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The 4 New Farmhouse Living Room Layouts I Tried (+ The One I Liked The Most!)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – “comfortable” living rooms are the hardest rooms to nail. Give me a bedroom any day (symmetrical design with a singular purpose) or a formal “meant to be pretty” living room – that’s fine! But a comfortable, practical, usable, and yet beautiful everyday living room is a challenge. Then add in five doorways, two focal points, and needing it to be a pass-through space, and you have yourself a recipe for marriage counseling because you will be arranging re-arranging for years to come (Brian got to flex his guns and good attitude on today’s video:)). Of course, some houses are easier – you walk into an entry, and on your left or right is a contained room, with 2-3 uninterrupted walls so you can throw a sofa + two chairs and call it done, knowing you have a separate family room. But not this lovely lady – she is HARD. So let’s recap my needs/wants (which are all pretty intuitive, but here they are for the readers in the back):

  1. Comfortable where almost every chair is desired.
  2. Not overly eclectic – on the simpler side (ha). I love eclectic design in photos, but for our real life which is really busy here, I want my eye to be able to settle easily in the room and not be overstimulated.
  3. The good news is that we don’t need to watch TV or necessarily need storage in here either. We are lucky that it’s big – but long is always a challenge and big living rooms are harder to design.

When We Moved In

We had that awesome Rejuvenation leather sofa and two swivel chairs (which weren’t the right scale tbh) and the Article sectional + pouf (no longer available). Throw in some random throws, an IKEA lamp, a table, and an awesome rug from Loloi and it was a good placeholder for a while as we figured out how we wanted to live in here. I liked some things about it, but y’all I could NOT find the long sofa of my dreams – as you now know from my earlier post. So far, there are 110+ sofas (not sectionals) out there that I liked enough to commit to. I searched on every vintage platform for two years, then as the shoot was approaching three months out I was like, “You need to commit” so I went to the big box options but then nothing could get here in time! I almost purchased like six vintage sectionals that would have shipped from across the country or world (so expensive), and then I would have to choose the fabric (unknown, and so expensive), then reupholstering (all around $5k), and most importantly the not knowing if they would actually be comfortable – all the unknowns made me feel super averse to risking it. I even thought about custom-making one. You’ll see what decision I made, below, but that’s all to say that there was and will never be one clear layout for this room which made purchasing the sofa very challenging.

A More Eclectic Version

Here we tried two more eclectic chairs which I liked in a way, but ultimately I really liked how we had it over Christmas where there was a sofa facing AWAY from the kitchen. It made your eye go straight over the back of the sofa and stare at the beautiful kitchen tile which is so stunning. Not sure that makes sense (and sorry there isn’t a proper photo) but imagine a sofa where the chaise and the vintage chair are above. It strangely made the room feel more separate in a really good way (which I hadn’t predicted). So we tried the leather sofa there, but because the dark brown island is right behind it visually, it didn’t work.

So I enlisted a strong hot man (Brian) and a videographer (Michael) to shoot a video where we in real time figure out our layout. We had a lot of players involved (meaning furniture pieces) because I’m a collector of beautiful things (and I have another house to furnish eventually on the property so I feel ok about buying, playing, and moving to another space should it not work).

The Players

1. Green Lulu and Georgia Sofa | 2. Soho Home Accent Chair | 3. Vintage Papa Bear Chair (similar) | 4. Rejuvenation Leather Sofa | 5. Our Custom Coffee Table | 6. Two Rejuvenation Swivel Chairs | 7. Brian’s Favorite Vintage Chair | 8. Vintage Chaise From Jayson Home

The rug is Amber Interiors for Loloi, the green dining chairs are Crate and Barrel, and don’t forget the cutest piano benches ever from Schoolhouse. All the lighting is, of course, Rejuvenation (chandelier, sunroom pendants, double sconce, and single sconce) and the window treatments are Decorview.

Ok, so we started with a blank slate (almost) and removed all options (out on the deck). Our video producer, Michael snapped photos as we went (we didn’t have time to set up a tripod of each version) so you get an idea, but you really should just watch this video:

To see the full (more detailed) video head to my YouTube!

