.


1. Glasses, 2. Geometric Bottle Opener, 3. Coasters, 4. Bar Cart, 5. Vases, 6. Glasses, 7. Decanters, 8. Tray


I thought Brian might want a bar cart too, obviously.  So, for a more masculine look I chose items with a lot of texture and warmth, and some quirky pieces that might appeal to a guy who primarily likes his decor ‘funny.’ Here are some picks for my Executive Bar Cart:

1. Bar Cart,  2. Bowl, 3. Horn Coasters, 4. Tray, 5. Cocktail Shaker, 6. Whiskey Stones,  7. Snack Containers,  

8. Fish Glasses



Finally, my third bar cart would be parked outside next to my infinity pool and bocce court, naturally. I went with a summery color palette with lots of pattern. I don’t care if its fall for many of you, it was 90 degrees yesterday – summer still exists.  A few options for my Color Pop Bar Cart might include:



1. Cocktail Swatchbook, 2. Bar Cart, 3. Vase, 4. Speckled Tumblers, 5. Coasters, 6. Straws, 7. Trays,

8. Ice Buckets 


For more pretty pretty pictures and my favorite product picks, feel free to follow me on pinterest.   Grab a drink while you do it.  From your bar cart.  




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