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Sneak Peek — my next One Kings Lane sale

I do love a sneak peek. It’s like samples at Costco; even if I have no intention of buying the product I will still fight you for that cup of cran-apple juice or little smokie. Hell, I might even take two and over-explain (lie) how one is for my sister who can’t get her own because she’s in a wheelchair with gout and little smokies are really the only things that bring a smile to her face. That’s how much I love samples … and sneak peeks into sales.

So thus begins my sneak peek posts into my next One Kings Lane Sale that begins March 10th.

First up, late ’70s club chairs. I know a lot of you (or your parents) finally just got rid of your ’70s and ’80s furniture. AS WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE. Unless they were awesome, then shame on you and you best run back down to the Goodwill and fight Kelly Wearstler for them. Or Orlando and I, but I will warn you Orlando has a mean bitch slap.

Here they are before … I mean … disgusting … but the shape? Intriguing.

The scale is large and pairs of large chairs are strangely hard to find and very in-demand for all you non-urban dwellers (aka people with larger living rooms).

But why did I buy them? What makes them good and why are they better than, say, the sofa that they sit next to. Well, they are big and low, but still have strong modern and masculine lines. Had they been that same scale but full of curves and flourishes, then they could have been disgusting and worth lighting fire on in the store, despite how many lives would have been lost. You know what the scale reminds me of? This safari chair from Anthropologie. (Where I have two originals, holla!)

anthropologie leather safari chair

See what I mean? Sure, it doesn’t have the rosewood, nor the beautiful caramel leather, but the general shape, scale, arms and strap details are all there.  It’s an iconic ’70s shape that is pretty desired right now. So I just felt they had potential.

80's blue club chairs

Man, that super rich velvet makes those details VERY hard to see. I’m assuming they’ll brighten them up for the actual photo for the sale, (MARCH 10th), but trust me when I tell you, they are incredible. If I didn’t have a navy sofa and rug, I would probably keep these. But alas, they are yours.

Up next: a pair of peach and brass ’80s side chairs.


The chairs above were total splurges even before the upholstery. The peach was in “meh” condition, and while I know that that color is back and has a lot of potential growing in the future, it’s a hard sell for a lot of people, and fact is I have to move this furniture. I don’t have a store so I can’t just hope they sell; this forces me to take moderate risks without taking totally crazy risks. With only three days to sell these pieces, I have to make sure that they are actually sell-able. So I thought I’d take these crazy chairs and at least update them with a color that more people can handle, but still totally fun.

80's peacock blue chairs

Ah yes. I want you in my house, right now. I want to use words like “divine” and “exquisite, ” but then I’d hate myself, so instead I’ll just say “amazing” and have that suffice. They really are. The shape of the base is incredible, the upholstered arms are so unique, and that brass is in very good condition. It’s the solid stuff, not the cheap stuff.

In case you are muttering, “She only reupholsters in blues, ” I’d like to show you exhibit A:

photo 3

That piece above is now this amazing black and white navajo-inspired pattern:

black and white daybed

Somebody better buy that beauty before I decide to chuck my entire style and turn into my friend Morgan.

For the record, there are actually very few bright, saturated colored fabrics that are inexpensive. These fabrics, above, were all $20 – $25 a yard, which is kinda my max for resale.  I’d love to use a bright green, yellow, tangerine, or coral, but they are strangely hard to find from sources under $50 a yard, some even head up to $90/yard. I can find chartreuse, lime green, olive green and a kelly here and there, but none that I’m like “YES! That’s my green!.” Same with yellow. A lot of butters (barf) and some school bus, but none of that perfect lemon acidy yellow that we all love. So any suggestions would be great. Oh and I got all these fabrics from Home Fabrics in downtown LA, which I’ve concluded has the best selection for the price without a ton of digging.

For all your upholstery questions, comments, and concerns, please see my “All you need to know about upholstering furniture” post where I lie out everything from how to find your upholsterer, to how many yards per piece, pricing per piece, and what my go-to fabrics are. Good luck.

So, if these pieces were free, which one would you be most likely want to have in your living room?


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