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Sneak Peek into a DIY

Today is a sneak peak into a post I have for Sherwin Williams National Painting Week next Friday. Yes, next week you have to paint something in your house — it’s required by law. By the way, did anyone catch the National Sibling Day hype yesterday? Geez, nobody told me. With five siblings I could have killed it.

I’m not gonna show you what I’m going to do but it involves this color:

Positive Red

Also accented by Begonia and Hopeful. You know what job I would never want? Naming paint colors. These names are GREAT, actually, but one time I had to convince a client to use “Elephant’s Breath” and no matter how much we loved the color on the wall, Elephant’s Breath is decidedly not a instinctively beautiful thing. They should have at least called it Baby Elephant’s Breath.

Anyway, Sherwin Williams asked me and like 13 other design bloggers (my favorite lineup, actually) to participate in National Painting Week and paint something. I was assigned red/pink, which is bold, but not scary.

So mark on your calendars next Friday, and I’ll reveal the project … and of course I styled it two different ways to show how you can really change the vibe of a piece by how you style it.

But most importantly, who are you wearing for National Painting Week?


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