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Welcome to LA!

Serena & Lily’s New Store

Whether it’s the striking wallpaper on the cover of the latest issue of Domino (featuring an equally striking Mindy Kaling), or various gems right here on the blog, you’re probably familiar with lifestyle brand Serena & Lily’s joyful home goods. Their website, and new West Hollywood location, is a happiness-inducing cornucopia of intoxicating patterns.

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Store Tour

Hemingway and Pickett in Echo Park

Those of us who love shopping understand its appeal. The smallest pattern, color, or function can elicit a number of joyful responses as you scan the display shelves seeking something useful, or something that just plain makes you feel good. In the midst of this euphoria, it may be hard to understand why your husband/friend/child/etc. has found the only chair near the exit to plop in and shoot daggers at you from across the room with his eyes. Well, Hemingway and Pickett nails shopping for everyone, even dudes. With everything from backpacks to bowties, necklaces to knives and the occasional taxidermy animal, there’s something fun for everyone.

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