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The Link Up: The Platform Sandals Em Could Wear For HOURS, Mal’s Great $20 Belt Bag Dupe, And Our Picks From The New Target X Studio McGee Line

Happy Sunday everyone! We had some pretty awesome posts/news this week in case you missed it. First off, if you haven’t read Cailtin’s post about the Gee’s Bend Quilters you should stop reading this, go read that, and then come back. It’s important, fascinating, infuriating, but ultimately so inspiring. You’ll see what we mean. Then there was a juicy river house post and the announcement of Pratt + Larson now offering sample sets of all the tiles Em used at the farmhouse! So if you’ve been wanting to see any of them in person, it’s now easier than ever. See? A good week. Now let’s get to these links!

This week’s house tour is magnificent and an eclectic, vintage maximalist’s dream! It belongs to Italian architect and designer, Roberto Gerosa who only in 2020 moved into his live/work loft in Milan. It looks like he’s been there for a least a decade. We know that the article is behind a paywall (and we heavily recommend subscribing) but you can look at most of the photos on Roberto’s Instagram account. Simply calling his home collected would only scratch the surface. Go enjoy the beauty he’s created not only in his own home but also with his other work.

From Emily: Really comfortable walking around town sandals that have a heel (and aren’t ugly) are impossible to find. And listen, I’m not interested in a high heel if I’m going to walk even a few blocks, just a lift to make my legs look longer and help me feel a bit more dressed up/cute. These from Sorel (trusted brand, folks) are SO comfortable and easy to mix with most outfits. It’s a wedge and platform-y so by nature it’s more comfortable than a typical high heel. And there is a padding that is cushy making it good for hours and hours. 

From Arlyn: My friend recommended Butterfly in the Sky on Netflix to me recently and it was just so beautiful and nostalgic. If you ever watched Reading Rainbow as a kid, you’re going to LOVE this documentary. I ended the hour and thirty or so minutes with a lump in my throat, holding back tears. The show’s host LaVar Burton was such a figure in my childhood, so seeing him now talking about making the show and everything that went into it felt like a warm hug. Man do I wish there was something like it out there now or in a few years for my daughter, but it’s currently streaming on Prime Video if you want your children or grandchildren to experience the magic of the “retro” show.

From Mallory: I went to Target right before our Mexico retreat, ended up swooping this $20 little belt bag, and never looked back. It’s perfect for summer walks, beach days, or really anything. I ended up wearing it horseback riding during our retreat and it was perfect. I have the white canvas one and I love the little checkerboard strap!! It’s totally Clare V-inspired which is probably why I thought it was so cute.

Target and Studio McGee just launched a new line and to no one’s surprise, it’s great! There are truly so many incredible products but here are a few of our favorites:

Havenstone Bed | Modern Turned Wooden Accent Table | 60″x40″ Dark Abstract Framed Wall Art

Hi bed! Now that does not look like it’s from Target (no shade!). It’s so cool and chic with those ball feet, right? Then that little side table is such a showstopper. The legs are perfect and if you don’t need a side table, don’t worry! This style also comes in two different consoles and two cabinets. Then wow, wow, wow! That is a HUGE piece of art and a beautiful one too. Target’s art is typically shockingly good so to get a piece this big for just over $100 is WILD. Run don’t walk.

Velvet Oval Shaped Throw Pillow | Burlap Tapered Lamp Shade | Wood Frame Pillow Top Accent Chair

Love a fun new pillow shape! This is a great little lumbar-inspired cutie that we think could look so great. Then this lampshade may look simple but take a closer look. That cream burlap is SUCH a pretty texture and the shape is so classic. Think of the pretty glow it gives off. And we know Studio McGee knows how to make a great chair and this one is no expectation. We love the curve in the arm and the pillow top seat and back cushions.

Queen Ogden Headboard | Marble Dish | Floral Striped Wallpaper

Real Burlwood is V expensive so offering this faux Burlwood headboard for $200 is a slamming deal! Plus it’s really pretty:) And speaking of pretty, that marble dish tray might be our favorite that Target has ever made. It looks SO high-end. And finally, you know Em loves a quiet, neutral patterned wallpaper and this one fits into that category perfectly. 10/10.

