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Little Girl’s Nursery

This little belly of mine (which is not so little anymore) is growing bigger and bigger everyday which makes me excited, scared, nervous and so happy all at the same time. With the the our new addition to the Hendo clan quickly on her way out, things are moving along with the nursery and I am having so much fun designing and playing around with how this new nursery is going to be.

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Boys room makeover

Two kids rooms in two weeks, folks. I’m practicing for the real deal; when Emily and/or Brian Junior grace us with their presence, then I’ll have like, five kids rooms under my belt so I can properly torture them with my unhealthy obsession of having their rooms be painfully adorable. But first, I must blog… Read More …

Venice Loft Nursery

Yes, it’s a total coincidence that both yesterday and today’s post are child-centric, although yes, I do love me some miniature humans — and we are hoping and excited for a miniature Henderson too. So I finished this nursery a few weeks ago, but it’s posted on Apartment Therapy today. While I kinda wanted to wait… Read More …