Layout #1: Two Matching Sofa + Two Matching Accent Chairs

Two Green Lulu and Georgia Sofas | Two Rejuvenation Swivel Chairs

If I’m being honest, I really like this simplicity. In the video, you’ll get Brian’s reaction and I don’t disagree with him, but this sure is calm and cohesive. And styling can go FAR. But yes, this is super safe and looks too matchy (almost like it was staged). Ah, but look at that coffee table🙂

Layout #2: Two Matching (Perpendicular) + Two Matching Accent Chairs

Two Green Lulu and Georgia Sofas | Vintage Papa Bear Chair (similar) | Brian’s Favorite Vintage Chair

Hmmm. The perpendicular sofas could work, but not these sofas. Their arms were high so it really cut off the conversation. The chairs were ok, but not awesome.

Layout #3: Two Non-Matching Sofa + Two Non-Matching Accent Chairs

Green Lulu and Georgia Sofa | Rejuvenation Leather Sofa | Brian’s Favorite Vintage Chair | Soho Home Accent Chair

I had high, high hopes for this one, but it wasn’t a love connection. I love the Soho Home chair with the leather sofa so much. I don’t know, it just felt a little messy?

Layout #4: Two Matching Sofas + 1 Big Chair + 1 Accent Chair?

Two Green Lulu and Georgia Sofas | Soho Home Accent Chair | Brian’s Favorite Vintage Chair

So we tried this again and I really really really like the two sofas facing each other. The rest of the decor is not dialed in obviously (and I’m unsure if the sofas on the rug are ideal, which is not ideal). But it was just so cozy, inviting, comfortable, and had that simplicity that I desired. Again, you have to watch the video to fully get it – we focused on video content for this project so the photos don’t really represent the space.

I know I’m leaving you hanging (me, too). In the video, you’ll see what we decided (for now!) and I’ll have an update soon for you on how it turned out. Still a huge WIP and while I love the sofas + coffee table combo, now I’m unsure of other things in the room. We shot this room for Real Simple last Tuesday (June 5th) and I’m writing this post on Saturday (June 2nd) so by the time you read this so much will have been decided, including art, accessories, window treatments, etc. I can’t show you everything as I promised to keep some things secret til the magazine issue comes out, so STAY TUNED!!!


Lighting and Outlets: Rejuvenation
Wood Flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Flooring
Windows and Doors: White oak, Aspen Casement by Sierra Pacific Windows

Window Treatments: Decorview
Skylights: Velux
Wall Color: Mantra by Sherwin-Williams
Paneling Color: Extra White by Sherwin-Williams

*Video by Michael Raines


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86 thoughts on “The 4 New Farmhouse Living Room Layouts I Tried (+ The One I Liked The Most!)

  1. I love the two sofas facing each other. It seems as if they are a bit far from the coffee table though? I think 14-18” gap is standard, so you can reach a drink. (I have a similar sofa, and unless you are extremely tall, reaching over the arms to a side table is not really possible.) If you want that size rug, maybe add a console table behind one.

    I also think four velvet or velvet-ish pieces is too many (with even more velvet in the sun room). Only the swivel chair fabric works with the sofa imho. I’m curious why they were rejected in the video, but haven’t had a chance to watch yet (too loud). To me the reason #1 doesn’t work is because everything is just too far apart.

    Also curious how much seating is necessary. Those are long sofas. Do you need two more lounge chairs with the sofas? Adding another conversation areas might be the best solution.

    1. Ooh, just watched the video. Excited to see different style chairs with that light nubby fabric. Any still hope the furniture moves closer together :).

    2. 💯 agree. Nestle everything in closer in arrangement #1. I like the idea of a console with lamps behind a couch, rather than several end tables. Also, consider using that rug somewhere else. It’s not working. Something with the blue you like, terracotta or mustard and cream, green would bring option 1 together nicely.

      1. Yes!! Every time I see a coffee table/couch combo on this site, I get hives thinking about how someone would have to get up to actually put anything on the coffee table. Pull it all closer together. The openness of the space is begging for a nice console table behind the couches, full of books and styled with cool lamps amd plants. I agree a richer, Persian rug in the colors you mentioned would be amazing. And maybe even a smaller dimension to allow for a tighter sofa configuration.

      2. “Nestle” is a good word. Then you just naturally invite people to come sit and relax.