From Gretchen: I finally caved and bought something stupidly expensive that I have been wanting for a ridiculously long time. From the genius words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle–TREAT YO SELF! Painfully spendy as they were, I “treated myself” to a pair of the Airpods Max headphones–they come in a glorious array of colors (I went for Sky Blue) and sit comfortably over your ears, canceling out the world around you for full immersion in whatever podcast or song you choose to play on a relentless repeat (like I do). I primarily bought these to encourage myself to go on more walks this summer, so that people can visibly note that I am in my own world and not to be perceived, but these are especially great for hyperfixating at home! I’m loving slapping these bad boys on and getting lost in the dishes or laundry for a while. Were they worth it? I’m sure I could find another over-ear headphone brand I like for wayyy less, but I am an Apple girly through and through and just appreciate how easily these integrate into my life and other devices. So for me, yes!

From Caitlin: Do you love Love is Blind? Did you devour The Ultimatum? Well buckle up, friend, because I’m about to introduce you to your new favorite reality dating show: Love Undercover, streaming now on Peacock. EVERYONE involved in the making of this show deserves some type of medal – it’s an absolute mess and a total joy to watch. Let me set the scene: 5 international soccer stars head to America – the only place in the world where they aren’t famous – in hopes of finding someone who loves them, and not their funds. (I’m definitely not doing it justice – check out the 2-minute trailer here.) Honestly, I first threw this on as background noise – not a big sports fan, so I didn’t think it’d be up my alley – but I was hooked in the first 8 minutes. IT’S SO GOOD. (In the fun, jaw-dropping, eyebrows-lifting-off-your-face kind of way, to be clear – high-brow art, this is not.) I loved seeing the men be humbled; I loved the larger-than-life personalities (everyone is openly bananas. Hats off to casting!); I loved the blend of tropes, twists, and drama. Will you love everyone? NO. Will you have a blast watching a woman brag about her 60,000 IG followers to Ryan Babel, who is physically struggling not to mention his own follower count? YES. A million more seasons, please!!!

From Jess: A couple of new quite large sunspots have recently posted up on two of my fingers so I’ve been in “Operation: SEE YA Sunspots.” Aside from a serum and lots of sunscreen, I did buy these UV Light Protective Nail Gloves. I get my nails done about every 4-5 weeks and I figured why not throw on another layer of protection? You can also wear them driving but I’m not sure I’m there yet lol. So while I may feel silly in them at the nail salon, the piece of mind is worth it to me:)

Also From Jess: Another movie rec! But this time you can watch at home. I guess I was living under a giant rock because I just only this week finally watched Red, White, and Royal Blue on Prime. Your heart might explode because it’s so sweet, pretty sexy, and beautiful.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your Sunday. See y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: The River House Renovation Is Done!! FOUR YEARS LATER + Questions From You And How It’s All Going To Roll Out…

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28 days ago
28 days ago
Reply to  JenPNW

Thank you! Loved the joyfulness of this home.

another Emily
27 days ago
Reply to  JenPNW

oh thank you!

27 days ago
Reply to  JenPNW

Thanks so much, Jen!

27 days ago
Reply to  JenPNW

Wow thank you! Was just going to comment, I feel like I read other blogs (CoJ, Kottke) where the writers give gift links regularly for any paywalled articles they link to. Would really appreciate it if EH could do the same! Feels like a lot of the tours they highlight are behind paywalls :/

27 days ago
Reply to  LG

i totally hear you, but just a quick counterpoint: those websites will die without paid readership. it’s a crazy time to be working in internet media – most major news sites have seen their traffic fall by more than 50% – and the lifestyle content and games are what keeps the lights on. if you’re able, a subscription will help to keep thousands of journalists employed! i pay $4 a month for my nyt subscription (and an extra $5.99 for the games – crossword addict lol) which feels like a steal compared to my netflix/max/hulu/peacock fees. i graduated from journalism school in 2013 and my only friends still working are in tv anchor positions (and there’s one guy writing for huffpo, i guess, ha) – the rest have been laid off as their papers shuttered and folded. anyway – i hope these links can help support these resources for as long as possible 🙂 but feel free to share gift links in the comments! (ps this is just me talking, not like, all of EHD, hehe. sometimes i just like to engage in the discourse too!!! :))

27 days ago

Belt bag. LOL. Used to be called fanny packs, but I guess that’s the uncool retro!

27 days ago

The art piece from target looks like the giant old-school blackboard we had in our basement/playroom growing up!

27 days ago

+1 to Red White and Royal Blue!! The book is one of my favorites ever and the movie is just gorgeous.