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Technically Perfect Gifts for Father's Day

Dear Reader,

Are you confused, bewildered, and tearing your hair out over what to buy your dear old dad for Father’s Day? Join the club! Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy for. But one thing lots of dads can get into is tech, so I compiled a list of some gorgeous gadgets even the gooberiest of guys will gregariously gab about. Here we go!

1. MM031 Handset, $120: Do you love to talk to your husband/father on the phone but don’t want him to get terminal brain cancer from smashing the receiver against his cranium? Try giving him this luxurious bluetooth handset. It will save his life whilst looking totally stylish on your desk.

2. FUJIFILM XF1 Digital Camera, $429: I love old cameras, but hate waiting for analog film to be developed. You get the best of both worlds with this vintage looking digital camera, upholstered in glamorous camel leather. Give it to your dad to thank him for all the road trips he took you on. Or to guilt him for never taking pictures of you when you were little.

3. Jawbone UP, $129: This device tracks physical activity and sleep, and thus is the perfect gift for the active man in your life. It’s also ideal if you suspect your husband of adultery, as you can break into his account, see how many steps he took yesterday, and ask him where he did all that walking. Busted!

4. Galileo Teliscope, $475: The truth about most men is that we are all huge dorks. Thus, we like nerdy things like telescopes. Surprise your favorite dweeb with this handsome specimen.

5. Brass iPhone Case, $105: What do dudes like more than nifty iPhone cases? Nifty iPhone cases made out of metal. Duh.

6. JBL Charge, $149: This cool gadget can play music for 12 hours. And can fit into a backpack or large cargo pocket, if you know anyone who wears those. Wait. Are cargo shorts back? Did I miss something? I’m so lost.


 7. Nespresso Maestro Espresso Machine, $549: Get this for the man in your life who loves coffee. And then use it all the time to get your caffeine fix.

8. Lillon Grill by Ikea, $99: This isn’t technically tech, but it looks space age. If you’re going to have a grill cluttering up the yard, it may as well be cool-looking. Like your outfit today. Go girl.

9. CL Headphones by Harman Kardon, $199: A fun fact about men is that they like large headphones. Large headphones make them feel like DJs and then they feel cool and then they feel like life is worth living. And don’t you want your man to live?

10. iPhone Hand Dock, $65: This delightful iPhone dock allows you to use your phone as a miniclock by downloading a top secret special app. Glamour.

11. Roadtrip Video Recorder, $129: Dads like to record things. Even more fun is using a gadget to record stuff. That’s where this thing comes in handy. It looks like a normal nav device, but actually records your road trip. Get ready for the most boring family videos in history.

12. QlockTwo Watch, $795: When I saw this watch I decided to buy a baby just so I could qualify to receive a Father’s Day gift. Gimme.

But wait, there’s more! And by “more” I mean


Describe your father in one word. If you’ve never met your father, or any father for that matter, why not describe a father you saw on TV or your favorite animal dad from a Disney cartoon? I’ll go first, Simba’s dad from ‘The Lion King’ was “Hardcore.” Now you! One lucky winner will receive an uberglamorous JBL Charge, the lovely portable speaker I mentioned before that will allow you to bombard your beach neighbors with 12 hours of music before it loses its juice. It looks like this:


You can get it in manly black, vibrant blue, or gorgeous green. And then you can give it to your dad or someone else’s. OR just keep it for yourself. Enter your answer below in the comments and we will randomly choose a winner! Everyone wins! Well not really but you get my point.

Contributor Orlando Soria


UPDATE! We have a Winner randomly selected by Jayme Goff! Get it, Goff!


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