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The Curbly House Makeover

Happy cyber monday, friends. I can’t wait ’til i’m 90 years old and every day is a different holiday – it will happen … just watch … blogger appreciation day? Teen vampire celebration day? Hug your cable man day? We had a wonderful thanksgiving – our last as non-parents, and then spent the rest of… Read More …

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The Curbly Bedroom Makeover

Oh my, do I have a case of bedroom jealousy. This one is one of my favorites EVER. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that its really big and has a big walk-in closet attached so we had no storage issues (lord I HATE storage issues). Besides that the whole space is just so calm, quiet, inviting… Read More …

The Curbly Family Dining Room Makeover

Today is the second part of our Curbly family home makeover. In case you missed the background of the whole collaboration and the living room makeover, check it out HERE folks. Its one of my most favorite ever. And now we have moved on to the dining room. Here she was after they renovated,  but before we got… Read More …

Curbly's makeover

It’s makeover time, folks. I leave tomorrow for Minneapolis, Minnesota to style the house of the LOVELY family who run the Curbly blog. I met Bruno two years ago at Alt Summit where he stuck out like a giant in a sea of toddlers — solely because he was a male. And straight. A straight… Read More …

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