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Target Styling Chapter #8: Into the bedroom


Like the rest of the world we took a break during the holidays but now its time to go into the bedroom and style it out – just like we are doing below. This video is all about bed styling and mixing textiles, but I know that there are also a lot of pretty darn wonderful Target pieces in there for the rest of the room, too, and all the resources are near the end.

When we started this room it was completely white – a totally blank space. It was our goal to make it look layered and interesting, full of vintage and Target, with lots of textures, pops of color and personality.

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_white blue orange casual calm bedroom

That blue stripe rug is ridiculously cute, and yes, layering it is never a bad idea. That macrame wall hanging is Target and if you are interested in it I’d suggest you just buy it right now. It’s the ‘brass ball lamp’ of this season, meaning that its going to sell out very fast and then make a lot of people sad. It’s totally impressive. And that pouf is part of Nate’s collection which should be out any day. Salmon is big this season as you all know, so we brought it into the space isn the most non-90’s way possible and I think it worked.

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm 1

I love those gold based benches, not sure if they are still available, but if they aren’t I just saw these in the store and I love them.

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm styling bed

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_white poof blue orange

I just bought two of those lamps up there for a photo shoot today – I totally forgot we used the samples in this video. They are just so good. As we were styling with them today we kept saying how simple and modern they are – totally mid-century inspired and the shades look really pretty and high-end. Not all their lamps work with so many different styles, but I’m digging those a lot (and I think they are replacing my DIY lamps in my guest room – which are just too bright for me – my bad).

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm 2

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm bedside table

We did an art wall which I’ll talk more about in the next video. Also please note the frame of Brian and I embracing from when we were 21 years old (in the photo above). We were camping and apparently both loved head-gear.

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm dresser

Orange and Brass Side Table | White Dresser: vintage | White and Orange Table Lamp |  Glass Geometric Vase | Agate Green Tray | White Pedestal Bowl | Blue Vase: vintage | Brass Figure: vintage | Brass Bowl | White Vase: vintage | Brass and Rope Art Piece | Light Blue and Grey Abstract Art | Blue Square Abstract Art | Paris Photo Art | Blue Green Spotted Abstract Art | Blue Orange Great Abstract | Woven Artifact | Water Color Plate | Blue Orange Yellow Abstract | Pink and Orange Abstract | Blue Seascape Photo: Vintage | Iron Work Art: Vintage

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm pillows

For the bedding we wanted to show how you can mix and match different sheets, blankets, comforters, shams and decorative pillows. You’ll notice that the two patterns are totally different scales and different patterns so they contrast each other really well. And the coral and teal is pretty much a really good example that if you mix the colors consistently in a room and on a bed that any two colors can work together. Then we added some texture and a random vintage needlepoint with a more graphic pattern to shake it up a bit.

Green and White Sheets | Orange Sheets Floral Sham | Knitted Pillow | Quilted White Pillow | Needlepoint Pillow: vintage | Striped Quilt

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm styling bed 1

If you are wondering where my shirt is from, its vintage, and its one of those that if I had a fashion line I would re-produce in ONE SECOND. I’d make it in every color. Its made out of whatever that cotton was that doesn’t wrinkle (but feels like cotton), the princess sleeves are just so flattering and the peter pan collar is my favorite. Someone please reproduce this now.

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_whiteblue orange casual calm
Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_white desk blue orange vanity

That’s not exactly how I styled it (I think things got moved) but I wanted to credit everything anyway.

Table Lamp | Geometric Vase | Gold Bowl: vintage | Gold Boxes: vintage | Mirror: vintage | Gold Feather Sphere | Blue Print: vintage | Pink Print: vintage | White Desk Tufted Bench | Blanket: vintage |

Target Emily Henderson_bedroom_white blue orange casual calm bedroom

Orange and Brass Side Table | White Dresser: vintage | White and Orange Table Lamp | Bedside Tables: vintage | Table Lamp | Geo Print Pouf | Blue Striped Rug | Green Rug:vintage | Brass Task Lamp (no longer available) | Teal and Brass Bench | Woven Wall Hanging | Desk | Desk Table Lamp | Tufted Bench

* Hair and makeup by Danielle Walch, wardrobe by Jordan Rudd. Photos c/o Target.

