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The Fig House, update #5

Well, friends. This might be my last update until you get some sneak peeks into the final project. In case you haven’t been following The Fig House project click here for the whole story. It’s getting epic. Six months ago the space looked like this: Not exactly where you want to have your wedding reception…. Read More …

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The Fig House project, update #4

Big renovations, like raising children, are mostly fun at the very beginning and the very end. The ‘teenage’ years of both (or so I’ve heard) are best to just block out. At the beginning you are busy pulling together the art direction, trolling for inspiration, playing with color palettes, and prematurely buying crazy awesome pieces…. Read More …

My week in Instagrams

This week started out in Vegas, where me and my baby got smashed on absinthe and ecstasy … except opposite. I didn’t even consider doing anything except take a bath, read in bed, get room service, and watch The Killing. It was kinda awesome. Monday I spoke at The World Market Center, a design trade… Read More …

The Fig House, update #1

The Fig House has broken ground — literally — the ground is all jacked up … and I mean literally jacked up, as they are using jack hammers today. Meanwhile we are busy planning, designing, shopping, and generally adjusting to the fact that I have bangs. It’s like how wood flooring has to acclimate in… Read More …

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