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Sneak peek into a newly finished house

Orlando and I started working on this house a while ago, as in 9 months ago. It was our first post-show house and the client was pretty much perfect.  Great taste, imagination and the house itself was BEAUTIFUL thanks to the architect Eric Olsen. I can’t show you too much of it today because we are pitching it to magazines, but here are some instagrams from the shoot.  

Oh sure, Orlando, your dinosaur is going to eat my robot. You are such a bully!

This playroom is a kids dream – bins and bins of toys, chalkboard wall, rotating art gallery and yet all totally chic. But when we got there there wasn’t anything drawn on the wall so Orlando and I had to channel our inner ‘kid’ and get our three year old on.  


Dear world,

If you don’t know what to put in your corner-that-gets-decent-light, and your room is feeling slightly ‘lifeless’, add plants.  Just do it. 

This was an art installation i made for them – i’ll have the whole tutorial on the blog as soon as it’s published (or maybe before if i’m feeling sneaky). But it was an extremely affordable and visually BEAUTIFUL way to fill these shelves. 

This is above the master bed.  I love this print and have it myself, waiting to frame.  But no master bedroom is quite done without a flying brass bird. 

Bethany Nauert was the photographer and she was SOOOOOO good. I had never worked with her before and there is always a risk working with someone new, especially these days when every hipster with a Canon thinks they can shoot for Elle Decor. But she was VERY good and i was totally impressed.  

Check her website here.  

Obviously these are just the instagrams and the whole shoot reveal (2 living rooms, kitchen, dining room, dining nook, master bathroom, playroom, master bedroom, gallery wall staircase, guest bedroom and entrance) will all be up as soon as a magazine publishes them.  Girls gotta get some fresh press out there. 

So if you or someone you know is an editor at Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Lonny, Rue, Anthology or Elle Decor UK, Architectural digest, etc, etc, email me at and i’ll send you the full scouting photos.  Trust me, they are awesome.  

The style is ‘Modern farmhouse meets whimsical mid-century’.  

As soon as i get the photos back from Bethany i’ll post more sneak peeeks of vignettes, etc. But i just wanted to share these for now.

What do you think?



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