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A Floral Glam Nursery Reveal

Lulu & Georgia Sara Sugarman Emily Henderson Makeover

Today we are introducing a floral glam nursery for a pretty wonderful family. Sara Sugarman (founder of Lulu and Georgia) was pregnant with her first baby (a lucky little girl) and wanted a beautiful, happy, space in which to welcome that little dumpling home. I love designing nurseries (especially with like-minded design-oriented folk like Sara) so I jumped on the job pretty fast. Nurseries are my favorite rooms to design: they are so easy and fun.

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Kick it in the walls

  So I don’t really ‘do bold’ in my own apartment.  I used to, oh, boy did I used to.  My apartment in college was basically a burlesque house.  BUT,  I still wear bold, fo shizzle. Sometimes I have to pretend that it’s not me in the mirror and I ask myself, “If I saw… Read More …