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Design Mistakes

Styling With Too Many Small Objects


Buying a lot of small knick knacks is like ordering a lot of small appetizers at a restaurant in lieu of an entree = it seems easier and cheaper but ultimately you end up spending more and walk away less satisfied. I love tiny accessories, as you know. Like super tiny. I even once framed some handmade dollhouse fly swatters – which were each only 1 inch high. But if you ONLY have small things on your shelves they lose their individual aesthetic value and your whole space can look VERY cluttered.

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Pimp your toe kick …

oh joy lacquer storage

Is your toe kick feeling neglected? Does it just sit there and look at you without any viv and/or vigor? Have you seen your toe kick being rejected by other toe kicks on the playground for its lack of color and interest? If so, stop what you are doing, join my national ‘Pimp Your Toe… Read More …

  Who, me? nope, no hoarding here.  i’m definitely not a hoarder.  not at all. not even a little bit. pshaw, that’s crazy.  for sure not me.  don’t even worry about that, could never happen….   I know i’m not the only one who watches hoarders. And I know i’m not the only one who… Read More …