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The Difference Grout Color Can Make To Your Tiles

Tile is hard to choose, grout should be easy. But sometimes it’s not. Welcome to another ‘Drafts We Never Published’ all about grout color. The reason that we didn’t publish it originally is because I felt that just saying, ‘black grout looks busier but more dramatic than white grout’ isn’t enough of a lesson. Ultimately… Read More …

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Makeover Takeover

Brady’s DIY Peel and Stick Kitchen Flooring (for under $50)

If I had a dollar for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON that told me that I was certifiably insane for the amount of work I was putting into my rental apartment, I could quickly move out of it and into a penthouse that looks over the Pacific Ocean, while sipping mojitos and staring at the pool boy below in his red speedo. But – as reality has it, I am still single, elbows deep in DIY and decor projects in my current apartment, and I could not be happier (unless, say, that poolboy came over to help me with my projects – I digress).

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