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Style Book Sneak Peek

Our house is pretty much done (besides the bathrooms and landscaping) so we are on to the next project, jumping back into shooting the book. To say that this book is a lot of work would be like saying that Beyonce is a good performer – it’s just pretty much the understatement of the year. Its one of those things that if you don’t do it right, you are kinda just wasting resources because lets face it, you don’t do it to get rich. Why do you do it then? Because it’s basically just a really amazing, important and expensive business card that furthers lots of other career opportunities.

Thank god I have a ton of help (I’m talking to you, Scott and Angelin) … and thank god I love to style.

I don’t want to (nor can i legally) show too much, but I figured a little tease couldn’t hurt. So far we’ve shot at my friend Scott’s house, our friend Jay’s house, interior design Sally Breer’s home and today and tomorrow at the store Amsterdam Modern’s store owner, Ellen Compte’s home. David Tsay is shooting the whole book who is pretty much the best interior photographer in LA, and Scott, one of my best friends and an amazing stylist, is helping me style is so that we can get as many shots as possible in each day.

I’m getting insane house jealousy shooting this book. My goal is that every house and every shot should be inspiring in some way. It’s actually a lot more difficult than you think. In a normal magazine spread its easy to have a few shots that are beautiful and then a few detail shots that run smaller on the page because maybe they aren’t incredible. So it’s just hard, y’all, but such an exercise in styling/art direction and discipline. Every shot I have to ask myself ‘what are we learning/teaching from this shot?’ Its not just about being pretty, it needs to be teachable because just saying ‘buy beautiful expensive art!’ is not actually a tip.

Off to work on tomorrow’s shot list (and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram).


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