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The Link Up: Mallory’s $30 Structured Sweater, Caitlin’s All-Time Favorite Chelsea Boot (+ A Heads Up That Holiday Shopping Might Not Be So Easy This Year…)

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! It’s that time of the month again –– sorry I mean time of the week –– where we pull together some fun and cool links of products, places, things that are present in our lives right now 🙂 Once again, we’ve some very fun links for you all this week, so instead of dilly-dallying, let’s just get right to it:

This week’s home tour is the home of none other than Kirsten Dunst. Dunst befriended interior designer Jane Hallworth at an early age, so when it came time to design her Hollywood Hills lakehouse, she knew just the person to help her pull it together. The home is charming, moody, and full of character and life. Plus their use of moody, beautiful tones throughout the space is absolutely remarkable. Check this one out, guys.

From Emily: My friend, Kate Arends from Wit and Delight just revealed her kitchen and it’s very fun. She takes a lot of design risks which is what I love about her..for example, she painted her kitchen cabinets PURPLE. Just click the link & check it out if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂

From Jess: Historically I’m not a foundation gal. I’ve used this powder one and have liked it but never stuck with it for the every day (not that I feel the need to wear makeup every day but I don’t hate a little bit of coverage:)) Then from a sample I got from Sephora, I tried a MAGICAL product from Kosas called Tinted Face Oil Comfy Skin Tint. Look, I know tinted face oils aren’t new but I’m usually late to the skincare makeup party. This thing gives me my ideal amount of coverage (light to medium because I like to still see some of my normal skin), a slight glow, and makes me look healthy and moisturized. And since it’s an oil, it actually IS moisturizing. 20/10!

From Albie: If you’ve been following along with my IG stories for the past couple of weeks, then you know I have been on a planner’ing kick. I’ve always loved planning because it’s just another form of organizing — aka my love language — but it wasn’t until last year that I found planner system I could actually stick to. I have a whole post on what my planner system is and how I use it, but at the center of it all are my Happy Planners. Because Happy Planners are disc-bound, I’ve been able to create & customize planners that I can actually stick with, not just collect & hoard because they’re pretty. I have one main “catchall” for personal & professional, and one mini planner for our home. After a year of basically winging it, I am excited to get back into a rhythm where things make sense by creating systems that can support my unpredictable (sometimes) manic life.

From Mallory: I’m so excited about this new sweater I got (because it’s officially below 75 degrees here in LA so it’s fall y’all!) I’m very into ruffley, architectural, kind of structured sweaters and this one caught my eye. Plus for $30 I could not pass it up when I was at Target…run don’t walk if you’re in need of a good new sweater.

Also from Mallory: I can’t tell you the last thing I bought from at Banana Republic, but I got an ad recently and it really made me want this dress (I love the yellow so much, but also the purple?? Oh or classic black and white I’m not sure) – it’s all about THOSE SLEEVES. It’s in my cart but now I just need something to wear it to 🙂

From Caitlin: This week it was finally cold enough (read: “night time and below 90 degrees”) to break out my all-time favorite classic black Chelsea boots and I had forgot how much I loved them!!! I bought these in 2019 and they still look new, which is saying a lot because I’ve worn these bad boys INTO THE GROUND – we’re talking traipsing through snow, salt, and at least 6 different airports in 2 different countries. I really love the spot they hit on my ankle (sometimes boots just make me feel kinda stumpy, you know?) and they’re incredibly comfortable AND ethically made AND sustainable…so basically like, the jackpot of heeled ankle boots. There are also like a billion (or 130+) people singing their 5-star praises in the reviews, so it’s not just me! They’re a little pricey at $230 but absolutely worth the investment – can’t wait to wear them for years to come

Also From Caitlin: Just a PSA from someone behind the scenes – holiday shopping this year is going to be a doozy. Between the new USPS slowdown, supply chain problems with literally all your favorite retailers, and anticipated 20% price increases (!!!)…we’re in for a rough one. I know we’re a while out but if you wanna watch your wallet, it may be worth making your list now! On the bright side – never been a better time to shop vintage or local  (If anyone needs a present for me, I’m currently falling prey to a crippling obsession with vintage swan-shaped planters. So niche, so affordable, so fun!!!)

From Ryann: My latest trip to Target was a huge success (not always the case when you are a notorious impulse buyer like me) so I just would love to share everything I purchased in one trip that I actually LOVE and won’t be returning. I went looking for a black throw pillow and found this which has a really lovely texture. I also was looking for some decor and saw this basket bag and thought it would be really cute styled with wild branches (spoiler alert: it is). I bought this large basket for all my throw blankets and it’s just a solid basket with a great shape. And finally, I meandered to the clothing section and LUCKILY saw these flare jeans that I’ve been eyeing ever since the Nili x Lotan collab dropped. They had my size so I tried them on and folks, these are very cool. I really love how different they are and they look really good with heeled cowboy boots just FYI.

Well, that’s a wrap on this week’s link up. Stay tuned for next week and until then, well, we’ll see you for some more exciting design content!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Jane Hallworth | Photo by Laure Joliet | Styling by Colin King | via Architectural Digest

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7 months ago

Amazing linkup as usual, I look forward to this Sunday mornings! Have any other Canadians figured out how to order from Target successfully?

7 months ago
Reply to  DV

Alexandra Gater on YouTube posted about that at one time – there’s a business that will set up a PO Box office or something for you in the US? And then send to you? I’m not sure … but it is a new business and might show up in google.

7 months ago

LEARNED The “Martha Washington Hotel for Women” was mentioned in the novel “The Personal Librarian” and this is an interesting history about it:

READ “Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell and listened to the amazing audio book of “Daisy Jones & The Six” read by Jennifer Beals, OITNB’s Pornstache and Benjamin Bratt. “Daisy Jones” will be a 13 episode series on Amazon.

WATCHED Finished the last 2 episodes of “Ted Lasso” on Apple. Still think it’s creepy to have a 45+ year old club owner who controls a 21 year old player’s work visa/contract sleeping with that player, but I do like Rebecca and Sam. Started the first two seasons of “Shameless” on Showtime. I will forever laugh at the thought of Kev turning around behind the bar wearing his “Find Ethel” tee.

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