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Everybody is a bit of a tech addict these days. At least I am. So, I did a mini roundup of some kinda cool tech gadgets for your viewing/gift giving pleasure. 1. Monocle Speaker | 2. Wooden Amplifier | 3. USB Car Charger | 4. Portable Projector | 5. USB Charging Cable | 6. White Calculator | 7. Bamboo Keyboard | 8. iPhone 5 MiniDock Power Adapter | 9. Waterproof Bluetooth… Read More …

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How To Get The Bedroom of the Future


Dear Gorgeous Individual, When most people think about incorporating technology into their homes, the last place they think of is their bedrooms. Technology seems noisy and cold and annoying to have in your sleep sanctuary, but there are some innovative products out there that not only make the bedroom more cozy and inviting, they also… Read More …