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Rustic Spanish House Overall


Well, the Spanish Rustic California Modern house is all finished and we’ve certainly documented the heck out of it. So I figured we’d do one big recap post of it so you’d have the whole house in one post. We are real thorough like that.

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Mistakes have been made …


Oh, yeah. Mistakes get made. I wish I could talk about the mistakes that I made while shooting SFAS. Half the time we didn’t have time to exactly fix them so then the homeowner, who was normally so excited about the design and didn’t notice any mistakes, would read the post and get sad because… Read More …

'House of the Year' Kitchen makeover

kitchen before

I would cook so hard in this kitchen. My life would be like one of those lifestyle mafia members who is constantly Instagramming the most beautiful rainbow kale and turnips. If only I had this kitchen, I too could Instagram those slightly undesirable but beautiful root vegetables. If you are just catching up, I’m documenting the… Read More …