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How We Transformed Our Studio Windows in One Hour

As much as I lack a sense of privacy, having completely exposed windows in our office wasn’t ideal. We do some top secret styling stuff here, so having Lookie loos peeping in and reporting back to the New York Times could really take down our business. As you may remember, we recently added some window film to our living room and bedroom windows at my house that helps protect against UV rays and helps keep rooms cooler when it is warmer. But for our studio we had a slightly different issue to address. We needed to add some privacy and a pop of color to our rather drab floor to ceiling windows.

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Our Studio Progress

When we first saw the house there was this bonus room underneath that was full of what seemed to be my nightmares, really; old exercise equipment, tax returns from 1988 … a weird S and M room, etc. The room itself was never actually finished – no proper flooring was ever laid and the walls… Read More …

Customize It… Office Wall Pockets

Some of you may have seen a new column in Redbook last month featuring some DIY projects by me (and some people on the team). January is always a huge organizational month for me, I throw out all systems that don’t work (which is basically all of them) and start new systems (that I’ll surely… Read More …