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Stylish Houses Needed for my book

Oh folks, its time. I’ve been pushing this book off for years. not because I don’t want to do it but because this book is a BEAST. Without giving too much away know that hopefully, if all goes right, it will be the book that anyone interested in home style feels compelled to pick up. It’s not full of images of castles in Scotland or Moroccan night markets, its more ‘me’ and frankly ‘you’ than that. But that’s all I’ll say for now.

Point is: over the next couple months I need to shoot 30 houses. THIRTY. I have one. My awesome friends have a couple. But I’m looking for 20 more houses either in LA, Portland or Austin (I live in LA, my family is in Portland and I LOVE Austin) that are 90 percent “there”. By that I mean, houses that are architecturally interesting OR houses full of great style. Ideally both 🙂 If there are like 5 houses in New Orleans or Nashville, I’ll totally go there. I just have to cluster them so I’m not traveling around the country staying in hotels and eating up the budget. They can be lofts, apartments, bungalows, mansions .. whatever. Bigger and lots of light is easier, but we can make most spaces work with the magic of photography.

Whats in it for you?  Pictures of your space all styled up. We won’t be furnishing it or really leaving anything behind except for some flowers and a prop as a gift. But you will get pics in a published (and hopefully successful) book that could help your resale or if you are a designer add to your portfolio. Sadly, you won’t get paid nor will you get free design work by me – I just want to be clear on that. But you will get some really beautiful photos of your space and some press if you want it (if you don’t want anyone to know its you, that’s fine, too – this isn’t a book where we do a bio of the home-owners). Also know that you may have the coolest house on the planet but if its similar to another one that we are shooting then it might not work.

Spread the word. Think of your or your friends houses that are really cool. Maybe your uncle DJ has a weird beach bungalow in Montecito. Again, they don’t have to be castles, but they do have to be cool and have style. That is all we are really looking for.  We’ll be shooting in May – July. Let er rip.

Email if you have a house that you think think could be a good fit. xx


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