Fin Mark


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Would you consider doing a series on how to style a bed? I always see these beautiful beds and I can never figure out how to recreate them! I love the coverlet look but live in a cold climate so need a big comfy duvet. Please help!!


Did you watch the video? But I know there could be so much more info on that. So yes!!

I second this. I never have any idea of how to make it look so comfy and layered – in a way that will work for everyday normal beds!


Sorry! Didn’t watch the video because I am at work! I will watch it this weekend for tips though!


WOW! So pretty and fresh with all those happy colors! Now, if I could just re-create in my own (drop-zone) bedroom. Thanks, again, for the inspiration! 🙂

really love love this bedroom you put together! I’ve been waiting for it for a while 🙂 nate berkus’ spring collection at target is so good~!


If you are wondering where my shirt is from, its vintage, and its one of those that if I had a fashion line I would re-produce in ONE SECOND. I’d make it in every color. Its made out of whatever that cotton was that doesn’t wrinkle (but feels like cotton), the princess sleeves are just so flattering and the peter pan collar is my favorite. Someone please reproduce this now.

Hmm seems this should be on the next Em Henderson line of Vintage Clothing Business. 😉


This bed looks so comfy and fresh and makes me just want to hop in and never get out again. I cant wait to see more of that art wall it looks amazing. You always have a way a mixing target in with vintage that makes it look so effortless and accessible to the public. Keep it up


you’ve done it again… I want it all, and will be heading to target immediately to buy all those fun new pieces. when is your line coming out at target? if i knew that you were stocked on the shelves i don’t think i would ever have to shop anywhere ever again.


Emily, I just love your jeans! Cool 70s-style wideleg are getting easier to find, but can still be a little elusive. Could you share the brand?


Me too!!! I think I’ve asked before.Please tell us!

I am in love with this room! Making Target items look even better!


Emily, I LOVE this bedroom! Can you (or anyone else) tell me where the bed frame is from?


We made it but I think that Ikea has a simple one. 🙂


Beautiful room, Emily. I like the simple white platform bed. Would you please provide information on the manufacturer or where to buy one?


Oh my god I love that rug! So glad it’s still available online. I love this room, it’s so fresh and cozy. Love the colors too. #targetdoesitagain

LOVE! So pretty and so inspiring! You have totally inspired me to spruce up our master bedroom!

Jahaila @ Girl Nesting

Jess Hartnett

Love how calm it feels even though there are pops of color everywhere.



Who makes that bed?



Love the video and bedroom style, so beautiful and inspirational. It’s really too bad Target just announced that they will be closing their Canadian stores. Means I’ll have to do some USA shopping.


And if those Target pieces that I lusted after but never made it up to Canada weren’t troublesome enough, now there’s no chance. Love the room & the vintage mix.

May Target rest in peace knowing they never came through for their Canadian customers.


I did hear that Sarah Richardson is doing a line at Target in Canada. Does that help?


Love Sarah Richardson, but Target is closing up shop – 17000 employees out of work closing. Even a really amazing SR line which I would have purchased isn’t going to happen for us now!


So pretty and it makes me so sad. Just learned today that Target is bankrupt in Canada and closing all their stores here. So, so sad.


OH really?????? I didn’t hear that. I actually think they are different, but i’m not totally sure.


This makes me so sad because Target just announced that it’s pulling out of Canada! Now it will be very difficult for me to get all of these beautiful things!!!


I know! The news totally wrecked my whole day. I have a US Target about 3 hours away but it’s just not as amazing as having it in my own back yard. I shop there on a weekly basis.


Ha, I love that you had to straighten that book when you were leaving the room. Just made me laugh. I bet you do that at home all the time?? 🙂 I have to say nothing makes me happier than you doing an affordable room. P.S. I just bought that woven wall hanging because you told me too.


