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The Link Up: The Softest Blanket Em’s Ever Bought, Mal’s New Lightweight Fall Sweater, And Some CUTE Halloween Decor

We know it’s not “technically” fall (especially since Labor Day is the first Monday in September…aka tomorrow) however once it hits September 1st, we automatically feel fall in our bones. Yes, it’s still hot. Yes, you might have some beach days left in you. BUT, if you show us a pumpkin and a cozy throw, it just feels right. But to honor these waning warm summer days, we wanted to throw up another photo from Em’s Soake pool reveal post (we’ll the first summer reveal:)). If you haven’t checked out the post YOU SHOULD and then come back. If you have, thank you, and please proceed to the links!

This week’s house tour is of a rental home for the design lover. It’s called the Foam House and has 3 beds and 2 baths with a couple common spaces. This home is full of color, textures, wallpapers, you name it. It’s whimsical yet relaxing AND has a covered trampoline. Basically inspiration for daaays. Go check it out here!

From Emily: You might’ve already seen it on stories, but I wanted to share a closer look at the roman shades we ordered for our family room doors. Our doors were long and skinny and the western sunset light was BLASTING through right at the times that we wanted to watch tv (around 5-7pm). So we partnered with Two Pages and I am so extremely happy with how they turned out. We had to go custom with these because there were just no ready-made window treatments on the market that would fit the dimensions of these long, skinny windows. I spent a minute deciding on the right color and texture for the space (so many samples to choose from) and I love love love what we chose and how they look. The shades are an almost-perfect color match to the paint and the overall quality is super nice. They also came SO FAST (under 3 weeks) and were very easy to install (thanks, handyman Dave!) plus, for around $200 per shade, they’re so much more affordable than if I had gone “custom-custom”. Can’t recommend these enough (and yes they do drapes, hardware, and woven shades, too).

Also From Emily: We believe in seriously cozy blankets in our house and the kids drag them down almost every morning. While they have the Target ones, I was recently in Crate & Barrel, looking at my fun signage with my face on it (yay!) and I found this blanket and HOLY MOLY it’s the softest thing I’ve ever felt. So I bought it for me and it was quickly co-opted by the entire family (while we binge Alone – y’all that show is so good). It feels really high quality and heavy and the color is so pretty (and look so good on our blue sofa). Instant fall coziness.

Did you see our Labor Day sale post round up?? If you haven’t and are in need of anything, may we suggest checking it out! Caitlin is DEDICATED to finding the best deals, with EHD recs, and she somehow makes sales really fun. We promise:)

From Mallory: I just bought this sweater and it’s the only thing I want to wear right now – plus I just found out that it’s 40% off right now (thank you J. Crew for such solid sales!!!) It’s a great summer to fall transition sweater because you can put a light tank underneath it and unbutton it to wear it as a cardigan or button it up if you get a fall chill. I’m very obsessed!!!

From Jess: Whenever I am in New York, my best friend always asks if I want to go to her workout class at KKSWEAT with her. I probably workout more in New York than LA at this point! Can you tell I don’t do it very often?? Ha. But despite my current lack of routine, I have done tons and tons of workout classes in my day and theirs are some of the best. Why? Well, the co-owners and my friend’s dear friends, Kara and Kate, have been leading the way in the boutique fitness world for over a decade teaching all over New York City. So they most definitely know what they are doing. Their barre studio is in Flatiron so if you are in NY absolutely sign up for their classes. But if you aren’t in NY then they have both live and tons of on demand options. 10/10 full body workout.

Also From Jess: I was in my friend’s bathroom the other day and noticed her really cute towel storage rack. It easily holds three large towels but also has a top shelf for small folded hand towels so it’s perfect for small spaces. It comes in few different colors but she has the gold so I’m partial:)

From Caitlin: If your holiday decorating vibe is a little more “minimalist-meets-sweet,” may I please introduce the CUTEST FREAKIN’ HALLOWEEN OUTDOOR DECORATIONS I’VE EVER SEEN? I hereby present this light-up labrador (he’s dressed as a ghost!!!) and his devilish doodle companion. I mean, how adorable would these be perched by your front door, welcoming trick-or-treaters to your home? Growing up, I loooooved the weekend when my mom would pull out our quirky holiday yard stuff – we’ve had everything from festive flying pigs to gift-giving T-Rexes – so I have a real affinity for these charming Halloween versions, especially at this price point (you can grab both for just under $100!). They bring a lot of cheer to your curb appeal – there’s nothing like seeing a sweet little vignette illuminating the yard when you get home after a long day (especially as the days get shorter). Probably not the best rec for those who prefer scary or gory Halloween decor, but they’re perfect for me:)

From Gretchen: Fall seems to be fast approaching in Oregon. The last few days have teased the cloudy skies and cozy temperatures of the upcoming season and suddenly all I want to wear are comfy sweats. I’ve been obsessed with hooded onesies (think adult footie pajamas, but less cheesy and no footies). Caitlin made a great case for the lounge-y, jersey jumpsuit last week, but I’m ready to add sleeves into the mix! I have (and LOVE) this hooded onesie from Savage x Fenty and it is beyond cozy but sadly nearly sold out. Thankfully, Free People has a really similar one that’s arguably a little more presentable for public view (if you have to leave the house) andddd it’s already in my cart. Catch me living in this one as soon as it arrives, for all of fall.

From Arlyn: As I’m sure the entire nation heard, we had a bit of a tropical storm here in L.A. and when I did a quick inventory check of supplies in case the power went out, I realized we needed another flashlight (I could always use my phone, but when the electricity is out, you want to preserve your battery as long as you can). I hunted for something small that I could keep in my nightstand but I wanted to make sure it was powerful. This GearLight LED flashlight is about the size of a small zucchini but literally lights up an ENTIRE room. It has a zoom feature so you can go wide or narrow, and it takes standard AA batteries instead of a 9-volt/C/D that I almost never have on hand. 

That’s it for today! If you have a long weekend we hope it’s as fun and replenishing as possible. See y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Our Soake Pool Review (And Reveal) – Can A Small Pool Really Be This Great?

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10 months ago

If any of you buy the Crate & Barrel blanket mentioned here & then wash it, could you reply with how it turns out? Thank so much!

Cris S.
10 months ago

Arlen (and everyone) – If you need a good emergency lantern, May I suggest checking out LumenAID, either on Amazon or through their website? A smaller women founded and owned company that donates their products to disaster relief and areas of the world where girls have no electricity or light to study with at night, they are solar powered, collapsible, light weight for hiking, and some can even charge your phone. Just all around great for emergencies and a feel good product. I know of them from their association with the Booth MBA program (where I’m a staff member).

Helen Whaley
10 months ago

OMG that fluffy dog wall hanging in the Foam House bedroom! I’d love to own something just like it.

10 months ago

I really hate when sun blusts so freaking mush that it breaks all the atmosphere when I am trying to relax after work at 5pm. Like for real, I got very irritated of this king od sunlight at this time. I have been looking for some kind of shades but didn’t have time to go to the store. Thanks for advice! And omg!!! The blankets! I LOVE how they add more coziness to the home so you start to feel like someone is hugging you and you begin to relax. A beautiful feeling, I have 2 of them and I adore them so much.

10 months ago

The absolute best cozy blankets are from Kashwere. I get under that blanket every single day to watch TV. I also live in the shawl robe during the cold months. They wash and dry like a dream, no special handling required! I think I have had the same two pieces since 2018!