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How to Get that ‘Effortless Expensive California Casual’ look, on a budget


There is a lifestyle conspiracy happening right now on social media and it looks a lot like that photo (from the AMAZING book Surf Shack – they certainly aren’t all shacks but it’s such a pretty book with photography by Brittany Ambridge). Post after post show this look/vibe/style that feels so effortless and simple –… Read More …

Color Crush : How to Rock Fiesta Red

Red Velvet Accent Couch

Hola amigos! It’s Carla here, writing from Arizona where I’m enjoying spring break with the fam. I am happy to report that all of the ladybirds who live in my in-laws’ retirement community are embracing the hot new hues we’ve been posting about this Spring (Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Lavender), including today’s color . . . FIESTA RED!

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