    3. 100% agree. I really like the first setup best, but I think what isn’t working is the rug- I think a smaller rug that really defined the space would work better. I feel like the furniture is spaced to fit the rug now, but if the rug was smaller it would feel cozier and the pieces could live at a distance that made more sense for the coffee table.

  2. Crikey – that’s decision overload.😳
    It’s like going to buy crackers and having 29 options, where if there were only 6, it’d be #so.much.easier and you’d probably still really like yhe choice you made!

    I personally like two sofas facing each other (either green & leather, or both green), with the matching blue armchairs dacing tge fireplace (not keen on the chunky brutalist one-seems out of place, in an odd way).

    Everything looks better with Buttercup and Oscar. 🐾

    Wow! So many, many, many decisions!!!

  3. Please, for the love of normalcy, I hope you have pulled the sofas and chairs close enough to the coffee table to be able to reach it without getting up. The problem with all of the layouts you showed here was that the furniture was too far from the coffee table. As the name implies, you should be able to reach and get a cup of coffee from the coffee table without having to stretch or get up from the sofa or chair! Just TRY it for a few days to see if it helps!

    1. I’ve noticed in the past in other living rooms Emily has designed that there’s a tendency to have the coffee table too far away from the sofa to actually be used. Look at the Rules for Picking a Coffee Table post, the opening photo shows the coffee table far away from the couch. But this same blog, in another post, states:
      “RULE: 16″ to 18” is the ideal distance between the sofa and coffee table.

      While every room is sized differently you don’t want to have your coffee table so far from the sofa that you can’t reach your drink or put your feet up after a long day (depending on your house rules, of course). Keep them at least 16″ apart so you can walk around it but not have to get up to walk over to it.”

      I guess “rules are made to be broken” but if I had a velvet couch I would want to provide a place to set drinks.

  4. I already like this version so much better.

    The color palette just provides such a cohesive vision.

  5. That video was awesome and I love seeing the process! I’ll admit I was a teensy bit envious that as a designer you have so many options to try. Once I bought my PB sectional for my large space I was locked in, as that was what my budget could stretch to and it was custom so locked in! You and Brian are so cute and I’m looking forward to the magazine issue. Love process posts!

  6. Placing the two luscious sofas opposite each other anchors what is a mildly chaotic room and perfectly draws attention to the fireplace on one hand and the French doors leading to the deck on the other hand. If it’s a bit traditional, so what? There’s a lot to be said these days for tradition. Can’t wait to see the final unveiling!

  7. The first one by a landslide. Your rooms are always so jumbled with stuff and shapes … really enjoy the simplicity of this arrangement with the focal point being the fireplace and the art above. Would enjoy being in that room.

  8. Love the green sofa so much! Those are some lucky pups!

    How do the side tables fit in now that you have a big coffee table? Also, is that a little drink table I spot next to Brian’s favorite chair?

  9. I really like the direction you’re going – it’s simple and calm like the mountain house, which you wanted, but more color and “fun Emily”. It’s gonna be good!

  10. Having the sofas facing each other makes the most sense and feels the best on the eye. You have a LOT going on in this house, it’s nice to have a room that feels simple and calm and beautiful.
    Really dislike the brutalist chair next to the other pieces…perhaps that’s a good one to stick in the primary bedroom. The sofas are gigantic, I would opt for no chairs.

    1. The no chairs option is interesting. Would love to see it styled out that way … with a new rug 🙃

    2. My thought as well. The chairs are the reason the sofas are so far away from the coffee table and each other. They also block the traffic flow in and out of the sofa area. Sometimes less is more.

    3. I think no chairs is an intriguing idea! The couches are large, like you said, so might be plenty of seating as is. I might opt for a couple of round poofs/small ottomans that could pull double duty as extra seating in a pinch, or a place to put your feet up since the coffee table is a bit far away. And since they wouldn’t have backs, it would be calming for the eye to not have lots of different heights going on. This is for sure the fun part!

  11. One more thing. I don’t like how my eyes are constantly pulled to the chairs. I know you just painted those! But it’s too much of a happy/bright color, and I don’t feel like the stairs should be a focal point. How do you feel about them? Thanks!

    1. Yes, maybe they could be repainted off white or ecru? Agree they are a minus in that location.

    2. I agree with this. The stair color is fighting with a lot of the rest of the space. Too late to take the wood flooring up the stairs? That would quiet the space quite a bit.

