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How to Mix Decorative Pillows (+ 20 guaranteed-to-look-good combinations)

We do a lot of pillow combining over here. I feel like pillows and throws are the only accessories that everyone universally likes. Even minimalists that don’t like a lot of ‘decor’ still want a few throw pillows for comfort (there are exceptions, obviously, and I’m sure there is an anti-throw pillow secret society out… Read More …

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All Snuggled Up

At Home With Parachute Home

There is a new bedding company in town in case you haven’t heard! Parachute is a home essentials brand based in Venice Beach. They’re all about simple, beautiful designs constructed out of luxurious and high quality materials. Parachute is a direct-to-consumer business. By partnering directly with the best manufacturers in Europe, they’re able to offer superior products at a lower cost.

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