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Beach Inspired Kitchen (INSTALLED IN 1 DAY!)

A couple of months ago I had a rather interesting kitchen design challenge, with a capital C. I was hired by LG to promote their new Black Stainless Steel series at an editors event in New York – that wasn’t the challenging part. The challenging part came later (keep reading). The ask: Design a kitchen on Pinterest then, weeks later, install said kitchen in one day/night in an event space, in New York (with lots of help from a strong design/build team). It was insane, and was full of fixable bumps and exciting problems to solve.

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Here I go a-stalking….again. My friend Jen.

  Stylist, photographer and fashion designer, Jen Gotch is one of my favorite friends in L.A.   and she’s no phony, like those people who call themselves “writers” and “actors” without ever having written a word or acted in anything…ever, NOT EVEN TAKEN A CLASS!!!  breathe..breathe… Her new years resolution 2 years ago was to… Read More …