  12. 1: in a perfect world with two sofas that are similiar but not identical and in fabrics either the same or almost the same color. But still 1 regardless at least from these camera angles. Thx! Looks great!

  13. I love symmetry, and I love the two matching sofas facing each other, and I think that the two swivel chairs also look great with that setup. Not 100% sure about the sofa/rug combination.

  14. I agree with Brian;). The first one looks like an upscale plastic surgeon’s office. Of course, not that I’ve been in one, that’s just my imagination. The others are too chaotic to define a pass-through space. The last one is great. And, I think the two different chairs are perfect, because they are just the perfect amount of different! I do agree with the comments below that say, “move everything closer together.” Otherwise everyone’s like polar bears floating on their solitary ice floes.

    Thus endeth the string of peculiar metaphors for today.

  15. The two green sofas facing each other work. I think in the video I saw them perpendicular with one back to the kitchen and one to the deck. I like how that creates a “room” separate from the kitchen and dining nook and connected to the front door and sunroom. I think all the upholstered chairs in all the layouts make it feel too crowded and heavy. Could you use something like Hans Wegner ladderback or peacock chairs? That would give extra seating when you need it (less comfortable but the hosts can sit in those) but not overwhelm the room when it is just the four of you. Also that style of chair has the artisan, casual, high-end vibe you (and I) dig.

  16. Layout #1 by a mile for me. It feels right to keep this room clean and simple because there’s so much going on around it. I know you love the Soho Home chair but it seems out of place. It has such a big, strong (almost harsh) presence with the right-angled arms. Just my humble. Loving the house so so much as a whole.

  17. I agree with a couple of people here in the comments. The sofa’s are too far apart from each other and from the coffee table. If you put those closer together, creating a way more cozier area and you don’t even need chairs. Calmer and cozier.

  18. Layout 1 is my favorite-lets all else shine in the room while calming down the middle. Layout 4 is my second favorite. Your eclectic initial and some of the others feels too garage-sale-y to me…. I normally like it…. it is my home in nearly every room, but it is too crazy and unsettled for your home, I think. One and 4 enabled me to ‘see’ your room and beyond. It just felt right. Thanks again for allowing us to tag along. Love the thought process- so helpful for my own decisions!

  19. Oh and one more idea- I see long rooms sometimes having back-to-back couches creating two seating areas. Seems more formal than what you are going for, but maybe you can have two seating areas that are cozy? Maybe not the goal… Again- I really loved Layout 1 and second place is layout 4.

  20. Those green sofas are beautiful but I really don’t like the color or style of the rug with those sofas. Honestly I think the rug is too modern/cold for this room no matter what furniture you end up with. Eager to see the final result!

  21. I watched the video which was so cute. I like the 2 matching sofas facing each other but wonder if you could not put the 2 chairs at all and instead move the sofas and coffee table closer together and then put two chairs with a low small coffee table in between behind one of the sofas. Like facing the piano or facing the kitchen? I probably don’t know what I am talking about, ha ha but am just wanting to see that option!! It’s already looking so good!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about chairs behind one of the sofas! I feel like everything is just a little too far apart currently. I do like the idea of the non-matching chairs with the two matching sofas though, just not the big blocky chair. I also feel like there are too many different solid color fabrics going on – maybe a different fabric with a pattern? And I that rug works if we bring in some patterned fabric to tie all the colors and looks together.
      Thanks for putting the cute video together! I always like watching you and Brian interacting 🙂

  22. I really prefer layout #1 with the two green sofas and two light swivel chairs. I think styling would then take it over the top! Can’t wait to see what you finally came up with, though!

    1. Agree 100%. While I like the two different chairs in the layout apparently chosen, using them gives off a bit of “we ran out of money and had to settle on these two chairs we already had” vibe.

      1. Agree. Normally I am not at all match-matchy but when 2 chairs are side by side I like them to match. I think option 1 when it is styled with all your bits and bobs will look amazing.

  23. This is very exciting! Everything is coming together! I agree that the two sofas across from each other flanking the fireplace is really good; that symmetry lends a calm balance to a room with a lot going on. Do you think…… it’s all just too many armrests? With the accent chairs? Anyway I can’t wait for the RS feature! Congrats Emily and as always thank you for the peek behind the scenes!

