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TGIF, y’all

We are trying to take a much needed day off today so I can spend time with that little baby right there. Yesterday our sitter was sick and Brian was gone so I spent all day with him, but it wasn’t quite enough to make up for how much little quality time we’ve gotten together lately. My mother in law is in town and we have serious plans that involve shopping, talking, cuddling said baby, a drs’ appointment for him, and more shopping. We are very good at that indeed.

brian and charlie

Thanks for all your patience this week regarding posts. My hope is to finish some serious design posts over the weekend and have lots of fun content for you next week, but no promises. I might get distracted by that little baby up there. Meanwhile check instagrams for more peeks into the house…

And TGIF. And I mean that as if nobody has ever said it before. THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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