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Sunrise Senior Living Redesign giveaway

Hey folks, remember last year when I partnered up with Sunrise Senior Living to share style tips on how to decorate with the needs of seniors?  Well, this year we are upping the partnership and I’m actually going to redecorate one lucky member’s space, all expenses paid. Keep reading.

When Sunrise first approached me, my gut reaction was that I generally get sad when I go into nursing homes, so was hesitant to forge a partnerhship with one. BUT I figured I’d visit one to see what it’s like. I loved it. It truly didn’t feel like a nursing home — all the residents were just so happy. I spent the day visiting with them, touring the space, eating the food, playing with their pets, and generally getting a feel for the community.

I honestly don’t know much about any other retirement communities, but I was totally impressed with Sunrise Senior Living. The rooms can be personalized any way the residents want, to really help them feel like home. It feels NOTHING like a hospital or any other nursing home I’ve ever been in. They’re encouraged to bring their pets and whatever else they wanted to make sure it feels like home and there are like one million activities a day for the residents to do together. The food was good, the classes were fun … everyone just hangs out with all their friends all day.


So here’s what’s happening: One lucky resident is going to win a $3, 000 makeover from me for their Sunrise Senior Living space. Sunrise will fly me to where the senior is and we’ll do a design consultation. After I plan everything, I’ll come back and makeover the space. The idea is that just because you share your home with many other people doesn’t mean that you lose your individuality and personal style.

I’m not sure how many seniors read this blog, so this is for you guys who know seniors — your parents or grandparents, etc., that live in a Sunrise Community. You can nominate them and they don’t have to do any work.   

Fill out the nomination form here and review the contest rules here.
All you have to do is write a short essay about what living in a Sunrise community means to you (or your senior) and why you/they would love a home makeover. This is really what is going to get you to win. The more personal the better and I don’t think it would hurt to tell your story (or the story of the senior you are nominating).
If you want to nominate a family member or friend, you can write the essay on his or her behalf.
Just think about how much fun it would be for them. It’s not too intrusive and it won’t take long, and after just a few days they’ll have a space that they love even more and reflects their style. Plus the whole process will make them feel so special. I’ll keep anything that they love or have sentimental attachment toward and incorporate those pieces into the design.
I feel pretty strongly that after a long life of working hard and raising families that seniors should get to live somewhere that makes them really, really happy. I know Sunrise isn’t cheap and probably costs more than nursing homes, but it’s 100 percent worth it to know that they are having fun, all their needs are met in a really warm, inviting, activity-filled home. As a massive fan of communal living, I’d totally be into it.


Click here for all the design tips on designing for seniors, and check out the mood board and list of resources that I used and recommended.

Who out there has a family member at a Sunrise community? You have until March 1st to enter and then the winner will be announced. Think about how surprised and happy they would be. I’d fuss over them, take lots of photos with them, and generally make them feel so special. Enter away!



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