  24. Love those sofas!! And seeing behind the scenes =)
    I love the sofas across from one another and it seems like it helps define the space a bit, while not looking busy. Perhaps for the chair(s), you could look for something like a really lovely, comfortable stick back rocking chair? It would fit the farmhouse vibe and at least in my family everyone always wanted to sit in ours. Plus it would look a little lighter.
    Can’t wait to see the shoot! The house is looking really amazing.

    1. I really like the rocker idea. I feel like a warmer color, like wood or leather would be nice on that end, as well as smaller scale. A stick back rocking chair would have that effect. Plus, who doesn’t love sitting in a rocking chair!

  25. I haven’t watched the video, but my first thought is: Keep the two green sofas facing each other flanking the fireplace. Add only one chair of your choice, and remove the second! This would help from feeling two crowded and might possibly work better with the more oblong shape of the coffee table. Keeping the longer sides of the coffee table with the longer couches, and the shorter side of the coffee table in line with the singular chair? I love the pairing of that beautiful custom coffee table with the sofas. Your style is evolving, and it is so fun to see. I’m loving the updates this week!!

  26. Ok my second thought: Would it have been a possibility to buy a second leather couch to match that gorgeous one you already have as the matching sofa set? I believe it said from Rejuvenation and was not a vintage piece. Just an idea, since that first one looked so lovely in the room! I was sad to see that piece have to go, even though the green velvet sofas are awesome

  27. I like the 2 sofas facing each other, but I would try having just one chair instead of 2, adn as all have mentioned, bring all the furniture closer to the coffee table. With the furniture too far apart, it and too far from the coffee table, it makes it look like the coffee table is not big enough. Also, I would really try to emphasize a walkway between the sliding doors and the furniture placement. Don’t try to make that area part of the room!

  28. I love the two sofas facing each other, but not the chairs. Have you tried the leather sofa in place of the chairs? I know three sofas is kinda crazy, but I love the idea of it!

  29. Not that you need MORE options, but curious if you tried a version with the chairs flanking the fireplace? It seems like the space is big enough that you could pull the sofas back to the french doors more, and then do the chairs on either side of the fireplace. Then they could have their ottoman / side table moment, feel “vignette-ish” but also be anchored by the formal placement of the mirrored sofas with the BEAUTIFUL coffee table.

  30. The sofas are beautiful! Let them (and the amazing coffee table) be the stars of the show here, i.e. lose the chairs altogether. It seems like a lot of seating for this room and it would provide easier flow when you’re entertaining. The Soho chair would look great in the primary bedroom.

  31. The first layout with the swivel chairs is my favorite, mostly because y’all will be able to easily turn and look outside. So nice for guests who want to chat but also want to keep an eye on kids who are outside. We host a lot (family, Book Club, poetry tea, etc.), and I actually love the three sofa idea for my current living room. Yes, it feels a bit like a hotel, but we do need the seating. Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. This (get my hands on multiple pieces and play around with them) is what I always want to be able to do when designing a space, but obviously as a non-designer/non-content creator and someone working within a budget, I have to abide by the “buy one thing at a time, try it out, try to return it if it doesn’t work or live with it if it can’t be returned” rigamarole. It takes so much more time and can be so frustrating! Even a decent mock-up isn’t always an accurate reflection of how a three-dimensional piece will feel in a space. Ugh. Anyway, this looks fun!

  33. I just watched the video and loved watching the design process. However I had trouble hearing you because the music was too loud.

  34. Aaaaw that video was adorable!! <3 I love seeing you two play though all the options – so helpful! I like the two sofas facing each other by themselves the best too. I think adding more chairs just made things too big and busy visually. Like many others I too would opt to at least try putting the sofas closer together. It might look different with more decore but at least now this area just feels too vast to me. I get that you are trying to be proportional to the (very large) room and you don't want the sofa-living-room-area which is after all the whole point of the room to be too small in proportion to the big room around it, but to me the sofas look a little bit lost so far apart. This layout made me think so much of your Spanish living room from years ago that I love, where you had a similar layout, though granted the room wasn't as much of a pass through space and at least a little bit smaller (though it still looked large!) that seating area felt much more intimate because the sofas where much closer togehter (and a little bit more grounded too?) If it was me I'd try pushing the sofas closer together and to ground them and define the space in the middle maybe add a credenza behind the one facing the kitchen and possible a bigger indoor tree in the area behind the other? I would also definitely try a lower chandelier chandelier with a bit more presence to ground that area even more!! But of course it is always easy to critique from afar 😉 This room would give me such a headache even without having to photograph it for millions of people to see and I am sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful and I can't wait for the shoot to be released so we can all see!!! 🙂

      1. Love this! This exact setup would look so good in Emily’s living room. I didn’t realize the live edge coffee table was such a go to for her. She’s had at least 3 now.