Just popping in here to please beg you for a bed styling series! It’s the one thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around, decor-wise.


I am so obsessed with the brass task lamp that is no longer available at Target. I’ve even tried searching eBay and Craigslist for someone selling theirs. Any recommendations for something really similar (and not bank-breaking)?? Wish Target would make some more of those little cuties!


Yes…wth Target…bring back the goodies!!!!! I want that lamp so badly too. And the first Threshold woven bench.


I have been looking and looking for that lamp as well. Please use your pull to bring it back!


Thank you, Ann! This one has a fun modern shape to it! I had looked at this one, also, and it was out of stock. It’s back in stock with “limited quantities”, so I better make my move!


I bought that one too, back in Nov. It was on backorder for a couple of months, but just arrived this week. I really like it. Hope you do too! 🙂


Okay, I totally have a photo of me and then boyfriend (now husband) embracing on a camping trip when we were 19 or 20. Me in a bandana and him in a hat. We are clearly meant to be buddies.


Where can I buy that bed frame + headboard. Is it from Target too?

Did I really just buy that macrame wall hanging? Geesh. Way to put the gun to my head!


Hi Emily! I just went to and spent $300! Thanks for helping me design my new guest room 🙂 I snatched up that macrame wall hanging — fear works every time! I’m still kicking myself for not getting those brass lamps, it will NOT happen again. You’re the best!


Nice job. That is what we like to hear!!!! Its not like its my company but it means the partnership is working. Congrats on your new stuff. xx

Eeee! I have the mini-version of that wall hanging for my apartment. I love it so much.

i think my Target should get extra points for having the Nate Berkus collection early. I bought the pouf and the Gorg wall hanging last month and I get tons of compliments about the wall hanging in particular. It’s just completely beautiful, is all.

Thanks for putting this together! I needed to pick a color scheme and purchase pieces TODAY for my daughter’s new room and had no idea which way to go. This is just the right amount of feminine and calm.

Target just closed all of its 133 Canadian stores. I love their stuff and it drives me INSANE that they couldn’t figure out how to market it here and that I can look at your pretty pictures, salivate and…do nothing.


Can you buy online?

no, they don’t ship to Canadian addresses. boo!


Which size is this tear drop lamp? On the website it says there are two sizes: squat and tall. Thanks for the help! Don’t want to order something that is out of proportion.


Tall! The squat one is pretty small – like good for inside a bookcase.


Really love that desk but none of your links to it work 🙁 does this mean it sold out? I tried searching on Target’s website but couldn’t find it…


OOH weird. They did. I’ll check. it could be that we couldn’t find them online either. I’ll see if I can and then update them.

Nina Bond

Looks wonderful. I actually really love all the shoots that you do for Target. I like all the gold or brass touches. A macramé touch is always a winner in my book.


Love the room and how you’ve blended vintage with Target so successfully again.


can you put in a word with target to bring back that brass side table lamp (style on your nightstand) 🙁


I absolutely have, don’t worry. Its awesome. 🙂




I love this so much, I can hardly stand it. The colors are perfection. This style is a little too clean / modern for my home (I know it has tons of vintage in it, but my brain reads it as modern), but if my home were a different style, I would try to copy this look in a hot minute. I love it ALL.


I went to target TJ get my copy-cat on…and sheets are so vibrant in color, in person! I’m nervous! I love the calming feeling here so much. Do you think if felt calm in person too?
Thanks for all you do!


Hi Emily! I’d love to get a wire basket like that for my pillows! I couldn’t find the link. Did I miss it? Thanks!

hi, Emily! Im really a fan of your designing. Your style inspires me to want to learn and create more beautiful things and spaces around me. I saw you once on your show Secrets of A Stylist and I already fell in love with your style. I am now following your instagram account to see beautiful creations every day for inspiration. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks for all your advices on your show. 🙂


I find that Nate Berkus table SO reminiscent of this Garza Marfa stool:


What are those wonderful hot pink flowers?????

This all looks fantastic!

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