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The Reveal

Shelter Reveal: The Nursery

This room, this room is the one that really gets me. Not that the nursery is perfectly designed or because it’s going to blow your mind with its innovation, but this room means that there will be one less young, scared, single mom putting her newborn to sleep at night in the back of her car or in a tent on some sketchy street. That image is what made me want to do this ENTIRE project as I can’t imagine how that mom feels. So I’m happy to present to you the nursery in the shelter.

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Shelter update


We finished the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission a few weeks ago, followed by a ribbon cutting and a small press event celebrating with all the sponsors. First off, I’m having a ribbon cutting for all projects from now on – even my new nursery or when I finally get around to fixing the laundry closet… Read More …