  35. I love the green sofas, I love the rug. For my eye, seeing the rug and sofas next to each other makes the sofas look washed out. My eye is craving a warm tone for some contrast. My gut feeling is you solved this in some way (accessories / styling) before shooting and I look forward to seeing the final design. 🙂

  36. I like the green sofas in layout 1, but I agree with the masses that they are too far apart. I also don’t think any of the accent chairs work with the sofas. A couple of leather chairs with wood arms and legs would be pretty. I also think the rug needs to change. I would go smaller and bring in a rug with colors that relate to/complement the sofas. I also like the idea of a console table behind a sofa to break up the matchy-ness and too-perfect symmetry (and I adore symmetry 😉) Fun to play around with ideas as if it were my own space. Can’t wait to see where you landed, I have no doubt it’ll be beautiful!

  37. ok just wanna comment: i didn’t know you had a youtube, and whoah that format is so wonderful actually! props to ya’ll producing that kind of high quality video content 🙂 as someone who’s part of a small team producing social media content, I know a LOT goes into video so I guess i just wanna say PROPS to ya’ll 🙂

  38. Console table behind the couch could add more texture and character and give you something to put your drinks on.

  39. The last one is lovely, serene without being too matchy, matchy. I do, however, really like that same layout with the leather sofa opposite the green one and how the wood chair arm repeats the color of the leather. Or even the two green sofas facing each other and the leather one in place of the chairs. I think I just really like the leather in the mix. It just seems like it has always been there and balances the new sofa/sofas. Thanks for sharing your thought process.

  40. I have a similar set up including the bank of doors behind the seating area. We are set up like #1 — 2 couches, 2 swivel chairs. With the doors there, the swivel chairs have been awesome. If you want to enjoy the outside or even expand the outside to the inside, you just swivel around. Of course you can just turn chairs, but there is something so easy and right about having swivel chairs there — guests don’t have to ask about moving chairs. Just makes the space more enjoyable.

  41. Layout 1 all the way. Matching chairs and matching sofas become the fairly “neutral” base on which you can then add interesting styling, including introducing asymmetry. It gives you the most option and the best change of having a room that isn’t chaotic or overwhelming with too many disparate moving parts.

    And, as others have said, move furniture in so distance from the table makes more sense.

  42. Have you considered trying the two green sofas facing each other, and instead of placing the chairs within the sofa seating area, instead putting them to the right of the fireplace (as you face it)? Looks like you currently have a table or something there, but it would make a really cozy secondary seating area and allow the sofas and coffee table to shine.

  43. Just in case this is the comment to sway things…. I agree about the chairs and rug. And the stairs. Try a green couch with the leather couch, the awesome new coffee table, and a darker, patterned rug. Sometimes less is more.

  44. When walking from the kitchen to the staircase you want to take the shortest route, i.e. on the side of the fireplace, but to the sunroom you want to walk on the opposite side, you there need to make sure that there are two ‘corridors’. I like the two velvet sofas opposite each other but everything needs to be put a bit closer otherwise there is no space left to move through the room on both sides (fire place side and opposite side).

  45. Has anybody mentioned: I love how the area rug is so similar looking to your “ratty” fabric. 😂❤️ It looks like an Emily signature textile.

    The leather sofa in there brings in so much more interest than having all those blues and greens on top of blues and greens. Did you try the leather sofa with the white swivel chairs and one green sofa? Would love to see how that looks.

