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Ten Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy [For Me, Orlando] at the Hardware Store

Dear Santa and Emily,

Christmas is, like, right now. Which means it’s time for frenetic last-minute gift buying. Are you stumped on where to find a present for me? I know I’m hard to buy for, but you really needn’t look to far to find the perfect present. One of my favorite places to shop is Koontz Hardware in West Hollywood. They have EVERYTHING there, stacked from floor level all the way up to the ceiling. It’s one of those old-timey hardware stores that has a little bit of everything, from toasters to tool bags. Koontz is so glamorous that you can even spot Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry there, looking for an extension cord. She’s pictured here exiting Koontz:

Now onto the gifts. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of hardware store gifts is a fiddle-leaf fig tree. Yes, they are ubiquitous these days, but they are so pretty. And who wouldn’t want to get a gorgeous plant for Christmas?


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, $16.98

And then one day the fiddle leaf fig will grow big and tall like this and your friend will thank you:

Now, this next one is a very specific gift that would make a great host gift, but only for a very specific type of person. And by “specific type of person” I mean me. I love to clean and I love cleaning supplies that smell good. Like these beauties from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. It seems weird to give cleaning supplies as a gift, but if you put these in an attractive container (like a vintage galvanized bucket), cleaning nerds like me will get a big kick out of getting them as a gift.

Meyer’s Clean Day Products, $3.99 – $7.99

Also, glamorous cleaning supplies are the gift keeps on giving, every time you clean your sparkling bathroom:

Also fun for cleaning nerd are the adorable dish scrubbers from Boston Warehouse:

Octopus Dish Scrubber, $7.99

Bee Glass Scrub Brush, $7.99

Do you have a friend who owns a dresser with ugly hardware but you’re too scared to tell him/her? Well, a nice way of doing this is to buy them new drawer pulls that look like lion heads. I love these:

Classic Accent Brass Drawer Pull, $1.98

And look how glamorous they look on this chest of drawers:

For a cute stocking stuffer, try these brass swivel hooks. They’re actually designed to rope horses or tie down a sailboat (I think), but Emily likes to use them as key rings.

Brass Swivel Hook (Keychain), $3.21

There are often a variety at the hardware store, or you could rush-ship these from Etsy.

Brass Swivel Hook Keychain, $5

For the analog cook in your life, grab this magnetic timer. When it’s not telling you the pie is done, it serves as a colorful magnet for your fridge.

Magnetic Kitchen Timer, $17

Who wouldn’t want to receive a bonsai tree as a gift? I love these three, all available at Home Depot.

Fukien Tea Bonsai, $33.97

Maple Forest Bonsai, $79.95

Green Mound Juniper Bonsai, $32.97

I know you think it would be boring to get a toaster for Christmas. But you’re wrong. I’ve been obsessed with this toaster forever and I want it. And you can find them at glamorous hardware stores everywhere. They totally cost a million dollars but they’re worth it.

Dualit Toaster, $259

I have this bag. And I bought it at Koontz. This bag makes a great briefcase or computer bag. And, GASP, it can also serve as a tool bag. Perfect for the rustic guy in your life who wants to feel cool even if he’s just going to his boring corporate job.

Klein Tool Bag, $85

After a few years it will look like this. Like fine cheese or Meryl Streep, it gets better with age.


If I ever buy a mixer for Emily, I think it will be this one. I feel like she must have had something to do with this specific color of berry pink.

Kitchen Aid Mixer in Raspberry Pink, $399.99 

For the tech geek in your life, this power strip will provide hours of entertainment. I have it, and I find myself staring at it fondly, asking it questions, and wondering if it will finally take me to prom this year.

Kikkerland Electroman Power Stip, $14.99

Another lovely plant to give is the maidenhair fern. Emily and I aren’t good at keeping these things alive. They like to dry up and die, resenting us for not watering them enough.


Maiden Hair Fern, $13.58

You can also put them in a giant cloche. And then you can pretend you’re in “Beauty and the Beast” and that when the last leaf falls off you will be alone forever.

So, there you have it. Ten gifts you can get at the hardware store. I’ll take one of each.



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