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Baby Shower #2

Our Baby Sprinkle

You’d think for your second baby there is less excitement but I’ve actually found that there is more. Its because (and i’m sorry I’m a broken record) with your second you know the extreme happiness you really get from a child and you want more of it. With the first I remember thinking this better… Read More …

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Our baby shower, part 2

Well folks, you can call off the search, take down the posters, hang up your 911 call because you have officially found the best ‘parenting party’ (co-ed shower) that’s ever been given … and it was ours, thrown by Scott, Corbett and Orlando – 3 of my very best friends in LA. Naturally they are… Read More …

Our baby shower …

You can call off the search, fire the detectives, put down the phone, and take the flyers on the street poles because you’ve officially found the best baby shower ever. And by baby shower I do mean a boy/girl party to celebrate parenthood. Baby showers come in all shapes and sizes and they all have… Read More …

My 1st Baby Shower

Well, folks … as you probably know by now we had a baby – Mr. Charlie Henderson. But before one has a baby, one must have a shower – specifically thrown by one’s wonderful mother-in-law’s best friends in Sacramento. It was pretty awesome. Brian and I have been together since we were 21, practically babies… Read More …

Mid-Century Texan Outback Baby Shower

It’s a baby shower, folks. Except I’m officially renaming this one to “Send Off to Parenting Party” because that’s more what we decided to do. It’s not that anything is wrong with the more traditional baby showers, truly, but sometimes I think traditions don’t make much sense for everyone in every situation. First off, Leigh (the… Read More …

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