  46. Dear Emily, Some days, bad news days, i hold off on coming to your site until i’ve read all the bad news. Then i get to come to your little slice of heaven and shrug off the awfulness i’ve just spent too long reading about. Yours are the problems that let the fires and dams bursting and the latest ridiculous, vitriolic political hoopla drop away as i contemplate putting 2 sofas facing (yes, 2 sofas facing) and the problem children chairs not vibing. It’s supremely stressful for you, but for me, it’s marshmallows in my hot chocolate, real lemons in my lemonade, flowers growing, children laughing, and god in his heaven, all’s right in the world. Thank you for that. And yes, 2 sofas facing and maybe a different rug to bring in the green and blend in with the blue stairs. You CAN do this, we all know it. Can’t wait to see how the brain of Emily solves the too-long living room problem. xo

  47. I agree with whomever suggested no chairs. Or, at least use only one of the blue chairs. I love the chaise and think its quirky and interesting without even trying so wish it would stay instead of the blue chairs. There are so many beautiful views in this room that keeping the room itself quiet lets you see the beauty unencumbered. In my opinion. Why is the furniture so widely spaced? LOL

  48. i think the problem is the blue rug. i think with a warm rug color (antique, or even natural fibers) your problems vanish… just a thought! it’s a spectacular home!

  49. The identical sofas are lovely and positioning them facing each other is perfect! I prefer option #1. Perhaps when you work your styling magic with lamps and throws and pillows and whatnot, that arrangement won’t look so much like a hotel lobby to Brian!

  50. I love Option 1 but feel that those chairs are just too small and trendy with those gorgeous classic sofas. I’d love to see 2 big slipcovered wing chairs with a good drinks table in between. Maybe an ottoman with one of them. And heartily agree with everyone about the sofa/coffee table spacing! Maybe not on topic but that fireplace is getting on my last nerve. I just don’t think the white brick against a white wall is doing this focal point justice. It’s going to be a gorgeous room but sometimes it takes time to get it right and feel like home, even for the pro that you are! You’ll know when it’s right!

  51. This was a fun post and the video was even more fun! One frustration, though—you posted about your sofa dilemma a few days ago. Now we see which ones you chose, which is great, but I’d love some feedback on them. I’ve had my eye on this Lulu and Georgia sofa for awhile (in this green!), but worry that it’s too “mushy” and that it looks wrinkled all the time (from some photos that buyers have posted on the L&G site). Can you comment at some point about what you love (and don’t love) about your new sofas? That would be so so helpful!!! Meanwhile, looking forward to the Real Simple story on your living room. Also, thanks for bringing back Arlyn and keep including Brian in your videos (you two are great together).

  52. This is a great post and video and a compelling saga; thanks to you both for it all now that Succession has finished, haha.

    I am having all the thoughts and I see so is the community. First off, those sofas are gorgeous. The colour is sublime and I love it with the blues – sort of Nordic sea tones, just glorious. It’s tricky, though, with the chairs because, as you have said: hotel lobby. I think I have a real problem with symmetry and I am not fond of the matching facing sofas and matching chairs as it feels so formal and a bit too ‘put together’. But the differentness of the two chairs was a bit jarring. As much as I love your sofas, I wonder if you might consider trying the leather and one of the velvets and imagine it with two matching Brutalists or a couple of other matching chairs. Or, I think someone suggested the two matching sofas with one chair – I think no chairs is just a bit too wide open and offers no contrast. It all looks great, though – the coffee table is masterful and you are just fine-tuning something already very good.

    This is not for you, Emily, because it doesn’t apply in your situation, but might help others. I really like and have in my own home, as others do I’m sure, two matching low sofas but in differing lengths, fabrics and colours – one is in a pale linen and the other’s a lovely velvet. They are perpendicular and this works really well around the fireplace with an ottoman in the window (it’s a Georgian semi in London and looks out on to the tree-lined street). I like that the shapes hang together but they don’t match otherwise.

    Anyway, we are all really enjoying joining in so, thank you.

  53. Absolutely adore this sage green velvet sofa set! They will be happy kept as dueling twins! As for the spacing, 100% agree to pull them closer in together. Just try sitting there with a book and mug of coffee or a glass of wine to give it a good test! I personally think something like the Langdon Rug from Rejuvenation would be a perfect fit for your style and scheme! Check it out. I have a skinny version in my kitchen with green cabinets and love how the colors play together. Plus it has bits of blue to echo the stairs and kitchen. Ooh can’t wait to see how this all unfolds!

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